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My 2nd Slash, a response to the story "Taunt-the-Vampire", complete yummyness written by Kay, a great Slash writer.

Author: Jenny

Pairing: BTVS, Spike & Xander

Rating: Kinky

Disclaimer: Of course these are not my characters.  I just borrowed them.  Ill give them back, promise.

This is a response to a fabulous short by Kay, Taunt-the-Vampire.






With a weary sigh, Xander pulled his coat on and said goodbye to the rest of the Scooby gang.  He grabbed his bag and gratefully headed out into the cool evening.  First, a horrendously long day at the site, then over two hours of demon research at Giles, he was exhausted.  At least everyone else seemed just as worn out, he thought with some satisfaction, that means no patrolling for me tonight, thank god.  Xander allowed himself a brief moment to wonder where Spike had been tonight.  He hadn't been around much at all lately.  Hmm, he kinda made himself scarce after my little game, Xander smirked to himself, wonder if I scared him off? 

Xander went to unlock his car but never quite made it.  A soft rustle was all the warning he had before a heavy weight descended on his head and blackness enveloped him.


Smells came back to Xander first, a sort of soft, musty smell, accompanied by the scent of cigarette smoke.  Sounds came to him second, soft rustling, someone humming jauntily, the sound of chains clinking together, Chains!  Xander jerked his eyes open, moaning at the sudden assault of light, then blinked rapidly, trying to focus.  He tried to sit up but found he couldn't.  His vision clearing, he glanced around him.  He was in a stone room; it was softly illuminated by what looked like hundreds of white pillar candles perched on every available surface.  He was lying on a bed; actually he was chained to the bed.  He glanced up at his wrists, they were wrapped in black leather cuffs and the cuffs were attached to slender chains that ran from his wrists up to the iron bed-frame.  Xander glanced down and noticed his feet were cuffed the same way.  He tried to move, slowly, quietly, but there was very little slack in the chains and he couldnt do more than shift a few inches.  Xander, what in the hell have you gotten yourself into now?  He shivered slightly and suddenly noticed he was wearing nothing but a pair of black silk boxers.  They matched the black silk sheets.  Suddenly, he had a sneaking suspicion of what was going on.

"SPIKE!"  Xander yelled at the top of his lungs. 

A few seconds later the blond head peeked around the doorframe, "Up so soon, luv?" 

"What in the hell do you think youre doing?" 

Sarcastic Vampiric smirk, "Don't you know, pet?  You started it." 

The blond head disappeared back out the door but Xander knew the Vampire could still hear him. 

"What in the hell has gotten into that peroxide head of yours?  How dare you kidnap me?!" 

The last indignant question was answered by a soft chuckle and Spike reappeared in the door, lounging against the frame.  "Wanted to play again, didn't I?  But you were being stubborn, weren't you?  What else was I supposed to do?" 

Xander wanted to answer, but was having a hard time, all his attention seemed to be taken up with staring at the pale, sculpted body, clad only in a pair of black, leather?, bikini bottoms.  Spike grinned at Xander's gapping expression and stalked seductively towards the bed, "Like what you see?" 

With great effort Xander wrenched his gapping mouth shut, get a grip on yourself, Harris.  Dont give in this easily.  "While I'm sure that many women would kill for your cheekbones, you're not really my type.  I don't go for the whole undead thing."  That would have sounded a lot more convincing if my voice hadn't broken.  Stupid, traitor voice. 

Spike smirked, "Oh really?" 

Xander tried to look bored, "Really." 

"Hmm."  Spike turned his back on the human chained to his bed and strode over to the dresser.  Xander took the opportunity to let his eyes sweep down the blondes strong back and over his, Oh. My. God.  That's a thong. 

The Vampire nonchalantly picked up a candle and stalked back towards the bed, swaying his hips seductively. 

Xander tried to loose the gaping fish expression plastered on his face.  "What's with all the candles?  Better watch out Blondie, youre the flammable one, not me." 

Spike smirked and climbed up onto the bed, making himself comfortable.  Being careful not to spill any of the precious candle wax, Spike leaned forward, stopping when his lips were millimeters from the boys.  "Now, the name of this game is Taunt-the-Human, wanna play?" 

Xander licked suddenly dry lips, "N-no, n-not really." 

Spike shook his head and gave his best evil chuckle.  "Now, now Xan, that didn't sound at all convincing." 

Sitting up on his knees, Spike moved the candle till it was just a few inches from the human's chest, and tilted it, letting a few drops fall onto Xander's tan chest.  Xander hissed and arched slightly as the hot wax made contact with his skin.  Spike smirked and dribbled a trail up from the human's bellybutton to his nipples, taking special care to drip a small puddle onto each nub of flesh.  Xanders breath quickened with each drop of wax, and a soft moan escaped from his throat as the heat came into contact with his nipples. 

Spike leaned down and whispered in the human's ear, "Liked that, didn't you?" 

Xander took a deep breath and shook his head, "Dream on, Vampy." 

Spike chuckled, unfazed by the comment.  "Don't worry pet, gonna make you like it, gonna make you beg for it." 

Hot patterns formed white trails across Xander's chest, each new trail causing Xander to hiss and moan.  Xander's skin felt hot and sensitive, each new drip causing a small agony followed by a rush of heat and pleasure.  The vampire pushed the legs of the boxers up and dripped wax across the top of Xander's thighs, making sure some dripped down the sensitive insides, eliciting a broken moan from the writhing boy.  Back up across the crisscrossed chest, and wax dripped in slow trails down the underside of Xanders arms.  Xander pulled and jerked against the chains binding him to the bed, whimpering as the wax continued its hot trail along his skin. 

Finally, Spike sat back and admired his handy-work.  The humans torso was well covered with the hardened white wax, and it was already starting to crack and flake away as the boy squirmed on the bed.  "Hot, luv?"  Xander moaned softly in response, brown eyes heavy with need capturing Spike's glittering blue ones in a heated gaze.

Xander wasn't about to give in yet, but he couldn't seem to muster an appropriately scathing remark either.  The pale Vampire leaned over him and set the candle on the table next to the bed, then reached into a metal pail and pulled out a large ice cube.  "Let's see if we can't cool you off a bit, hmm?'  Laughing softly at the humans wide eyes, Spike placed the dripping ice on Xander's chest and began to trace all the wax trails he created, stopping every few minutes to flake some stubborn wax off before continuing to slide the ice across the red welts the wax left behind. 

Xander yelped as the freezing ice first touched his flesh, then groaned loudly as it began to trace over his hot, tender chest.  He arched up into Spike's hand, shivering with pleasure as the ice soothed his heated flesh.  As the ice made its way over his nipple, he began to whisper soft, broken words of pleasure, unable to stop himself, unable to do more than give himself over to the game.  "Please Spike, please.  Oh god, please.  Don't stop, please don't stop."

Barely able to hear anything other than his own broken pleas, Xander suddenly became aware of Spike growling softly.  He opened his eyes a slit, watching the aroused Vampire hovering over him.  Spike had slipped into gameface and was panting softly in concert with Xander's cries of pleasure. 

Suddenly, Spike moved.  Keeping the ice in one hand, never stopping its torturous trail, Spike leaned over and grabbed one last thing from the bedside table.  A knife.  The knife.  The knife that Xander had tortured Spike so well with two weeks before.  Xander's eyes widened, but he didn't stop his pleading moans.  Spike briefly set the ice aside and positioned himself over the human, straddling his legs and holding the boy in place.  Carefully, slowly he sliced the black silk boxers to shreds, tossing the pieces aside.  Xander shivered uncontrollably as the cool metal ghosted over his overly sensitive skin. Once the fabric was removed, glittering blue eyes caught and held Xande'rs own, and quickly, deftly the Vampire cut off his leather thong. 

As his aching erection was freed, Xander groaned and thrust into the air, trying to find friction and relief.  Spike shook his head and sighed, "Now, now pet, you know how the game is played."  Spike picked up a new piece of ice and circled a hard nipple, before trailing slowly down Xander's chest and approaching the human's throbbing cock.  Xander's breath sped up, he was panting frantically now, thrusting at the air, begging Spike for release.  Spike leaned down and licked the precum welling up at the human's tip, then replaced his cool tongue with something colder, stroking the length of the boys erection with the quickly melting ice.  Xander gasped and moaned incoherently, thrusting against the light touch of the ice, tossing his head against the bed, eyes shut tight in his ecstasy.  Spike couldn't hold back anymore, as one hand continued the cruel trail of ice over Xanders chest and cock, his other hand reached down and began fisting his own, long ignored erection.  Spike moaned in pleasure as he stroked his hard cock and Xander picked up on the sound, panting even harder as he watched the Vampire pleasure himself.  Xander's body began to tense up in anticipation of his climax and Spike leaned forward, abandoning the ice in order to brace himself above the writhing, incoherent human, and sunk his fangs into Xander's neck.  Hot blood, thick with passion, welled up and Spike sucked at it needily.  Pressed close to Xander, he pumped his cock faster, fingers lightly brushing over Xander's own erection.  The light touch of the Vampire's fingers was enough, Xander shuddered and came, arching off the bed and screaming Spike's name.  Wracked with shudders, Xander vaguely felt Spike's fangs withdraw from his shoulder, and then heard the Vampire cry out as his seed shot out over both of their stomachs.  All of it was too much for Xander, he gave a final shuddering whimper and passed out.

Lazily Spike rolled off Xander, noticing that the human was unconscious.  Shrugging to himself he began to clean the mixture of blood and cum off the boys body with little cat licks.  When Xander was clean, Spike leaned back on the bed and laughed quietly, this was a good game.


Xander awoke with a muffled groan, surprised to find himself in his own bed, naked and alone.  He levered himself up, rubbing at his wrists absently, they were slightly raw from the friction of the cuffs.  "Spike?" he called out questioningly, but there was no answer.  Something on the coffee table caught his eye.  It was his knife, lying atop a slip of paper.  On it, in the blond Vampires messy scrawl two words were written.

 I win. 

Xander chuckled to himself; they'd just have to see about that.

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