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Rules 5
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Part 5

Xander and Spike didn’t stay estranged from the group for long. Willow quickly fell into her role as peacekeeper and smoothed over the argument. It helped that Prof. Walsh, the head of the Initiative, tried to kill Buffy when she started asking too many questions. Buffy got pissed off and in her drive to get to the center of the Initiatives plans conveniently forgot that Xander had ever questioned her. Soon the Scooby gang was embroiled in trying to infiltrate the Initiative compound and hide the AWOL Riley.


Stepping into the Initiative’s underground base scared Xander more than anything in all his years on the hell mouth ever had. Here, right under their noses this huge government operation had sprung up without their knowledge; working unchecked experiments on an entire section of the population of Sunnydale. Xander shivered as he followed Buffy through the base, just the thought of Spike, or any of his friends at these people’s mercy was terrifying. He didn’t have much time to think about it however because there were soldiers and doctors and some creepy Frankenstein’s monster and by the time they made it out of the base, surprisingly alive and unharmed, they began to understand the true evil of the place.


Things didn’t calm down after that. The gang was hiding out at Willow’s parent’s house while they tried to figure out if the Initiative was going to come after them. Then Riley showed back up, partially recovered from his drug withdraw. Xander got a certain satisfaction in asking Riley if the Army had put a chip in his head. Just when things with the Initiative were mellowing out, Faith woke up and blasted back into their lives and Xander was unwillingly reminded of the nightmare of his brief ‘relationship’ with the brunette slayer. It was a testament to Spike and Xander’s friendship that when Xander and Giles ran into Spike in an alley while searching for Faith, Spike postured a bit in front of the watcher, claiming to hate the gang, but seemed to sense Xander’s unhappiness with the situation and showed up at Xander’s apartment later that evening with movies and alcohol. Spike nonchalantly claimed it was just because he was bored, but when they stayed up half the night talking about Faith and Xander’s past, Xander knew that Spike had come over with the express purpose of comforting him.


Finally the Slayer body switch fiasco was fixed and Xander was aiming for his first full night of sleep in weeks when he was woken up out of a sound sleep by a pounding at his door. Pulling on a pair of boxers, Xander stumbled to the door and blearily looked through the peephole. “Spike?”


Xander yanked the door open and stared in shock at the bruised and bloodied figure that stood swaying in his doorway. “S…spike? What…I mean…for crying out loud, get in here!”


Spike grimaced and stepped inside. “Ta mate. Got into a bit of a scrape, wondered if I could hang out for a bit?”


Xander closed and locked the door and rushed to Spike’s side, catching his elbow just as he started to topple sideways. Swearing softly, Xander led Spike to the bathroom and sat him on the closed toilet seat. Digging out the first aid kit he babbled at the oddly silent Vampire. “Of course you can hang out, as long as you need to. What happened? I mean, if you look this bad I’d hate to see the other guy.”


Spike’s bark of laughter sounded harsh, broken. Worried, Xander helped Spike peel off his duster and ruined shirt then got a damp washcloth and started wiping the blood off of Spike’s face. Spike’s face was swollen and bruised almost beyond recognition and the rest of him wasn’t any better by the looks of it. “Spike? Talk to me man, tell me what happened.”


Spike groaned as Xander wiped the cloth down his chest. “Xan, luv, can we just focus on fixing me for now? I’ll tell you later, I promise, I…I just can’t deal with talking about it right now.”


That coming out of the snarky and self-assured Master Vampire, more than anything that had happened in the last few minutes, told Xander that something was really wrong. “Yeah, yeah Spike. Okay.” Xander eyed Spike’s injuries. His left arm was broken, some ribs as well, and he was covered in blood and dirt. “Let’s set that arm set, then you can take a shower. We’ve got to get all this dirt off before I can finish patching you up.”


Spike nodded and they set the broken arm as quickly as possible, then Xander went to heat up all the blood he had in the house while Spike showered. Making his way back into the bathroom ten minutes later, Xander found a naked, clean and wet Spike sitting, shivering, on the counter. Xander handed over one of the mugs he was carrying, set the others down and wordlessly set about sewing up the worst of the gashes covering Spike’s face, torso, back and legs. Wounds sewn up and arm and ribs wrapped up Xander finally declared Spike as patched up as he could get. “If I bandaged everything, you’d end up looking like a mummy.”


Spike smiled weakly and slipped on the sweatpants Xander had brought him before slowly made his way out to the living room. As Spike began to lower himself down onto the couch Xander had a brief internal debate. “Hey, Spike?”




“Get up. You’re really hurt and that couch isn’t very comfortable. You can share the bed with me tonight.”


Spike eyed him warily. “Are you sure?”


Xander shrugged. “Yeah. Why not? The bed will be more comfortable, and besides, I’ve had your cock up my ass twice, if you have cooties I’ve already caught them. Come on.” Xander led the wobbly Spike back to the bedroom and got him laid out on the bed.


“Vampire cooties, huh?”


Xander grinned. “Yup. Worse than girl cooties, or so I’m told.”




The next morning was Friday and Xander left for work reluctantly. Spike was sleeping soundly and already looked a bit better, but Xander could tell that this fight had been bad and it would take a couple of days even with Vampire healing for Spike to heal fully. Xander rushed through work then stopped and picked up supplies for a weekend of hanging out in the apartment. He got all of Spike’s favorite movies and snacks so if the Vampire felt the need to hang out for a couple of days he could. Xander finally stumbled through the door of his apartment late Friday afternoon, arms full of bags, to find Spike camped out in front of the TV, wrapped up in a blanket and a pair of Xander’s sweats.


“Hey Spike.”


“Xander.” Spike arched an eyebrow at the bags in Xander’s arms. “What’s all this then?”


“All the supplies we need to spend a weekend as couch potatoes.” Xander thankfully dropped the bags onto the kitchen counter and started unpacking them, doing the bag full of blood packets first. He tossed one in the microwave and the rest in the fridge.


Spike wandered into the kitchen and pulled the blood out of the microwave as it dinged, emptying it into a mug. He sniffed the blood then eyed Xander. “This is human, mate.”


Xander shrugged. “Yeah. The guy down the hall owes me a couple of favors and I called one in. I figured you needed to heal as fast as possible and pigs blood just wasn’t going to cut it.”


“What kind of deals are you doing with demons that warrants this much human blood?”


“Don’t worry Spike, it’s nothing bad. The guy down the hall, Mer’k, is really nice, works in the black market somehow. Anyway, he doesn’t pass for human and I ran into him in a graveyard one night last month during a patrol with Buffy. Buffy was pissed about being sold up the river by Maggie Walsh and was on a rampage, killing everything in sight that wasn’t obviously human. I got Buffy off his back and got him out alive, so he owes me.”


Spike hmm’ed around a mouthful of blood. “Well, that’s okay then, I suppose. I just don’t want you doing anything dangerous on account of me.”


“Spike. You’re my friend. I care about you. I’ll do whatever I can to help you, dangerous or not.”


Xander finished unpacking and looked up to find Spike staring at him, an odd expression on his face. “What?”


Spike sighed and sat the empty mug down. “Did you buy any Jack pet? I’m gonna need a little liquid fortification to get through the next half hour or so.”


Puzzled, Xander handed the bottle of Jack Daniels to Spike, grabbed himself a soda and followed Spike out into the living room. Settling on the couch, Spike took a large swig of the amber colored liquid and sighed. “Right. So Xan, I’ll tell you what happened, about the fight, and then I’ve got a question to ask. Don’t interrupt me, all right? Don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get through it all in one go otherwise.”


Worried now, Xander reached over and squeezed Spike’s hand. “All right Spike. Whatever you need. I’m here.”


Nodding, Spike took a couple more drinks and leaned back against the arm of the couch, wincing as his ribs protested. “Right. So last week I went into Willy’s for a drink, thought maybe I’d try to get in on a poker game. No sooner had I sat down then I’m grabbed from behind. Turns out some of the demons round here are taking offense at how I’ve been helping the Slayer out. Said I’d sold out our side. Anyway, they worked me over good, threw me out and told me I wasn’t welcome there anymore.” Spike sighed. “So last night I wasn’t quite healed up from that, stupid feckin’ pigs blood, but I couldn’t stand sitting around my crypt anymore so I went out to the Bronze to play a few games of pool, see if I could win some money off of the college students. Some girls started getting flirty with me and their boyfriends took offense.”


Xander opened his mouth but Spike glared at him, reminding him that it wasn’t his turn to speak yet. Spike took another drink and continued. “Anyway, these muscle bound college boys took offense that their girls were giving me the eye and asked me to step outside. Now I told them to fuck off, that I wasn’t interested in their girls, just wanted to be left to my game, but they insisted. There were three of them against me, and I can’t so much as pinch a human without the chip going off so…”


Spike finished the bottle in one long swallow and jumped up, hurling the empty glass container against the wall and cursing. “Stupid buggering fucking chip! Fucking bloody soldiers! I can’t so much as think about defending myself against a human, against my own food! Time was I could have killed those three boys and their birds without breaking a sweat, now I’m helpless. Can’t be a demon anymore, the demons don’t want me! What the fuck am I supposed to do now? What the fuck!”


Spike stood there shaking, his eyes burning with anger, fear and shame. Xander stood up slowly and gently pulled Spike into his arms. Spike clung to him for several minutes before pulling back with a sigh and flopping back down onto the couch. “Thing is Xan, I’m tired. I’m hurt and I’m tired of being helpless, of being beat on and used. I just want to forget about it all for a while. To not have to be the Big Bad. I want to feel safe again.” Pain filled blue eyes met Xander’s own. “This place is the only place that feels safe to me anymore,” Blue eyes lowered to the floor. “You feel safe. I want…can you…?”


Spike trailed off but his question was perfectly clear to Xander. Spike wanted to feel safe and cared for, he wanted to let go and not have to worry about anything at all. And he wanted it from Xander. “Spike? Are you sure, I mean, with me?”


Spike’s voice was soft. “Don’t make me ask again pet because I can’t do it.”


“No! It…it’s okay Spike. I understand. It’s just, um…for how long? I mean, tonight? Or…”


Spike was fiddling with the edge of the blanket now, not looking at Xander. “The weekend, maybe? From now till the meeting on Sunday?”


Xander took a deep breath. Spike wanted him to be the one in charge, to basically be the ‘Daddy’ for the whole weekend, to help give Spike space to feel safe, space to heal. He hadn’t topped much but Tom had trained him well, he knew what to do and how to do it, the question was could he do it for Spike? Could he give his best friend what he needed? No question, really.


“Yes Spike.”


Spike looked at him, a little surprised. “Y…yes?”


“Yeah. If you trust me, really trust me to do this then I will.”


Spike frowned a little. “Of course I trust you Xander, you’re my best friend.”


Xander grinned. “Well, in that case you better start calling me Daddy.”




They stayed curled up on the couch for a couple of hours, watching TV and relaxing. Spike started out curled up on one end of the couch, but a few hours later had worked his way over to lay curled up against Xander’s chest. They talked quietly about boundaries for the weekend. Spike wanted to give up all control for the weekend, he didn’t want to have to  make any decisions for himself. Sex was good but nothing too rough, though too rough for a Vampire was probably more than Xander could ever do on his own. Even though Spike trusted Xander, Xander insisted on a safe word to keep things from going too far. After a while Xander got up and made them some spaghetti for dinner, pasta being one of the few things he could reliably cook, then Spike had some more blood. Spike’s arm was healed, though still sore, and the worst of the gashes were closed. He was still bruised and sore though.


Xander had been watching the clock the whole evening, and when he deemed it late enough, he stood up and headed back to his room, leaving Spike on the couch. Xander dug through his closet for some clothes appropriate to what he had planned. He settled on some black jeans and a dark green skintight shirt. It was casual enough for the Bronze but looked more like something one would wear to a gay club. Plus it was easy to move in and would hold up well in a fight. He then grabbed some of Spike’s clothing and headed back out to the living room. Spike had taken to doing laundry at Xander’s place and had left a few changes of clothing there since he also came over to use the shower after particularly messy fights.  Spike looked up in surprise as Xander handed him the clothing. “What…?”


“Get dressed Boy, we’ve got to go out for a little bit tonight.”


Spike looked puzzled but took the clothing and wandered back to the bathroom to change. When Spike emerged, fully dressed and hair slicked back, Xander wordlessly handed him his boots and duster. Once Spike was ready to go Xander grabbed his wallet and keys and led the way out of the apartment.


They drove in silence, Spike looking over questioningly at Xander every few minutes, but the blonde remained silent for the time being. When they pulled up and parked in front of the Bronze however, Spike finally spoke. “Okay, now I have to ask. What the bloody hell are we doing here?”


Xander smiled. “I have a little bit of business to take care of. Then we’ll go home.”


Grabbing Spike’s hand, Xander led the way into the club. Once inside Xander bought them both a beer and led Spike over to a dark corner, leaning up against the wall and pulling Spike back against his chest. Xander took a sip of his beer and spoke quietly into Spike’s ear. “Now boy, I want you to check out everybody in this place and point out to me the guys who hurt you. Be sure now that they’re the right ones.”

Spike nodded and sipped his beer as he scanned the bar. Spike wasn’t asking any questions and Xander was glad. He wasn’t sure he could justify what he was about to do and didn’t want to try. Finally Spike stiffened and pointed to a table where three guys sat, drinking a pitcher of beer. “That’s them.”


“Are you sure.”


“Yeah, I’m sure.”


Xander moved them so they could get a better view of the three men and continued watching them. They were the average college frat boys that Xander saw whenever he visited the girls on campus. One was blonde and two were brunette, and all three wore the same tee shirt with some designer name in bold letters across the front. Xander watched them as they finished one pitcher and got halfway through another. Brunette number one got up and made his way to the bathroom. As he emerged from the bathroom, Xander made his move. “Stay here. When I go outside, give me a few minutes then follow, but don’t let them see you, okay?”


“Xander, what are you doing?”


Xander cupped Spike’s face and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “Trust me, okay?”


Spike nodded and Xander smiled then made his way over to intercept brunette number one. He met the guy just a few feet from the table where the other two sat. Xander pouted his lips, widened his eyes, and put on his best ‘I’m flamingly gay’ act. “Hey you. What’s a big, handsome guy like you doing in a place like this?”


Brunette number one looked pissed at first, but Xander saw his eyes flick over Xander’s shoulder and catch those of his friends. Xander could almost hear the silent conversation the three frat boys had. Brunette number one relaxed and smiled back at Xander. “Not much, just looking for that someone special.”


Trying not to roll his eyes at the line, Xander stepped closer to the man. “I could be that someone special.”


Brunette number one grabbed his hand. “Wanna take this out back?”


Xander smiled. “I was just gonna ask that myself.”


Xander allowed himself to be led outside and into the alley in back of the Bronze. Brunette number one pushed him up against a wall and pressed up against him. The brunette leaned close, his breath hot and reeking of alcohol as he spoke. “So, what do you think a faggot like you can do for me?”


Xander smiled sweetly. “Well, for starters I thought I’d beat the shit out of you.”


The brunette looked surprised then began laughing. Xander used the moment of distraction to knee the man in the groin. As brunette number one stumbled back, groaning, Xander pushed off the wall and launched himself at the man. Xander’s fist slammed into the man’s nose, eliciting a cry of pain. The man was drunk and surprised that Xander was actually attacking him, so he went down quickly. Just as the first man collapsed, brunette number two and the blonde came out into the alley, looking to get in on the queer bashing. They stopped in surprise at the sight of their friend down on the ground in a heap, moaning in pain. Xander smiled at the men, “What’s the matter boys, never seen a queer fight back before?”


They launched themselves at Xander but Xander was ready for them, plus they were drunk and Xander wasn’t. Two humans weren’t much compared to the demons and fledges that Xander normally fought, but still he did take a hit or two before they both went down. Xander stood there, panting over the three men when Spike stepped up to his side. Xander grabbed Spike’s hand and pulled him into the view of the three downed men.


They looked up at him in confusion. “Wh…what did we do to you?”


Xander smirked. “Besides planning on beating the shit out of me because I was gay? You touched him.” Xander put his arms around Spike and pulled the blonde back against his chest. “Nobody touches my boy and gets away with it.”


Turning, Xander led Spike out of the alley and towards the car. He was surprised when Spike pulled them to a stop. “Spike, wha…?”


Xander’s question was cut off as Spike pressed up against him and kissed him passionately. Spike’s lips were cool against his and Spike’s tongue delved deep into Xander’s mouth, tangling with his and driving the breath from his body. When Spike pulled back Xander realized a little breathlessly that that had been their first real kiss. “Wh…what was that for?”


Spike smiled softly at Xander. “Thanks, daddy.”


Xander grinned. It was the first time that Spike had called him that all night. “Anything for my boy.”




They drove back to Xander’s place and stumbled inside, laughing at the frat boys. When they got inside, Xander wordlessly handed Spike his jacket and turned to lock the door. Spike hung their jackets up in the closet and toed his boots off.


“So daddy, what next?”


Xander took Spike’s hand and pulled him towards the bathroom. “First a shower, then bed. I’ve been up since five am and you need to heal.”


“But I’m not tired yet.” Spike grumbled.


“Oh don’t worry, you will be.”


Xander led them into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting it run to get hot. Gently he undressed Spike, being careful of his injuries. Once they were both undressed Xander climbed into the shower and pulled Spike in after him and into his arms. They stood under the hot water kissing softly, learning each other’s taste. Spike taste of smoke and whiskey and copper and his tongue was agile as it danced around Xander’s mouth. Xander grew hard as he thought of all the things that he might get that tongue to do to him.


Eventually Xander pulled away to catch his breath. Turning Spike around, Xander grabbed the shampoo and squirted some out, working his fingers through Spike’s hair as he washed the gel out. Once Spike’s hair was rinsed clean Xander quickly did his own, then grabbed the bath gel and sponge and began washing Spike. He took his time, learning Spike’s body as he went. He massaged Spike’s shoulders, petted down his stomach and tweaked his nipples, trying to find all of Spike’s hot spots. By the time he washed down both of Spike’s legs and back up towards Spike’s previously ignored cock, Spike was panting softly and leaning up against the shower wall for support.


Xander stood and dropped the sponge, squirting some more gel onto his hands. He rubbed them to work up lather then reached for Spike’s cock. Spike moaned as Xander’s soapy fingers lightly traced his length. Xander traced Spike’s cock from root to tip then loosely wrapped his hand around it and pumped once, twice. Spike’s cock was long and curved slightly up; it was red but still pale like the rest of his body. Spike was uncut and Xander took a moment to trace around where the head peaked out from the extra skin. Spike moaned as Xander continued his gentle explorations. “Daddy, please.”


“Shhh,” Xander soothed, “Let Daddy play.”


Xander finally began moving one hand in a steady rhythm on Spike’s cock while his other hand worked down and back to fondle Spike’s balls then trace the sensitive strip of skin behind them. Spike panted and thrust into Xander’s hand. Xander stepped up and pulled Spike into his arms so his side was pressed into Xander’s chest. One hand kept working Spike’s cock while Xander traced down Spike’s back and along the crease of his ass with the other. One soapy finger began playing with Spike’s opening. Spike’s breath caught and he thrust forward hard into Xander’s fist. Xander quickly clamped his hand down hard on Spike’s cock, cutting of his orgasm. Spike groaned in wordless disappointment. Xander began kissing and nipping along Spike’s shoulder and up his throat, murmuring soothingly as he worked the tip of one finger into Spike’s ass. Spike shuddered at the intrusion and Xander began pumping his cock again in distraction.

Xander played with Spike’s cock as he worked one and then two fingers into Spike’s ass. Soon he was pumping his fingers in and out, both hands in sync. Spike was moaning and cursing as Xander worked him up to a fever pitch and then abruptly stilled, cutting off Spike’s impending orgasm two, then three times. All the while Xander kissed and bit whatever piece of skin he could reach on Spikes face, neck and shoulder. By now it was only the fact that Spike was trapped between Xander and the wall that was keeping him standing on his shaking legs.


Spike was begging continuously now, a low litany of “Please, and Daddy, and ohgodfuckplease.”


Xander finally took pity on Spike crooked his fingers to hit Spike’s prostate and began pumping his fist faster. Spike cried out as his long delayed orgasm hit, shaking and shuddering as he shot stream after stream of cum over Xander’s fist. Spike’s orgasm went on and on till finally the blonde gave a final whimper and passed out in Xander’s arms. Xander caught the limp body just in time, placed a soft kiss on the top of Spike’s head and lowered him to the shower floor, propping him up in a corner. Working quickly because the water was starting to cool, Xander squirted more soap into his hands and washed himself before wrapping a fist around his own long ignored cock and bringing himself off in a few rough pulls.


Feeling pleasantly exhausted, Xander managed to get himself and the unconscious Spike out of the shower, dried off and into bed. Once they were tucked under the covers Xander curled up around Spike’s cooler body and placed a sleepy kiss on Spike’s lips. “I told you that you’d be able to sleep.”


Grinning, Xander drifted off to sleep.




Saturday morning Xander woke tangled up with a cool body. Smiling he kissed the top of Spike’s head.


“Mmrph.” Spike grumbled and tried to press himself closer to Xander’s heat.


Xander chuckled and unwound himself from Spike so he could stumble into the bathroom to pee. Natures call taken care off Xander climbed back into bed and turned on his side. A now awake Spike mirrored his position. “Morning.”


“Good Morning. How are you feeling?”


Spike shrugged. “Fine. A few more pints of blood and I’ll be good as new.”


Xander glanced at the clock. “It’s barely 10:00am. Do you want breakfast now or do you want to sleep some more?”


Spike yawned and reached over, rolling Xander onto his back. Then he curled up against Xander’s side, resting his head on Xander’s chest. “Sleep more, definitely.”


Xander wrapped his arms around Spike and drew him close, settling back in to sleep. Spike lay still for several minutes before beginning to fidget. Xander sighed. “Boy?”


“Yes daddy?”


“I thought you wanted to sleep.”


“Yeah, but I’m not tired anymore.”


Xander sighed and released Spike. “What am I going to do with you then?”


Spike pressed himself up against Xander’s side. “You could make me tired, Daddy.”


Growling softly, Xander grabbed Spike and pulled his smaller body on top of his own and pulled Spike’s head down for a kiss. Spike’s soft lips parted under his assault as Xander mapped out every inch of his mouth. Spike moaned and thrust down against Xander but Xander’s arm was wrapped tightly around Spike’s waist and held him still. Spike tired to protest but his mouth was full of Xander’s tongue. Once he was sure that Spike was wrapped up in the kiss Xander unwound his fingers from Spike’s hair and blindly reached for the bedside table. He quickly found what he was looking for. Releasing Spike’s lips he waved the tube of lubricant in front of Spike’s eyes. Spike’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “What’s that for?”


Xander laughed. “If I you don’t know then I guess I’ll have to show you.” Xander slicked up a couple of fingers while he pulled Spike back in for a kiss. One hand remained on the small of Spike’s back, keeping him in place while the other traced down and began to circle Spike’s pucker. At the first touch of Xander’s finger Spike gasped and bucked forward, driving their cocks together. Xander couldn’t help the groan that was pulled from his throat as Spike’s hard length rubbed against his own. He thrust up against Spike as they kissed and he worked the first of several fingers inside Spike’s tight channel.


Spike was moaning continuously and grinding down into Xander as they kissed. Finally Xander couldn’t take it anymore and pulled Spike up into a sitting position. “Wha…?”


“Ride me.”


Spike’s eyes were heavy lidded with passion as he looked down at Xander lying beneath him. “Are you sure?”


Xander grabbed Spike’s hips and pushed him to kneel about Xander’s cock. “Please baby, daddy wants you to ride his cock. Can you do that for daddy?”


Spike nodded and began working himself down onto Xander’s slicked cock. Xander gasped as he was slowly taken into Spike’s tightness. “Fuck baby, so tight.”


Spike just gasped wordlessly and sank down lower, until Xander was fully encased in his channel.  They both stilled, panting as they adjusted to the new sensations. Spike was almost painfully tight around Xander’s cock, the muscles fluttering and grasping as they adjusted to the intrusion. Xander could only take so much and soon he was ordering Spike to move. “Please baby, move. Ride daddy.”


Spike knelt up till only the head of Xander’s cock was inside before slamming back down hard. They both cried out and Spike began moving in earnest. Xander’s hands were clamped tightly around Spike’s hips as they moved on the bed together, pants and moans filling the air. Too soon Xander felt the beginnings of his orgasm looming closer and grasped Spike’s cock, pumping it in time to Spike’s movements. Spike’s head fell back and his hands tightened on Xander’s biceps as Xander worked him to orgasm. Spike’s orgasm hit not a moment too soon because Xander couldn’t hold back anymore. He cried out wordlessly as Spike’s channel fluttered and clenched around his cock, milking him as he came.


Spike collapsed on top of Xander, panting needlessly. Xander pulled Spike closer and turned them on their sides. Curling up around Spike, Xander placed soft kisses on his face and throat. “So good baby. You felt so good.”


Spike murmured agreement as he drifted off to sleep. Holding Spike close, Xander soon followed.




They woke sometime after noon and stumbled into the bathroom for a quick shower. Xander gently washed Spike clean before washing all the sweat and cum off of himself. They climbed out of the shower and Xander dried them off and found them some clothing. He pulled on a pair of sweatpants, but Spike went for simply a pair of boxers. Xander was starving so he headed out into the kitchen and fixed them a large breakfast. Spike came into the kitchen and heated up a packet of blood, which he sipped while Xander finished cooking. Breakfast ready, they sat down at the table and ate their omelets in compatible silence. Spike seemed more relaxed today, less like he was constantly looking over his shoulder and more like someone just hanging out during a lazy weekend. Xander was relieved that there didn’t seem to be any tension between them regarding the change in their relationship, Spike seemed content with their arrangement.


After they were done eating, Spike wandered into the living room while Xander put the breakfast dishes in the sink.  Xander turned and stopped, caught by the sight of Spike wearing only a pair of Xander’s silk boxers that rode too low on his hips, standing in the diffused afternoon light.  The Vampire’s lips were red from feeding, and as Xander watched, Spike’s pink tongue darted out and licked across them.  A moan threatened to escape Xander’s throat and he suddenly wanted something very badly.  “Spike, baby?” 


Spike looked up at the endearment. 


“Baby, Daddy wants something very much, but if you don’t want it, you have to tell Daddy, okay?”


Spike’s eyes got wide and dark as Xander stalked over to stand just inches from the Vampire.  “Wh…what do you want, Daddy?”


Xander reached one shaking hand up to trace the outline of Spike’s lush mouth.  “Daddy wants to fuck your mouth baby.  Daddy wants to see what this gorgeous, smart mouth looks like wrapped around my cock.  Can I baby?  Can I?”


Spike nodded, speechless and Xander ran his fingers through the Vampire’s loose blond waves and then pressed down, urging Spike to his knees.  Spike knelt in front of Xander, looking up through impossibly thick lashes.  “Undress Daddy, baby.”


Slowly, Spike reached up and pulled Xander’s sweat pants off, easing them over hips and Xander’s already substantial erection.  Xander stepped out of them and Spike tossed them aside.  Then Spike knelt there, waiting.  Xander reached down and ran the fingers of one hand continuously through Spike’s hair, while the other traced the contours of Spike’s mouth.  Finally he couldn’t take it anymore.  Gently he bumped the head of his cock against Spike’s lips.  “Open up for Daddy, baby.  Take me in.”


Spike was breathing now, sharp, hitching breaths.  His moist lips parted and his tongue darted out to lick the fluid welling at the tip of the cock bobbing in front of him.  At Xander’s groan, Spike gave another lick, then leaned forward and sucked the tip into his mouth.  Xander held perfectly still, shaking with the effort. Spike’s cool mouth was suckling him tentatively and it was maddening.  Finally, Spike relaxed his jaw and took Xander in to the root, then held there, letting Xander take control. 


Xander took in Spike’s moist, red lips surrounding his cock, Spike’s eyes, dark with desire peering up at him through thick lashes, and knew that he wouldn’t last long, the picture Spike painted was just too erotic.  Grasping Spike firmly by the hair, Xander began to rock his hips gently in and out of the cool suction of Spike’s mouth.  It felt so good; Xander couldn’t control the babble that began flowing from his mouth.  “Oh, gods baby.  So good.  You feel so good, sucking Daddy like that.”


As he felt his balls drawing up, Xander began to piston in and out of Spike’s mouth, passionate babble disengaging to moaning as he shot his load deep into Spike’s open throat.  Xander’s world went gray, and he remained where he was, bent over Spike, for several minutes as he got his breath back.  He straightened up with a groan.  The Vampire was still suckling gently at Xander’s softening flesh.  Xander pulled out with a wet pop and grasped Spike gently by the arm, pulling him up and over to the couch, where he collapsed with a tired groan and pulled Spike into his lap.  Xander stroked Spike’s hair gently, murmuring into his ear.  “That was so good baby.  You felt so good.  Such a good boy for Daddy.”  Xander reached down and loosely grasped Spike’s hard cock through the silk of the boxers.  “Daddy wants to give you a treat now.  How do want it baby?  How can Daddy make his boy feel good?”


Spike whimpered softly, “However you want Daddy.”


Xander grinned and bit Spike’s earlobe gently, “I think I want to know what my boy tastes like.”


The blonde in his lap shivered.  Chuckling, Xander rearranged them so Spike was on his back spread out over the couch.  Xander removed the boxers and tossed them aside, then slowly leaned over and licked up the length of Spike’s cock. Spike whimpered, his hands clutching at the couch. Xander blew a gust of air over the wet stripe he’d left, causing Spike to shiver. Xander sucked the head of the pale cock into his mouth, happily exploring the extra skin with his tongue. Spike was groaning and thrashing on the couch when Xander finally began bobbing up and down Spike’s length, slowly sucking more and more in until the head was hitting the back of his throat.


“Daddy, please!”


Xander released Spike’s cock and looked up at lust-fogged eyes. “Please what, baby?”


“Please Daddy, make me come.” Spike whimpered softly.


“Anything for my boy.” Xander grinned and took Spike back in his mouth, deep throating him and swallowing around the length. Spike wailed, head thrown back and body straining for release. Xander squeezed Spike’s sack gently and pressed on the sensitive strip of skin behind them. He pulled up until only the head was cradled between his lips, and then sucked the length back in, scraping his teeth on the underside as he worked his way back down. Spike screamed and came hard, shoving himself deep into Xander’s throat. Xander continued to suckle until Spike was limp and had collapsed back onto the couch in a boneless heap.


Releasing the soft cock, he sat up and arranged them so he was resting against the arm of the couch and Spike’s head was in his lap. He grabbed the remote with one hand and began petting Spike’s hair with the other. “I feel like watching some cartoons. What do you say?”

“Mmmhmm.” A low moan was all Spike could manage.




Before he knew it, it was Saturday evening and after they’d finished dinner Xander remembered that he had some paperwork from work to get done.  “Spike?”


The blonde Vampire looked up from where he was sitting on the couch, flipping through a magazine, “What?”


“Be a good boy and go take care of the dishes.”


Spike’s mouth dropped open.  He stared at Xander for several seconds before he closed his mouth with a snap and glared at Xander.  “You want me to what?”


“Spikey, boys need to do their chores and Daddies need to do their work.  Go take care of the dishes, good boys get rewards.”  Spike finally threw the magazine aside and got up, stomping towards the kitchen, muttering under his breath.  Xander knew he had pushed the scene farther than Spike had intended, but he did need to look over those blueprints from work, and the kitchen did need to be cleaned, and Spike had wanted to be the boy for the weekend.


Xander tried to read, but the crashing of pans and slamming of cabinet doors kept distracting him.  Finally he slammed down the papers and headed into the kitchen.  Spike stood in the middle of the room, glaring at the pile of dishes in the sink.  In half and hour he hadn’t cleaned a thing, in fact, he’d made more of a mess.


“What’s wrong Spike?”


“What’s wrong?  What’s wrong is you do your own bloody dishes, I’m not your fucking slave!”


Xander walked over, grabbed Spike by the back of the neck, and drug him out into the living room.  “Spike, did you or did you not want the Daddy-Boy scene this weekend?  I’m only doing what you asked.”


The Blonde snarled at him, “I wanted a good shag, not to be your little slave.  I didn’t ask to be used.”


Xander met the hard blue eyes with his own steady gaze.  Spike’s eyes were a maelstrom of emotions: fury, pain, fear, and a haunted look.  It was the haunted look that made Xander’s decision for him.  Grabbing Spike again, Xander hauled him over to the couch, stripped his boxers off and turned Spike over his knees.  “Right then, if you won’t do your chores like a good boy, then you get punished.”  With that, Xander brought his hand down hard on Spike’s naked ass, eliciting a howl of rage.  Spike struggled and bucked and cursed, but Xander kept on, one hand firm on Spike’s lower back, holding him in place, the other building a rhythm of slaps.  Spike’s ass tinged pink, then grew rosy, then an angry red, and Xander knew that Spike would be bruised and sore, but his struggles had ceased, and instead he held himself rigid, ass arching up almost imperceptibly to meet Xander’s hand, moans being strangled through clenched teeth as Spike raged a silent battle within himself.  Xander kept on spanking Spike, the Vampire’s rigid form across his knee reminding him of his first scene with Tom and the emotional breakthrough that had followed.


Xander began a low litany of endearments and suggestions, barely heard over the angry slap of skin on skin.  “That’s it, you know you want it.  You know you deserve it.  You were a bad boy weren’t you?  Daddy knows just what to do to bad boys.  That’s right, take it.”


Spike’s body began to shake, and it took Xander a second to realize that he was shaking with silent sobs.  Underneath his running comments and the slap of flesh, Xander became aware that Spike was speaking as well, a quiet litany of “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”


Finally, just when Xander was sure his hand would give out, Spike arched and came with a harsh cry, then  collapsed in a limp, sobbing heap across Xander’s knees.


Whispering soft, soothing nothings, Xander gathered the limp form up and cradled him in his arms, gently rocking them back and forth as he rubbed Spike’s back and begged Spike to tell him what was wrong. 


Finally, taking great, gulping breaths, Spike began to speak.  He told Xander of his life, of growing up quiet and dreamy in London, his father abandoning him and his mother early on.  Of his yearnings to write poetry and the ridicule he received from his peers.  Spike told Xander of Cicely, and the soul crushing pain of ‘I could never love you, you’re beneath me’.  Xander learned of the joy of being turned and the struggle to become everything Drusilla needed.  The contentment of belonging to someone who needed him, the fierce joy of learning the ‘family business’ alongside Angelus, and the struggle to meet his grandsire’s expectations.  The complete and utter desolation of being cast aside again and again by his sire and family.  “Never good enough.”  Spike whispered brokenly, “I’m never good enough. And…and now the chip. Can’t be a proper Vampire, can’t feed, can’t defend myself against a sodding human child, can’t be a man, I’m nobody, nothing.”


Xander held tight to Spike and stood up, carrying the sobbing form back into the bedroom.  He laid Spike out on the bed and stripped out of his sweatpants before climbing in next to Spike and pulling the covers over them both.  He wrapped himself around Spike and rocked them both for a while.  When Spike’s sobbing had quieted, Xander pulled the covers back and looked, really looked at the form spread out before him.  “Spike, baby, you’re so beautiful.”  Leaning over, he brushed kisses over both tear filled eyes, then traced down Spike’s nose with his lips to brush kisses over the gently parted lips and back up to trace each cheekbone with his tongue.  With each touch and caress, Xander whispered about how beautiful Spike was, how perfect he was, how strong he was.  As he made his way down Spike’s body, touching and caressing each inch of skin, he recited everything he’d ever admired about the Vampire, every trait he felt made up one of the most strong, fearless creatures he’d ever met.  Working his way down an arm, Xander kissed each finger, sucking them one by one into his mouth and laving them with his tongue.  “Such strong hands Spike. Can easily kill with barely an effort; rip the throat out of your prey, yet they can be so gentle too. I’ve felt them touch me, so easy, giving me the best pleasures.  Such amazing hands.”  It went on like that, over Spike’s entire body, back and front.  Till finally Spike was a quivering mass, making soft, begging vocalizations.  Xander hovered over Spike and looked deep into his eyes as he slowly prepared Spike for penetration.  Finally, he covered the thin body with is own and held Spike’s eyes as he slowly, slowly entered Spike.  “You’re so perfect Spike, so amazing, so strong.  I can’t tell you how much I admire you, respect you, what you’ve been through, what you survived.  My friend, my boy, my Spike.” 

Slowly Xander began to move, kissing away the tears that trailed down Spike’s cheeks as he  rocked gently in and out of his body.  Xander rode Spike as long as he could, constantly rubbing against Spike’s prostate, until he was sure that the Vampire could do nothing more than feel the sensations running through his body, until all thought was wiped clean, until Spike surrendered fully.  Xander could see it; brown eyes locked with blue, the moment when Spike let the last of his guards down, when the last internal wall crumbled and Spike surrendered completely.  That was the moment he had been waiting for.  Xander doubled his efforts to praise Spike, tell him how wonderful he was, as he pushed up slightly on one arm and snaked the other between their bodies to fist Spike’s weeping cock.  Three or four rough pulls and Spike’s eyes were rolling back in his head, his body arching up off the bed as he came and came and came.  As Spike came, Xander let himself go, shuddering as he emptied into the cool body surrounding him.  They collapsed together onto the bed, and Xander didn’t give Spike any time to recover and withdraw, he rolled over, pulling Spike tight against his chest, and stroked along Spike’s back as he placed soft kisses on the white blonde hair tucked into the curve of his shoulder.  The tremors wracking Spike’s body slowly subsided until the emotional and physical drain of the weekend took its tole and Spike slept.  Holding his bedmate close, Xander soon followed.


Sunday was spent quietly, neither anxious to speak much after the emotional roller coaster of the previous day. When they woke Sunday afternoon Xander made love to Spike once more, speaking only in praise of Spike, words coming only when he was buried deep inside the blonde. Later, Xander wouldn’t let Spike do anything for himself, bringing Spike blood and snacks, holding Spike practically on his lap while they cuddled on the couch, and washing Spike in their final shower Sunday afternoon. Spike finally arched an eyebrow in question as Xander brought him yet another mug of blood but Xander only shrugged and said “I have to take care of my boy.”


Finally they couldn’t put it off any longer so they got dressed and headed out to the Sunday night research meeting and patrol that was planned. Spike was silent as they walked through the darkening streets to Giles’ place but the closer they got to the apartment the more Spike’s casual walk changed to a swagger and the more the peaceful expression that had previously donned Spike’s face turned to the familiar ‘Big Bad sneer’. Just before they walked down the stairs and into the courtyard of Giles’ apartment building Xander grabbed Spike’s hand and pulled them to a stop.


“What is it?”


Xander took a deep breath and looked Spike in the eyes. “Spike, I just want you to know that this weekend will only remain between us. And that if you ever need anything, I…I’ll always be here for you. I know you don’t like the rest of the gang, and they don’t really trust you but I want you to know that I don’t see you the way they see you and I’m glad that you’re here and…”


Spike chuckled low and deep and captured Xander’s lips for a slow, sweet kiss that made Xander’s heart skip a beat. “Shh pet, you’re babbling.”


Xander nodded and made to head into the Watcher’s apartment.

“And Xan?”


“Yeah Spike?”


“Thank you.”


Xander smiled and led the way into the Scooby meeting.



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