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Part 1

~Present Day: November~


The old, beat up car pulled up and stopped in front of the “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign.  The driver got out and pulled a camera out of his pocket.  Setting the camera up on the roof of the car he then posed against the sign.  A few seconds later a ‘click’ sounded.  The driver smiled to himself, grabbed the camera and got back in the car.  “That should prove to everyone that I made it back okay,” he explained to the empty car.  The car pulled back onto the road and slowly made its way through Sunnydale.  It stopped several times, once in front of the burned out hulk of the old high school, and three other times in front of three separate houses, but the driver never got out of the car, simply sitting for several minutes just looking, before moving on.  Just before dusk, the driver pulled up in front of the Sunnydale Motor Inn on the outskirts of town.  He quickly checked in and drove around to park in front of his new, temporary home.  Lugging his overflowing duffel to the door, he glanced at it and then back down at his room key.  “Number 13.  Well, that’s appropriate, I guess.”  Walking in and setting his bag down, the dark haired man kicked his shoes off and picked up the phone, dialing a long distance number by heart.  “Hey Tom!  I just got in.  I’ll send you the picture to prove it.  No, I haven’t been to see them yet; I just got in to town.  Yeah, I will.  No, I’m not scared to see them again.  It’s just, it’s been months and I’ve changed, and…Yes, I remember, Rule Number One.  No, I won’t forget.  Yeah, I’ll go see them tomorrow.  Thanks Tom, yeah, say hi for me.  Okay, bye.”  Hanging the phone up, Xander Harris lay back on the bed and stared moodily at the ceiling, chanting softly to himself.  “Rule Number One, Rule Number One.”




Xander was engaging in his new favorite pastime, people watching.  Well, technically he was working, but bartending gave him a great opportunity to people watch.  His fascination with people watching had started during the month long stint at The Fabulous Ladies Club in Oxnard.  Between the strippers and the patrons, there were always tons of interesting people to watch.  The male strippers particularly fascinated Xander.  Here were men, many not much older than he was, confident in themselves, not only in their appearance but their sexuality too, walking around in G-strings not caring who saw them or what others thought.  The zeppo of the Scooby gang and Sunnydale High couldn’t imagine what it felt like to not care what others thought of him. Xander envied that kind of confidence.  Now, a month, a new city and a new job later, he was continuing the habit of people watching.  ‘The Darker Side’ was San Francisco’s premier kink club.  It was also mixed; meaning it catered to both humans and demons.  Xander found it pretty ironic that he left Sunnydale only to end up working at a demon club.  Well, you could take the boy out of the hell mouth… 


Smiling to himself, Xander nodded at some of the regulars who had just come in.  Hearing a loud, booming laugh, Xander turned to see Tom strolling into the room like he owned the place, which, technically, he did.  Tom was a huge man, making Xander’s six foot one seem tiny.  He had short black hair and dark eyes, and looked a little like that guy ‘Ares’ from the Xena and Hercules shows.  Plus he wore lots of black leather, which helped the image along.  Xander had met Tom on his second night in San Francisco; Tom had saved him from a couple of demons that had thought Xander an easy meal.  Tom had swooped in, saved the day and then brought Xander back to the club to patch him up and lecture him on walking around certain parts of town after dark.  Xander still couldn’t figure out why, but after spending most of the night talking, Tom had given Xander a job.  So here he was, bartending for gay, kinky demons and humans, and actually having the time of his life. 


Tom made his way through the crowd, collecting his boyfriend from the dance floor and making his way to the bar.  Tom’s boyfriend was about Xander’s height, stocky, with dusky skin, waist length auburn hair and bright green eyes.  He was also named Jerry, a fact that had Xander laughing for a week; luckily they were pretty easy going about it. 


“Hey Xander.”  Jerry purred, eyeing Xander appraisingly.  Jerry flirted outrageously with Xander, which at first had embarrassed Xander immensely, but eventually he had gotten over his blushing and stammering and learned to flirt back.  It also helped that Jerry was the only one who was allowed to flirt with him.  During the first two weeks of work, Tom had hovered around Xander, making it very clear to the patrons that Xander was not to be messed with.  Now, if a new customer hit on Xander, one of the regulars would mention that he was ‘Tom’s boy’ and Xander would be left alone.


“Hey Jer.  How’s it going?”


“Absolutely lovely.  What do you think of my outfit?”


Xander examined Jerry as the man held out his arms and twirled like a model.  Jerry was dressed in skintight maroon leather pants and a matching vest over his bare chest.  Multiple tattoos and piercing were visible.  His hair was pulled back into a low tail at the base of his neck, and his throat was ringed with a studded black leather collar.  The collar never came off, and it had taken the better part of his first two weeks for Xander to figure out that it was more than just weird jewelry; after all, he wasn’t exactly well versed in alternative lifestyles.


“You look hot, Jer.  But you always do.”


Jerry preened and kissed Xander on the cheek before heading off to see to some new customers.  Tom’s large hand reached out and grasped Xander on the shoulder, squeezing gently.  “How’s the bar tonight?” 


Xander leaned easily back against Tom’s chest.  “Good.  We’re pretty busy for a week night.”


Tom grunted and ruffled Xander’s hair before moving off towards his office.  “I’ll have to up the order for next week then.  The party on Saturday should clean us out.”


Xander waved to Tom as he walked off and turned back to the bar.  His attention, however, wasn’t in serving drinks.  Jerry had always flirted with him, and Xander could finally admit to himself that he found the other man attractive.  But Xander was now pretty sure that Tom was easing him into the idea of a relationship of some sorts.  The older man was going very slowly, getting Xander used to casual touches and caresses.  Xander was more than a little confused about the whole thing.  He wasn’t sure if he was gay or not, and wasn’t totally against the idea.  But the type of relationship Tom and Jerry had bothered Xander.  Jerry called Tom his ‘Daddy’ and acted pretty submissive around Tom while Tom called Jerry ‘his boy’ and often treated him like he treated Xander, like a parent would a favorite child. Xander just couldn’t see what was sexy about the Daddy/Boy dynamic they had going.  His own experiences at home had lead him to shun any sort of parental relationship, and here he was pretty sure that he was being offered a place, albeit temporary, in a weird, kinky version.  Shaking off his worries for now, Xander turned back to his customers. He’d worry about stuff when it happened, not before.


~Present Day ~


It actually took Xander a week to go see the Scooby Gang. After talking to Tom on the phone he had quickly fallen asleep, a full day of driving having finally caught up with him. The next morning Xander took a walk through town, seeing what, if anything, had changed in the months he’d been gone.  He stopped at a café for breakfast and grabbed a newspaper so he could start perusing the want ads for a job.  He couldn’t live in the motel indefinitely, he wasn’t about to move back home, and he couldn’t get his own place without a job to pay for it.  It was sheer luck that he spotted the ad for entry level construction workers, starting at easily twice what he could make working in fast food.  After breakfast he walked over to the construction site and ended up being interviewed and hired on the spot. The whole process, including a tour of the construction site and being introduced to his coworkers, took several hours and it was mid afternoon when he left with a promise to start early the next day. 


While walking back through town, Xander spotted a ‘for rent’ sign and went to investigate.  The apartment building was small, just six units, and looked a little run down. The area of town wasn’t one Xander was too familiar with, but it was close to the construction site, and close to downtown, so he decided to give it a try. When the manager opened the door, Xander knew why he didn’t know this part of town.


The tall, lavender skinned demon that answered the door gave Xander a strange look. “Yes, what can I do for you?”


Xander put on his best ‘please don’t eat me’ smile. “Hi, I’m wondering about the apartment for rent?”


The manager of the apartment, Frea, had turned out to be pretty nice. She had warmed to Xander after discovering that he knew about demons and that being neighbors with them didn’t bother him. The apartment was small and basic: bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen that melded into the living room/dining room area. But it was cheap, and he could afford the deposit with the last of his savings.  He signed the lease and wandered back into town in a bit of a daze.  He stopped off and picked up some takeout to bring back to the motel and collapsed early, overwhelmed by all the changes that had taken place in one short day.  The rest of the week was spent learning his new job and getting settled into his new apartment, not to mention scrounging the Goodwill for any super cheap and serviceable furniture so he didn’t have to sleep and sit on the floor.


Finally, the following Saturday afternoon, Xander stood outside the door to Giles’ apartment, silently arguing with himself. Squaring his shoulders, he took a deep breath and knocked, chanting ‘Rule Number One’ in his head.




Xander stood in front of the mirror, fidgeting nervously. Tom stood behind him, an indulgent smile on his face. “You’ll be fine, boy. Calm down.”


Xander tugged on the tight leather pants and ran his finger under the black leather collar around his neck. “I…I don’t know Tom, this just really isn’t me.”


Tom sat on the edge of the bed with a sigh and pulled Xander to stand between his legs. Huge hands encircled his waist. “First off boy, what did I tell you to call me outside of work?”


“Daddy.” Xander whispered, blushing fiercely.


“That’s right. Secondly, what are you afraid of? Everyone will be admiring you, you look good enough to eat.”


Xander squirmed. “That’s what I’m afraid of, people looking at me. What will they think about me when they see me in this getup?”


Tom pulled Xander down onto his lap and Xander relaxed back against his chest. “Boy, I’m going to tell you a secret that has helped me greatly in my life. There are certain rules that everyone learns rules that help you make your way through life. Rule Number One is ‘never be ashamed of who you are.’” It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, because only you can live your life, screw what everyone else thinks.”


Xander buried his head against Tom’s broad chest and sighed. “Right, Rule Number One, ‘never be ashamed of who you are’, I can remember that. What are the other rules?”


Tom laughed. “That you have to figure out for yourself. Now stand up boy and let me look at you. Jerry! Get out here, we’re leaving!”


Xander stood up and Jerry hurried out of the bathroom and stood next to Xander. They were dressed similarly for this party, leather pants, boots, collars and nothing else. Jerry was dressed in his favored maroon leather while Xander was in a deep brown. Tom smiled widely at them and pulled them into his arms, leaning down to kiss them both soundly. “There’re my beautiful boys!” Tom squeezed them both then headed for the door. Xander shot Jerry a nervous smile.


“Don’t worry gorgeous, we’ll be a huge hit!” Jerry brushed his lips quickly against Xander’s then grabbed his hand and dragged him out the door.



~Present Day~


Xander excused himself from the two babbling girls, the need for a moment of silence almost stronger than the need to pee.  He was glad that he had been accepted back so easily into the group, but had forgotten how much they all talked as they tried to fill him in on the last six months of life in Sunnydale.  There had been only a brief, shocked silence as he stood there on Giles’ doorstep that had quickly given way to happy shrieks and hugs and laughter. They had spent the whole afternoon talking, trying to catch up on each other’s lives. Buffy and Willow seemed to be doing well, much to his relief, but they seemed a little more interested in telling their stories than hearing his and he was starting to feel a little overwhelmed. He went into Giles’ bathroom and shut the door with a sigh.  “Gods, I’d forgotten how much those two can talk.”  Walking over to the toilet Xander quickly relieved himself.  As he was tucking himself away, a snarky British voice suddenly sounded behind him. 


“Oh, now, let’s have a look-see, show old Uncle Spike how much you’ve grown up.”


Xander whirled around, quickly zipping his jeans up as he gaped at the sight of Spike, the Master Vampire who had kidnapped him and Willow, who had tried to kill them all on Parent –Teacher night, sitting chained up in the bathtub.  “Um…”


Spike leered suggestively at him, “Come on boy, let’s have a look.”


The retort slipped out without thought. “I’m not your boy, and no Daddy of mine would allow himself to be chained up like that.”


Spike looked surprised, then laughed loudly.  Xander took that moment to slip out and head back to the group gathered in the living room.  “Um, guys?”


“Yeah, Xander?”  Willow looked up from the book she was reading.


“Wanna tell me why there’s a century old dead guy chained up in the bathtub?”


“Oh, that.”  Buffy waved her hand dismissively.  “He can’t hurt humans anymore, but we don’t really trust him.  He gives us info and we feed him.”


“You keep a Master Vampire chained up in the bathtub like a pet?”


Buffy blinked at him.  “Well, yeah.”


Giles looked up at him.  “Spike isn’t chained up all the time, Xander.  It’s just he has been particularly annoying lately and he was putting his boots up on the table when I told him not to, and…”


Giles trailed off and Xander just blinked at him.  “Looks like the Scooby babble is contagious G-man.”


Suddenly a rattling of chains and an annoyed shout came from the bathroom.  “Hey!  Any of you white hats gonna remember to feed the Vampire today?”


Giles rolled his eyes and Buffy and Willow groaned.  Xander wasn’t quite sure why, but the whole situation pissed him off.  “I’ll do it, what do I do?”


Giles directed him to the fridge and the mug he was allowed to use.  Xander quickly heated the blood to Giles’ specifications and headed back into the bathroom.  Spike blinked in surprise as Xander entered with his meal.  Xander handed the mug to Spike and sat down on the floor, back against the wall.  “So, Spike.  Wanna tell me what the hell is going on here?”


Spike snorted, “Didn’t your little friends fill you in on their newest pet?”


Xander shook his head.  “I guess they figured I didn’t need to know details.  Will you tell me?”


Spike eyed him suspiciously, but finally shrugged and leaned back in the tub, sipping his blood.  “Well, it all started when I heard about this thing called the Gem of Amara…”


An hour later Spike had drunk three mugs of blood and finished relating his tale.  Xander was sitting on the edge of the tub, a look of consideration on his face.  “Wow. And I thought I’d had some weird experiences on my trip.”


Spike snorted.  “Yeah, well, that’s the hell mouth for you. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, it throws up demon fighting government soldiers.”


“Have the gang been looking for these guys? I mean, they sound pretty dangerous to me.”


“Naw, I think her majesty the Slayer figures that they’re doing her a favor by getting the demons off the street.”


“Weird experiments, behavior modification chips? It sounds more like they’re getting them off the street and into their own controlled demon army.”


Spike nodded thoughtfully. “Could be, some of the stuff that I saw in there, it wouldn’t surprise me.”


Just then Buffy and Willow burst into the bathroom. “There you are Xander! We wondered what happened to you!”


“Yeah, what’s going on? Was Spike telling you more of his lies?”


The Vampire flipped two fingers at the girls. “Sod off Slayer.”


Xander scowled at the girls. “Actually Buffy, Spike was telling me how he ended up with a chip in his head, since you two seemed to think I didn’t need to know any details.”


Buffy frowned at him. “Honestly Xand, we would have told you, there were just more important things to talk about first. Like Willow’s broken heart, and my cave slayer episode!”


Willow sniffed pointedly and Xander stood up and opened his arms to the girls. They happily allowed themselves to be gathered in for a hug. “I’m sorry Buff, Wills. It’s just I thought that evil Master Vampires working for our side now was pretty much top of the list of ‘hey what’s new’.”


“Hey now! I’m evil! I’m still very evil! I’m not one of you. This is just an arrangement of convenience, is all.”


Xander grinned at the Vampire. “Right. Check. Still evil, just hanging around us for the posh accommodations.”


“Damn straight.” The Vampire mumbled under his breath.


Buffy scowled at Spike and turned to leave. “Come on Xander, we were gonna go to the Bronze and do some more catching up.”


“Sure Buff. See you blondie.”


“Thanks for the blood, boy. And the peepshow.”


Xander blushed and followed the girls out of the bathroom.


“Xan?” Willow looked at him curiously. “What peepshow?”



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