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Rules 7
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Part 7

It turned out that Jonathan had been more than successful, he had downloaded several disks worth of information. They didn’t dare trust it until Spike had reported back to Adam, but Frankendemon seemed oblivious to the computers having been hacked so they began the tedious process of searching through the information they’d found.


Oz and Willow came to an understanding and Oz left Sunnydale again. Oz had stopped by Xander’s apartment on his way out of town and he and Xander had talked for a bit, Oz telling Xander all about his travels after he left Montana and about learning to control the change. As Oz was leaving Xander had given him Tom’s number in L.A. and let Oz know that in case of emergencies Tom would always know how to get a hold of Xander. Oz said he might head back up to Montana, he and Jace had become friends before Oz left the pack and Oz wanted to get back in touch with the young werewolf. Almost immediately after Oz had driven away Spike had come out of the shadows and invited himself up to Xander’s apartment. Spike had hung out the rest of the night, watching TV and occasionally asking a question about Oz’s visit. It seemed to Xander that Spike was still a little jealous of his friendship with Oz, which made Xander feel warm and fuzzy in a way that it really shouldn’t if he and Spike were just friends. Xander really wished he had more time to think about his relationship with Spike but things were moving rapidly on the Adam front, and no one in the gang had much time for anything other than research and planning.


The gang decided that Adam needed to feel that Buffy was vulnerable if they were going to get close to him so Spike fed Adam a story about how he was weakening Buffy by driving a wedge between the Slayer and her friends. To perpetuate the story the Scooby Gang stopped meeting so much. Buffy spent more time patrolling with just Riley, Willow and Tara researched spells at school and Giles and Jonathan continued searching through the files they downloaded from the Initiative. Spike came and went between Adam and Xander, reporting everything Adam told him to Xander who then took the information to Giles. Jonathan, as the most recent member of their group and probably the least likely to show up on Adam’s radar, acted as a go between for Buffy, the Witches and the rest of the group.


Finally a few days after Oz’s rescue, Xander came home to find a message from a very excited Jonathan on his answering machine. Tossing his tool belt aside, Xander turned around and headed back out to Giles’ place.


“Hey, G-man, Jonathan?” Xander blinked as his eyes tried to adjust to the dimness of Giles’ apartment after the bright spring sunshine.


“We’re here Xander, do come in.”


Xander flopped down onto the couch. “What’s so important that I had to run straight over here from work?”


Jonathan sat on the couch next to him, a sheaf of papers in his hand. “This is.”


Xander looked at the lines of text and the diagrams covering the papers before handing them back to Jonathan. “You’ll have to translate for me Jonathan, I may be a geek, but I’m not a techno geek.”


Jonathan took the papers back and began reading. “These are all about Spike’s chip. Diagrams, experiments, information on how they inserted it, that sort of stuff.”


Xander stood up and began pacing. “Does it tell us how to get it out? Could we like, take those to a doctor and they would tell the doctor how to remove it?”


Jonathan shook his head. “It’s in too deep. In all the test subjects, removal of the chip meant permanent brain damage.”


Xander felt his stomach sink. To cover up the shaking of his hands he walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water. “What does it tell us then?”


Jonathan flipped a couple of pages. “It tells us how to reprogram it.”




Giles came over and placed a hand on Xander’s shoulder. “We have figured out that it is possible to reprogram the chip once it is inside the subjects brain.”


Jonathan nodded. “Yeah, the only problem is that the reprogramming can only be done with the Initiatives equipment.”


“Which is, of course, contained in the Initiative’s base.” Giles concluded.


Xander walked back into the living room and sat back down. “Oh. Wow.”


“Yeah, that’s what I said.”


Giles looked at the hand that had been resting on Xander’s shoulder. “Good lord, Xander. What are you covered in?”


“Cement dust. I told you I came over straight after work.”


Giles began to make noises about his furniture but Xander ignored him and focused on Jonathan. “Jonathan, do you understand this stuff? Could you, if we got a hold of the equipment needed for the reprogramming, could  you reprogram the chip yourself? Or better yet just turn it off?”


Jonathan paled slightly. “Um, I guess. I mean, yes. Yes I could.”


Xander nodded. “Okay. Well, that gives us options then.”


Buffy came in just then, looking decidedly upset. “Hey Buffy, what’s wrong.”


She barely looked at them, just flopped down onto a chair. “I was in the woods near those caves, looking for Adam.”


“Buffy! Why? What if Spike had been there? You could have ruined everything.”


Giles sat beside Buffy. “While I won’t be as negative as Xander, he is right Buffy. That was a terrible risk to take.”


Buffy sighed. “I know. I just wanted to see if he was still as tough as I thought he was. I thought maybe I could take him this time.”


“And did you?”


Buffy sighed and rubbed a hand across her eyes. “No. And worse, Adam got Forrest.”




“One of Riley’s friends, one of the soldiers. He and I met up and he started following me. We were arguing about what was best for Riley and didn’t really pay attention. Adam killed him.”


“Oh dear lord. Are you all right Buffy?”


Buffy smiled weakly. “Yeah, I’m fine. But how am I going to tell Riley? They were friends.”


Giles patted Buffy’s hand. “You just will. You owe him that much.”


“Yeah, you’re right.”


Eager to change the subject, Jonathan told Buffy the news about Spike’s chip, along with some other information they’d managed to glean from the downloaded files. Willow and Tara soon showed up with more of the downloaded files that they had managed to decrypt. They sat around talking for a while when Buffy finally really looked at Xander. “Hey Xand, no offense but you kind of smell.”


Xander rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well. I came over right from work, I didn’t really have time for my beauty regimen.”


Willow wrinkled her nose. “You are kind of muddy looking. Maybe you should shower.”


Giles sighed in relief. “Yes, by all means, please feel free to use my bathroom. I’m sure I can even find you some clothing to change into. Anything to keep more of that dust off of my furniture.”


Xander grumbled a bit but headed for the shower pretty quickly, glad to get all the caked on dust out of his hair and skin.


Ten minutes later he was finally clean and just enjoying the heat of the water on his sore shoulders when he thought he heard the click of the door. “Hello? Guys? I’ll be out in a minute.”


Nothing. Shrugging to himself Xander stepped back under the water and finished rinsing off. Suddenly a cold hand slid down his back. “Aargh!” 


Xander turned only to stumble and fall right into Spike’s open arms. “Spike! What do you think you’re doing, scaring me like that? And why are you naked and in Giles’ shower? With me?”


Spike grinned and backed them up under the hot water. “Thought I’d get clean too pet.”


“But, everyone’s right out there, they’ll hear. And…and…” It was really hard to protest when Spike was rubbing up against him and sucking on his neck like that. “Um…I have a point, I’m sure I do.”


“Yes you do pet. And I’m gonna take care of it for you.”  Before Xander could even protest the bad line Spike was sliding down his body and engulfing his cock.


Xander hissed and grabbed onto the wall for support as Spike proceeded to suck his brains out through his cock. “Ooooh gods, Spike. Fuck yes.”


Spike worked Xander’s length with mouth and tongue and soon Xander was grasping white blonde hair as he shot deep into Spike’s throat.


“Jesus Spike. That was intense.”


Spike stood up and pulled Xander into a deep kiss, licking at the blood welling from Xander’s lip where he had bitten during orgasm to keep from screaming.  “Mmhmm. Know what would be even better?”



“If you do me too.” So saying, Spike pushed Xander down to his knees. Xander smiled and proceeded to return the favor.


Twenty minutes later Xander stumbled out of the bathroom, clean and dry and dressed in some of Giles’ clothing, to find Spike sitting innocently on a chair, looking through a book.


“Evil Vampire.” Xander muttered as he flopped bonelessly into a chair next to Spike. Spike just smirked and sipped at his mug of blood.


They all worked on searching through more of the files for information they could use. Spike had brought over four disks that Adam had given him and Willow was now working on decoding those. They knew that any information contained on those disks would be designed to lead them into a trap, but hopefully once they figured out what the information was they could figure out what Adam’s trap was before they fell into it. Finally they had to call it a night, agreeing to meet back tomorrow afternoon.


Spike followed Xander home after the meeting, silent and chain smoking as they walked. Xander let Spike brood until they reached Xander’s place. Once they were inside though, Xander turned to Spike. “Okay Spike, what’s going on? You’re brooding worse than Angel.”


Spike scowled. “Take that back whelp.”


“Only if you quit brooding and tell me what’s on your mind.”


Spike tossed his duster off and began pacing the living room. “Do you really think that this reprogramming thing can work?”


Xander shrugged. “We won’t know for sure until we try it, but if we can get access to that equipment then yeah, I think it’s our best shot.”


Spike shook his head. “You would really do this, get rid of my chip, knowing who and what I am?”


Xander stood and grabbed hold of Spike’s shoulders. “Yes Spike. Over these past months you’ve shown me who and what you really are, because of that I’ll gladly get rid of the chip.”


“Why are you doing all this pet?”


Xander looked surprised. “Because what the Initiative is doing is wrong. What was done to you is wrong. Rule Number Five Spike: fight back. If we don’t do it, no one else will.”


Spike looked amused. “How many of these rules do you have Xan?”


Xander smiled. “Five so far. If I come up with any more I’ll let you know.”


Spike smiled back but then seemed to shrink in on himself. He sat down on the couch and stared at the floor. “You do realize that if I get the chip out I’m leaving Sunnydale.”


Xander tried to ignore the almost physical pain that Spike’s statement caused. Moving very carefully he sat down next to Spike, taking hold of one cool hand and squeezing tightly. “Why?”


“Because I hate this town. Because only bad things ever happen to me here. Because if I stay I’ll end up being just another of the Slayer’s lackeys and I can’t do that anymore. Most of all I’m leaving because I need to make a new start of it and I can’t do that in this bloody place.”


Xander sat stiffly. “Not…not everything that happened to you here was bad, was it?”


Spike smiled and pulled Xander in to a hug. “No pet, not everything. The chip and this bloody town gave me you and I can’t forget that, I’m grateful for that.”


Xander sighed and relaxed into Spike’s hold. “I…I’ll miss you.”


Spike dropped a kiss onto Xander’s hair. “I’ll miss you too luv. But we’ll see each other again. No worries.”


They remained curled up together on the couch most of the night, talking quietly about their pasts and the future, but mostly just thinking on what the past year had brought them, and what they were about to lose.



The next afternoon they were all gathered around Giles’ living room when Buffy burst in, babbling frantically. “Riley’s gone. He took off and now he’s missing. I know Adam has him, I just know it.”


Willow tried to calm a frantic Buffy while the others continued brainstorming ideas.


“We know what Adam’s plan is, basically. We know how to get in and out of the base and how to access the equipment for Spike.” Giles explained to Buffy once she had calmed down. “We just can’t figure out how to defeat Adam. He is too strong for  you and magic alone will not harm him.”


Buffy looked puzzled. “Why won’t magic hurt him?”


Giles sighed. “We found some of Prof. Walsh’s notes in the files we downloaded. She used parts from several types of demons that are naturally magic resistant.”


Buffy scowled. “Stupid Prof. Walsh.”


Xander sighed. “It’s too bad we can’t juice you up and make you super Buffy. Like give you G-man’s brain and Willow’s magic, and maybe Spike’s strength too just for extra whammy.”


Jonathan began bouncing in his seat. “Oooh yeah, just like Captain Planet!”


He and Xander intoned together. “By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!” They both fell back, laughing.


Spike rolled his eyes at them. “You two are such nerds.”


Xander turned to say something to Giles but his words died on his lips when he saw the way that Giles was looking at him. “What’s wrong Giles?”


Giles began cleaning his glasses. “You were joking I know, but you may actually be on to something.”


They all looked at Giles with equally blank looks on their faces.


Giles jumped up and began frantically searching through his bookshelves while the Scoobies watched. Finally with a loud “Aha!” Giles pulled a book off the shelf and began flipping though it. “Yes, here it is. It’s a binding spell of sorts. It combines the essences, the spirits of the participants and focuses them into a single vessel.”


Xander’s mouth dropped open in shock. “So it could really work? Buffy could have the extra magic and knowledge and strength and be Super Buffy?”


Giles looked up from the book. “If the spell works yes. If it doesn’t we could all die painfully. But in theory there is no reason why it shouldn’t work.”


Giles continued on, unaware of their horrified stares. “We will need three participants plus the vessel, that’s you Buffy. Head, hand, heart and vessel. I will be head, that’s knowledge; Willow hand, for magic, and we will need you Xander and not Spike for the heart. I’m afraid that the binding will not work if the person in the place of the heart doesn’t have an actual working heart. Besides, Spike will be busy with other things.”


Buffy looked more determined now. “How long will it take to get this spell ready?”


Giles finally looked up from the book. “If Willow and I work on it, two hours maybe?”


Buffy nodded. “Good. Then we’ll get the rest of the stuff we need and be ready to go at sundown.”




Sundown found Giles, Willow, Buffy and Xander quietly entering the deserted frat house that acted as a front for the Initiative. They repelled down the elevator shaft, trying to be as stealthy as they could, only to open the elevator doors and find themselves at gunpoint. It wasn’t totally a surprise but they had hoped to sneak in unnoticed. Their guards took them to the control room, exactly where they needed to be and when the power shut off, distracting the soldiers it wasn’t long before they had overpowered their guards and located the space needed to perform the spell. Willow figured out where Adam was most likely to be hiding and they set off.


By the time they got across the main floor and into the storage room they were aiming for, the base was a writhing mass of demons and humans fighting for their lives. Xander spared a brief thought for Spike and Jonathan, hoping that Spike had managed to sneak Jonathan in unnoticed and that they had found the equipment room they needed before the demons were set free. Then all of Xander’s attention was taken up by the spell. It was amazing, the feeling of being joined with the others. He could feel Willow, feel her magic and hear the mental giggle as it drifted across her thoughts ‘like a Vulcan mind meld’; feel wisdom, age and an undercurrent of darkness from Giles; then they were all joined with Buffy, looking out her eyes, and the absolute power and strength that radiated through her was astonishing.


They/Buffy confronted Adam, deflecting his weapons with magic and using their combined strength to combat his, eventually tearing his power source straight out of his chest. Then as abruptly as they had been joined they were snapped out of the spell. Xander sat on the floor of the storage room woozy and disoriented. He barely noticed the demon that burst through the doors but somehow Spike was suddenly there and the demon wasn’t a threat anymore. Xander wanted to run to Spike and ask him if his part of the plan had worked but Buffy and an injured Riley were there and Jonathan was babbling about the demons running loose and they had to fight their way out of the base.


They emerged into the woods next to campus and Xander was shocked to find that it was only about midnight. With everything that had happened in the last couple of hours it seemed like it should be morning at least. They stood there in the cool night air when it suddenly hit them that they had succeeded. Willow immediately started babbling about how cool the spell had been and Jonathan was babbling just as fast about the computer system and equipment.  Giles was trying to question Buffy about the strategy of her fight with Adam but she was too busy trying to help an injured Riley. Xander noticed Spike standing quietly to the side and he walked over to stand with is friend.


“Spike? Did…did it work?”


Spike looked up at Xander and Xander was shocked to see his blue eyes filled with tears. “Yeah pet…it worked.”


With those words Xander’s world was narrowed down to one thought. ‘It worked, Spike is leaving.’


“Will…will you come home with me?”


Spike nodded and grabbed Xander’s outstretched hand. Without a word to the rest of the group they turned and walked back towards town and Xander’s apartment.


The trip home was a blur, they didn’t speak and Xander didn’t notice anything about the walk other than the feel of Spike’s cool hand in his. They stumbled through the front door and immediately fell on one another, kissing frantically. Xander tried to devour Spike’s mouth as he pushed the duster off and to the floor and began working on Spike’s shirt. They walked back towards the bedroom as they kissed, tossing clothing aside as they went. They fell onto the bed, naked and panting and Spike immediately wrapped his legs around Xander’s waist.


“Need you in me love, need to feel you.”


Xander nodded and groped for the lube, sucking hard at Spike’s neck, desperate to leave a mark. Spike thrust up against Xander, rubbing their leaking cocks together while he kissed every inch of skin he could reach. Finally Xander found the lube and quickly squirted some out, clumsily lubing up two fingers and reaching for Spike. Spike growled and grabbed Xander’s hand before it reached his opening, detouring it to Xander’s own cock. Before Xander could protest Spike had flipped them over, smeared the lube on Xander’s cock and was slamming himself down, taking Xander in all the way with one thrust.


Xander cried out wordlessly as he was engulfed in Spike’s cool channel then grasped at Spike’s hips and flipped them again. Spike wound arms and legs around Xander, kissing him frantically as Xander pounded into him.


“Fuck, Xander. Yes please yes harder please love, need to feel you.”


Spike’s begging drove Xander’s pace faster and he pounded into Spike, constant moans and cries of pleasure falling from his lips. Both of them were panting now, kissing, sucking and biting everywhere they could reach. Spike scraped his nails down Xander’s back and bit at Xander’s throat with blunt, human teeth and it pushed Xander over the edge. He came screaming, barely remembering to reach between their bodies and grab Spike’s cock. Two rough pulls had Spike following him over the edge, his whole body arching up off the bed as he shot all over their chests.


They collapsed back on the bed, panting harshly. Xander pulled out of Spike with a groan but didn’t go any further, pulling Spike close and cuddling into the cool body beneath him. The two lay quietly for a while, hands petting, kissing occasionally.


Finally Xander couldn’t stand it any longer and voiced the question that was bouncing around in his brain. “Spike? Is there any reason you’d stay? Any one you’d stay for?”


Spike sighed and held Xander close. “Luv, do you remember months ago when you told me that no matter how much you cared about Tom and Jerry, and no matter how good you had it in L.A. with them that you just knew that L.A. wasn’t the place you were meant to be?”




“It’s like that pet. Despite the people here, Sunnydale isn’t my place. There are too many bad memories here pet, I can’t stay.”


Xander tried to stifle the sob that seemed to want to break free. “Wh…when will you l…leave?”


“I’ve got to get a few things in order, get the Desoto out of storage, but that won’t take me long. I should be heading out of town come sundown.”


Tears began a slow drip down Xander’s cheeks but he didn’t notice. “So you’re just going to leave? Even though…even though I…I…lo…”


Spike flipped them over and crushed his lips to Xander’s. “Don’t say it luv, please gods don’t say it. I know, okay? I feel the same way but this town is killing me. It doesn’t matter if Sunnydale is home to you because it will never be home to me.” Spike was crying now too as he kissed Xander. “If you say it, it will just be harder to leave and if I stay I’ll end up hating it, hating you. Don’t you see pet?”


Xander nodded, tears falling unchecked. “I understand Spike, I do.” He kissed Spike again, their tears mingling as they kissed. “Fuck me Spike, please? I want to feel you.”


Spike nodded and quickly slicked a couple of fingers, hastily preparing Xander then entering him with one long, slow thrust. Their moans mingled with their tears on their lips as they kissed and where their earlier coupling had been almost frantic, this one was slow, both trying to draw it out. Xander tried to make it last, to memorize the feel of Spike moving inside him but despite their best intentions, Xander’s orgasm eventually snuck up on him and pushed him over the edge, Spike following soon after. Xander held on to Spike, wanting to spend their last hours together awake and talking, but exhaustion hit them both and they fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.


When Xander woke in the pre-dawn hours, images of his father ripping his heart out still vivid in his mind, he found he was alone. Spike had left and only a note remained:


Goodbye Xander love, and thank you.


Xander lay in bed, clutching the note to his chest as a million thoughts flitted around his brain. Only one thought stood out in the confusion. Spike was gone.


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