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Rules 3
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Part 3

Xander sat on a couch in the Bronze, his leg jiggling constantly as he sipped his soda and listening to Buffy and Willow talk about classes and Buffy's almost-relationship with Riley. Spike was nearby, playing pool. Even though Xander had actually missed Spike in the week since he'd moved out of the apartment, he didn't have the concentration he needed for a game of pool, let alone the steady hands. Tom and Jerry were arriving in Sunnydale tonight and meeting Xander at the Bronze. Between being excited about seeing the men again and being terrified of what his two groups of friends would think of each other, Xander could barely keep sitting still.

Spike ended the game he was playing and sauntered over to slump bonelessly in the chair next to Xander. "Can hear your heart beating across the club. It's going a mile a minute, pet."

Xander grimaced and shifted in his seat. "Sorry Spike. I'm just so nervous. I really want you all to like each other."

Spike patted Xander on the shoulder and took the soda out of his hands. "Everything will be fine. No more caffeine for you though."

Xander grinned as Spike proceeded to drink the soda himself. Then the door to the club opened and all his focus was on the two men who entered. They looked just like when Xander had seen them last, four months ago. Tom towered over the crowd, his closely cropped dark hair and goatee complimenting his all black wardrobe and lending him a menacing and mysterious air. Jerry stood just behind and to the side of Tom, long auburn hair pulled into a braid, the color set off nicely by the dark green silk of his shirt.

Tom scanned the room and spotted Xander, grabbed Jerry's hand and dragged him towards the couches. Xander sprang up and hurtled himself towards the two men. "Tom! Jer!" Xander launched himself through the crowds and into Tom's open arms. Then he didn't notice anything as he was pulled into a strong chest by equally strong arms and his lips were captured in a demanding kiss. Xander wound his arms around Tom's neck and opened his mouth to Tom's onslaught. Tom was tall enough that when he finally let Xander up for air, Xander's feet were several inches off the floor. Xander slid down to the ground with a sigh and a happy grin. "Hey Daddy."

Tom chuckled and rubbed his thumb over Xander's red, swollen lips. "Beard burn," he said with a grin. An affronted huff sounded to one side. "And what about me?"

Tom released him and Xander turned with a smile and open arms. "Hey Jer." Jerry grinned and slammed himself against Xander, pressing their bodies together and capturing Xander's swollen lips with his. Jerry didn't let up the passionate kiss for several seconds, and when they came up for air they were both gasping for breath. They turned to Tom who was grinning widely. "There are my beautiful boys." He hugged them both to his chest, and finally they all turned to the quiet group on the couch. Buffy and Willow looked shell-shocked but Spike was leering at the three men. Xander took each man's hand in his and walked towards the group. "Tom, Jerry, these are the friends I told you about. The redhead is Willow, best friend since childhood; the stunning blonde is Buffy, Slayer extraordinaire; and the leering evil undead one is Spike. Guys, this is Tom and Jerry, no jokes, they've heard them all before, mostly from me."

Buffy looked like she'd been hit upside the head with a particularly blunt object. Willow had a little better grip on things and nodded hesitantly at the men. "Um, hello?"

"I thought I was the stunning blonde, pet." Spike stood and stared Tom in the eye, not an easy thing seeing as Tom was easily a foot taller than the Vampire. Tom looked Spike up and down then nodded, apparently satisfied with what he saw. "Master Spike, it's an honor to meet you."

Spike held out his hand and Tom engulfed it with his much larger one. "The honor's all mine, Master Tom. Xan told me how you looked out for him." The two men shook then Tom released Spike's hand and pulled Jerry in front of him. "Master Spike, this here's my boy Jerry." Tom nudged Jerry forward. "Say hello to Master Spike, boy."

Jerry broke out in a seductive smile that Xander was very familiar with. He stepped forward and paused just inches from Spike, somehow managing to look smaller, even though he was the same height. "Hello Master Spike."

Xander saw Spike's eyes flicker to gold before fading back to blue. "Well hello there boy. It's lovely to meet you too." Satisfied he had made an impact, Jerry finally stepped back and into Tom's arms. Xander motioned for them all to sit and the three of them took a couch. Spike flopped back down into the chair he had been in earlier.

Willow eyed the three men snuggled on the couch. Xander watched his oldest friend as she visibly steadied herself and affected her best 'friendly Willow'; smile. "So, Xander hasn't told us much about you. How did you all meet?"

Tom was cut off before he could even start by Buffy's sharp tone. "You two aren't human."

Willow turned wide, shocked eyes to Xander, who winced at Buffy's tactless remark. Before he could answer, Tom responded. "No, we're not Slayer. Xander knows."

Buffy looked at Xander. "And you're okay with it?"

Xander sat up and glared at Buffy. "Now wait a minute Buffy..."

"What type?"

They all froze and turned to look at Spike. The Vampire was lounging casually in his chair, sipping Xander's soda. "There's plenty different type of demons Slayer, and most of them are harmless. Seems that more important than them being demons is what type of demons they are."

Tom nodded and settled back into the couch. "Very true. Jerry and I are both V'ranta demons."

Buffy looked at Willow. "V'ranta. What do we know about them? Have I fought them before?"

"S'not bloody likely Slayer. V'ranta are clan focused, peaceful, don't bother others too much. Strong, smart, long lived, often scholars, artisans, sometimes the rebellious ones become mercenaries. Usually set up shop and settle down, don't often see a V'ranta away from his clan."

Xander turned wide eyes on Spike. Spike just shrugged as if to say 'what, I know stuff too'. Buffy was still eyeing the men suspiciously. "If they're so clannish, where's your clan?"

Tom scowled but Jerry just patted the unhappy man's hand and leaned towards the girls on the couch opposite. "The clan didn't exactly approve of our, relationship. We had to leave if we wanted to be together." Willow immediately went into sympathy mode and Xander knew that she at least would give the men a chance. Buffy took a minute longer to think about Jerry's answer before finally nodding to herself and relaxing back into the couch. "Fine, but this is my town and if you step out of line you'll have to answer to me."

Xander tensed, sure that Tom would not stand the insult, but to his surprise the larger man just laughed. "I like her boy, she's not afraid to take control. I like that in a girl."

Xander smiled and relaxed back into the couch. Buffy blushed prettily and the group relaxed back into more casual conversation.

An hour later Jerry sighed loudly and flopped back across Tom's lap. "I'm bored!" He looked hopefully at Tom. "Dance with me Daddy?"

Tom chuckled. "Xan and I are talking. Maybe Master Spike would like to dance with you?"

Jerry sat up and eyed Spike appreciatively. Sinuously he slid to the floor and rested his chin on Spike's knees. "Would you like to dance with me, Master Spike?"

Spike didn't hide his quick flash to game face. "I think I could be persuaded, boy."

Spike rose and reached down to pull Jerry up. Jerry slithered up Spike's body, and Xander couldn't see a sliver of light between them. Spike smirked at the auburn haired demon and pulled him to the dance floor.

Still a little uncomfortable around the newcomers, Buffy and Willow soon excused themselves, leaving Xander and Tom curled up together on the couch. Tom ran his hand through Xander's hair and dropped a quick kiss to his head. "I missed you, boy."

"I missed you too, Daddy."

"Don't see why you had to leave L.A." Tom said, grumpily.

Xander sighed and hugged Tom tighter. They had had this conversation before. "I love you both, so much. And I owe you guys more than I can say, but my place isn't in L.A. I don't know where my place is yet, but I'll figure it out."

Tom frowned. "Well, whoever your 'place' is, they better be okay with sharing. I expect visits and lots of them."

"Hey, who said my place was a 'who'? Why can't my place be a where?"

Tom chuckled. "I know you boy, you won't be happy till you've found 'the one'. Then you won't care where you are, as long as you're with him."

Xander frowned but didn't dispute Tom's claim. Tom kissed him softly and stood up. "Come on, let's go see what trouble Jerry's gotten himself into."

They wandered over and stood on the edge of the dance floor, looking for Jerry and Spike. They weren't hard to spot. Jerry was wrapped around Spike and they moved effortlessly to the beat of the music, hands traveling each other's bodies, eyes locked. Between the two of them it was less like dancing and more like fucking with clothes on and Xander was instantly hard from the picture they created.

Tom and Xander swayed gently to the music as they stood there watching the men dance. One of Tom's hands stroked Xander's hip. "They look good together, don't they boy?" Tom's voice was low and hypnotic in his ear.

"Yeah, they do.'

"If you want, we can invite Master Spike back to play with us tonight."

Xander's first reaction was a deeply ingrained Scooby reaction. He wanted to loudly and vehemently deny that he would ever want anything to do with the evil undead. But Tom's arms were strong as they encircled him and the repetitive strokes at his hip had him relaxed and feeling safe. Tom's voice was a low growl in his ear. "Rule Number Two, boy."


Xander was sitting in a chair, watching as Tom and Jerry played. He was so new to this relationship that Tom was content to let him sit back and observe for now. Xander knew Tom was anxious to include him in their scenes but Xander still felt held back.

Xander's musings took his attention away from the two men on the bed for a split second, so he missed what it was that Jerry did, but suddenly Tom was growling something about learning lessons and tossing Jerry across his lap. Before he could blink, Jerry was being spanked. Xander shifted in his seat, torn between being reminded uncomfortably of scenes of corporal punishment from his own home life and being turned on by something that both men were so obviously enjoying. He was so wrapped up in the scene he was observing and his resulting emotional response that Xander never noticed Tom taking in his every reaction.

Eventually Jerry's 'punishment' was over and Tom set Jerry aside and beckoned Xander over. Xander hesitantly stepped to Tom's side. "Boy?"

"Yes, um...Daddy?"

"You looked like you were enjoying that. Do you need a spanking too?"

Xander's response was immediate and unthinking. "Why in the hell would I want that?"

Tom's expression darkened. "Are you talking back to me boy?"

Xander stiffened. "Look, I don't have to..."

Tom grabbed him and pulled him down onto the bed. "You need to learn a lesson, boy."

Xander struggled in Tom's grip but it was useless. He quickly found himself pulled across Tom's lap.

"Wait...Tom, I don't think..."


Tom's hand fell across his ass and Xander stiffened. ", wait."


Tom's blows fell in a repetitive rhythm across Xander's ass and the back of his legs. Unable to fight, Xander soon found his body relaxing into the spanking, though his mind was in turmoil. The longer it went on, the more the pain turned to pleasure and the harder he got. The harder he got, the more he despaired for what it meant for him. He couldn't like this, he just couldn't. It was wrong, bad, dirty, like him... Before he knew it Xander was sobbing uncontrollably, all his fears pushed to the surface and overflowing. Tom gathered him up in his arms and rocked him gently as he cried, shushing and soothing him. Tom.s gentle queries teased out Xander's fears and misgivings till finally Xander had confessed all his fears, his feelings of inadequacy, every blow his father ever landed on him, everything was laid bare for Tom. Xander finally felt his sobs quieting as large, warm hands soothed over his hair and back.

"There now, that's my boy." Tom gently laid Xander out on the bed and Jerry curled up around him. Tom knelt down next to him and began stroking Xander's softened cock back to full hardness. Xander gasped as his cock was engulfed in the warm heat of Tom's mouth. Jerry plastered himself to Xander's side, his hands stroking and tweaking all of Xander's hot spots.

"Oh...oh...Jer! Tom! Please..."

Jerry sucked on his neck, his hot mouth working up the sensitive column of his throat to trace around the shell of his ear. "Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, Xan. Tell us, let us know."

Xander moaned. "Harder, please Jer. nipples, harder..." Jerry obliged by pinching his nipples harder as Tom's tongue expertly worked his throbbing length. "Gods yes Tom...more, more!" Xander came with a harsh cry, the aftershocks of his orgasm leaving him limp and shaking. The two men curled up around him, kissing and petting him. "Mmmm. Rule Number Two."

Tom chuckled. "What was that boy?"

Xander grinned and cuddled into their embrace. "What Jerry said, about asking for what you want? That's gonna be Rule Number Two."


~Present, Late December~

The song drew to a close and Spike and Jerry finally stilled, turning to walk over to where Tom and Xander were standing, watching them. Xander looked Spike in the eye as he approached. "Hey Spike, have any plans for the rest of the night?"

Spike looked surprised and eyed the three men speculatively. Finally he met Xander's eyes and leered. "I think I could be convinced to change them."

Tom nodded and grabbed Xander's hand, Xander grabbed Jerry's and Jerry grabbed hold of Spike's and they made their way out of the club. They all piled into Tom's car and silently drove back to the hotel where the men were staying. They entered the hotel room and Xander toed off his shoes and followed Jerry over to kneel between the two full size beds, already falling back into the rhythms of being Tom's boy. Spike took off his duster and hung it in the closet then sprawled in a chair, taking in the two kneeling men and Tom as he went about setting up the room. Comforters were stripped off the beds and tossed aside and Tom's bag of toys came out. Tom searched through the bag for a few minutes before pulling out what looked like a travel medicine kit. Tom eyed the kneeling Jerry with amusement. "Do I even have to ask, boy?"

Jerry shivered. "No Daddy."

Tom opened the kit to display an array of knives, scalpels and other equally sharp looking things. From under his lashes Xander saw Spike sit up and take notice.

"Master Spike, perhaps you could do me a favor?"

Spike strode over to stand by Tom. "And what would that be, Master Tom?"

One of Tom's large hands reached down to caress Jerry's hair. "M'boy Jerry has a mighty powerful kink. Seems he likes cutting, likes the feel of the blade, the smell of the blood. Now, I try to indulge this, but seems to me a Master Vampire such as yourself has picked up a few tricks over the years that I've probably never thought of." Tom set the bag of sharps down on the right hand bed. "Can I offer you the use of my boy Jerry for your pleasure tonight?"

From his position on the floor, Xander could see Spike's fist clench till his knuckles were bone white. Even more surprising was hearing Spike take a deep breath. "I'd be honored, Master Tom. Your boy is safe with me."

"Not too safe, I hope." Jerry muttered.

Tom grinned as he grabbed Jerry by the collar and hauled him up. "Talking without permission, boy. That definitely merits a punishment. Strip."

Looking apologetic, Jerry quickly and efficiently stripped and stood there, waiting for Tom's next command. Tom pulled a leather harness out of the bag and trussed Jerry's cock up tightly. Tom looked at Spike and grinned. "He doesn't come till I feel he's earned it."

Spike nodded and grabbed Jerry by the hair, wrapping the long braid around his hand. "On the bed boy, face down."

Jerry complied and then Xander wasn't paying attention to them because Tom turned to where Xander had been patiently kneeling. "Now, boy. It's been so long. Whatever shall I do with you?"

"Whatever you want, Daddy."

Tom grinned and cupped Xander's face. "Good to know you remembered your lessons. Let's see what else you remember. Unzip me."

Xander leaned forward and maneuvered until he had the tab of the zipper between his teeth, then gently pulled down. To his pride, he found that he could still do it without slipping up. It had been a while since he'd had to use this particular skill and it was good to know that he hadn't lost it.

Tom's voice was gruff. "Take me out boy, let me feel your sweet mouth."

Moaning softly, Xander pulled back and let Tom's cock fall free of his jeans before leaning in licking up the length. Slowly, to the sound of Jerry's moans, Spike's dirty talk, and Tom's murmurs of encouragement, Xander re-familiarized himself with his Daddy's cock. Tom was huge and it took awhile for Xander to go from suckling the head to working the rest of the length down his throat, but when he finally made it, Tom's appreciative swearing was worth it. Xander worked the length of Tom's cock, reveling in every swear, groan and moan his actions pulled from Tom. Xander knew that they were just getting started and sure enough, Tom soon pulled him off his cock and tucked himself away. "Stand up boy."

Xander stood, wincing as his knees protested. Tom sprawled on the free bed and eyed Xander appreciatively. "Strip boy. And I know you've danced before, so it better be slow and sexy."

Xander grinned and began to slowly remove his clothing, teasing Tom as much as he could. As he tossed his shirt aside, he glanced at the other bed and froze. Jerry was streaked in red from small cuts that covered his body. The white sheets made the red of the blood all the more vivid and Spike was standing over Jerry, gameface to the fore grinning and licking a smear of blood off of the knife he had just been using. Xander opened his mouth to protest Jerry's treatment, but strong hands grabbed him and turned him around to look into Tom's face. "Relax boy. It looks worse than it is. Master Spike's an expert and Jerry's enjoying himself, look."

Xander looked back at the blood soaked bed, and indeed, Jerry was moaning and writhing on the bed, his cock rock hard and dripping as Spike made a series of cuts up the inside of his thigh. Xander took a deep breath and relaxed, turning back to Tom. "Sorry, Daddy. I just...wasn't prepared for that."

Tom smiled and hugged Xander close. "It's alright boy. Now come on. Focus on me. Finish that lovely strip tease, yeah?"

Xander nodded and Tom resumed his position on the bed. Xander finished his strip by focusing on Tom, then crawled up to straddle Tom's lap when Tom motioned for him to. Tom leaned in and kissed Xander deeply, rubbing his hands possessively over Xander's flesh. "Mmm, missed you boy."

"Missed you too, Daddy."

Tom's hands roamed Xander's body, hitting all the places he knew drove Xander wild and Xander lost himself in Tom's embrace.

An eon later Xander whimpered as Tom pulled his fingers out of Xander's ass and replaced them with a medium sized plug. Xander had been spanked, pinched, pulled and manipulated every which was by his Daddy and was now on his back, legs spread and ass supported in the air by a couple of pillows. His cock strained against the ring Tom had placed on him and every nerve ending was on fire.

Tom knelt down next to Xander and stroked his hair. "Boy, listen to me."

Xander forced his lust-fogged brain to focus and met Tom's dark eyes.

"Jerry's high as a kite after all the blood-play, and I'm gonna go finish him off, help him come down, he needs something safe and familiar after such an intense scene."

Xander nodded. He understood. He'd been in Jerry's position before, blissed out of his mind from endorphins and unable to deal with the onslaught of emotions after a particularly intense scene.

"I'm gonna let Master Spike finish you off okay?"

Xander whined a bit at that, he wanted his Daddy's cock; he'd been waiting months for it.

Tom stroked his hair soothingly. "It's okay boy, we've got all week to play. Jerry needs me now. Tell me it's all right, boy."

Xander nodded. "It's all right Daddy. I'll be fine with Master Spike."

Tom smiled. "That's my good boy."

Tom disappeared from Xander's view and he heard Tom and Spike talking quietly in the background. Spike soon appeared, kneeling next to him so they could talk eye to eye. Spike was shirtless, the top button of his jeans was undone and his hair was a rumpled mess. Blood was streaked and splattered all over the Vampire's pale flesh. Spike was grinning hugely and Xander was sure he had never seen Spike so happy.

"Hey boy, how's it going?"

Xander grinned at Spike.

"Harris. Xan, you have to tell me, I know we're friends and all, but are you really okay with this?" One of Spike's hands ghosted over his chest, tweaking his sensitive nipples. Xander groaned and leaned up, brushing his lips against Spike's. "Please fuck me, Daddy."

Grinning, Spike leapt up and made his way to the foot of the bed. Cool, soft hands began ghosting over Xander's stomach, cock and ass, lightly tweaking here and there. Xander groaned and thrust his hips up at Spike. Spike chuckled and slapped Xander's thigh. "What's the matter boy? Need to come?"

Xander moaned and nodded.

"Oh please, boy. You never shut up, no reason to be so quiet now. I want to hear you beg."

"Please, Daddy. Please touch me, fuck me. Want to feel you."

Spike growled, his cool fingers playing around the edge of the plug. A press on the plug had it rocking against Xander's prostate and he whimpered. "Daddy, please, please fuck me."

"Sounds good boy, I like to hear you beg."

Spike twisted the plug and began to slowly extract it from Xander's body. Xander's groan was long and drawn out and Spike chuckled. Cool fingers brushed his grasping hole. Spike leaned over and whispered softly in Xander's ear. "I'm gonna fuck you now Xander. Last chance to back out." Spike pulled back enough to look Xander in the eye.

"I'm not gonna freak out Spike. You're my friend, I trust you. Now fuck me damn it, before I explode!"

Spike grinned and slapped Xander's ass. "Pushy bottom."

Then Spike opened the fly of his jeans and Xander felt cool flesh pressing against his ass. He moaned and arched his back; opening himself as best he could for Spike. Spike rubbed across his opening several times, just enough for Xander to start whimpering in frustration, then all breath was driven from his body as Spike slid into him with one strong thrust.

"Oh fuck, Daddy, yes!"

"That's right boy, tell Daddy how much you like it."

Xander cried out wordlessly as Spike started up a quick, hard rhythm of thrusts. Spike was bigger than Xander had thought such a skinny guy would be, and the contrast of cool flesh to his heat was intoxication. "Gods, yes, Daddy, please, harder, faster...oh yes!"

Spike's fingers had found their way to Xander's cock, where they were tracing around the metal of the cock ring.

"Have you been good boy? Should I let you come?"

Xander was near out of his mind with need and he shamelessly begged Spike. "Please Daddy, let me come! Please, I've been good, please, please."

Xander was watching Spike through eyes hazy with lust. He saw Spike's face ripple and change and if possible that made Xander even harder. Spike fumbled with the clasp on the cock ring, releasing it and tossing it aside then grabbed Xander's cock and stroked it roughly.

"Oh...fuck...Daddy please..."

"Tell me, boy!"

"Oh gods, coming! I'm coming..." Xander's cries disintegrated into a wordless scream as his body was wracked with his orgasm. Spike pumped his cock as he shot his load, then released him and grabbed his thighs hard, pulling Xander's body closer as Spike thrust frantically into him. Xander watched as Spike's eyes drifted shut and his head fell back, his whole body shuddering as his orgasm hit.

Panting softly, Spike finally lowered Xander back onto the bed, pulled out with a groan and flopped down next to him. "Bloody hell, boy. It's been a long time since I've been with a human. I forgot how warm you are."

Xander hmmm'd and stretched limbs that ached from being held in place for too long. "You felt cool, I didn't expect that." Xander thought over what he had just said. "Cool as in temperature, I mean."

Spike laughed and began tracing designs in the puddle of come on Xander's stomach. "Yeah, well. Room temperature here mate, Vampire, you know."

Xander stuck his tongue out at his bedmate. "Well duh!" Turning his head he finally noticed that the bed next to them was empty. "Hey, where'd they go?"

"They're in the bathroom. The boy needed washing up after I finished with him."

Xander eyed Spike speculatively. "Was it like before the chip, like torturing someone or something?"

Spike snorted. "I was never much for torture. I liked the hunt, liked the kill, but the torture game was never my strong suit, was more the poof's bag." Even though Spike's eyes remained locked on the fingers that were still tracing designs on Xander's flesh, Xander could hear the honesty in Spike's voice. "It was closer to the sex games that Dru and I used to play. But still, it was different. With Dru it was about love, pleasure and pain. This was about pleasure and pain, but also about power. About feeling like a Master Vampire again." Spike's eyes finally flicked up to meet his. "Yeah, I enjoyed it. Needed it, even. I owe you one pet." Spike leaned over and brushed his lips against Xander's, then slowly lifted one finger off of Xander's stomach and stuck it in his mouth. Licking Xander's cum off his finger, Spike made a 'yummy' face. "Mmm, you are a nummy treat." Grinning, Spike sprung up out of the bed, straightened his jeans and began digging in the pockets of his duster for his cigarettes. Lighting up, he started gathering his shirt and boots and getting dressed. "Well, it's been fun kiddies. But the night's almost gone and I've got things to do, people to scare, that sort of thing."

As Xander lay on the bed, still limp from his orgasm and covered in cum, Spike bustled around the room, putting his shirt and boots back on and smoothing his hair. Sticking his head in the bathroom, Spike spoke to Tom and Jerry, too quietly for Xander to hear, before heading for the door. Spike paused in the open doorway and glanced back at Xander. "See ya, pet. You have fun now."

Xander grinned. "Oh, I will."


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