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Weekend Project 3
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Weekend Project 3/3



Xander and William get the job done.

Sunday morning, Xander loaded the last of the supplies into his truck and eagerly headed towards William’s house. Yesterday had been both wonderful and frustrating. They had spent a lot of time talking, getting to know each other, and it seemed that William was open to the idea of being flirted with. It was just that he was so shy! How slow would he have to go with William? Deciding he’d just have to play it by ear, Xander jumped in his truck and drove to William’s house.



When William met Xander at the door, he was surprised to see the man carrying more supplies. “What’s all this for?”


Xander shrugged. “Molding and trim to match what’s already in the room, and wood stain for the shelves. I don’t have to trim out the shelves, but the perfectionist in me demands it.”


William just shrugged and followed the brunette into the library. “Whatever you think is best.”


William watched as Xander expertly cut the trim and nailed it in place. Soon it was done and Xander was picking up the can of wood stain. “Will? We’ll need some rags if you have any, enough for both of us to work.”  William nodded and grabbed some old tee shirts from the laundry room.


When he returned Xander had spread tarps around the shelves.  Xander opened a can of stain and motioned Will over. “Here, you can help me with this part.” Xander took one of the old tee shirts and tore it in half.  He wadded the halves up and handed one to Will. “You don’t use brushes with this type of stain, for some reason rags work better.” 




William handed the tee shirts to Xander and watched as the brunette easily tore one in half. Something low in William’s belly tightened at the easy display of strength. He began to envision being at the mercy of that strength and suppressed a groan. Xander was saying something and he quickly shook himself out of the fantasy in time to look up and catch Xander’s questioning gaze.


“You okay Will, you kind of zoned out there for a minute.”


 “Oh, um, yes, yes I’m fine. Shall we get started?”


Xander shrugged and handed the rag to Will.  “Okay, just dip it into the can like this…”


William was pleased to find that staining the shelves was easier than he had imagined, and the two men worked quickly, talking casually as they worked.


Finally the shelves were stained, and Xander set down his cloth with a sigh and grinned at William. “Well, we’ve got a couple hours to kill while these dry. What shall we do to pass the time?”


William glanced down at his filthy hands to hide his blush at what the suggestions had caused him to think of.  “Well, first I suggest we wash up, then there’s a few places we could go to eat lunch if you wish?”


Xander hid his grin at the man’s automatic blush at his thinly veiled suggestion. He shrugged. “Sure, that sounds good.”



The two men had washed up quickly and wandered the neighborhood a bit before settling on a nearby café. The conversation flowed easily, and it was with a small amount of shock that Xander realized as they were leaving that they had been at the café for an hour and a half. They walked back to the house, admiring the picturesque neighborhood and enjoying the late autumn sunshine, with Xander pointing out interesting facts about the town and the neighborhood as they walked.  Once back at the house Xander declared that the shelves needed one more hour to dry completely, so William made them tea.  After tea and more conversation they migrated back out into the living room, where William began opening the boxes of books, stacking them around the room as he prepared to shelve them.


While William organized, Xander explored the main floor of William’s house, ostensibly to note repairs that needed done, but mostly to find out more about the man he was so attracted to. Xander was poking around one of many stacks of books in William’s living room when he saw it. A hardbound, pristine condition copy of the one poetry book he owned. Eagerly he picked it up.


“Hey! You have this book too!”


William looked up from the books he was sorting and nodded, “Well yes, of course…”


“Do you know this is the only poetry I own? It seems weird I know, me owning poetry, but this is actually my favorite book.”


“Actually, Xander…”


“Liam bought it for me, not long before we broke up. I didn’t read it at first, thinking; you know, poetry, not really my thing. But after we broke up, I was sorting out his old things and found it again. I sat down to glance through it, and three hours later decided that this was the best book ever.”


“That’s very…”


“His voice is so amazing, you know? Very proper and precise. Almost like the way you speak, but the undertones of the poems are so dark, so erotic, you just know he’s a very proper looking guy who’s secretly really kinky.” Xander shrugged, embarrassed. “I haven’t dated much this last year. This has been kind of regular bedtime reading for me, if you know what I mean.”




Xander looked up, mouth dropping open in shock at the sharp tone coming from the otherwise mild seeming man.


William looked slightly embarrassed at his outburst. “I’m sorry Xander, but really, you just wouldn’t listen to a word I was trying to say.”


“Um, sorry?”


William slowly began walking towards him. “You are actually quite right in your assessment of the book. You certainly seem to understand the tone of it more than most of my critics.” William stood right in front of him. “Turn to the inside cover, Xander.”


Confused, Xander opened the hardback to look at the inside jacket, at the one thing his well-used paperback didn’t have, a photo of the author. William’s piercing blue eyes stared back at him. “W. Bartlett? You’re W. Bartlett?”


“Well, yes, of course. William Bartlett. As I was saying, your assessment of the poems is quite accurate. It is in fact the reason Wesley broke up with me. He was not quite as comfortable with some of my…appetites as I would have liked. He wanted someone a little bit more…vanilla.”


Xander’s gaze flicked repeatedly between William and the photo in the book. This man, the man he had been hitting on all weekend, was the same poet who’s words he regularly read, regularly got hard to, regularly jacked off to. It was all a little much to take in at the moment.

William smiled softly. “If you’ll excuse me, I really should put the tea things away.” 


Xander stood staring at the book for several more minutes, vaguely aware if the sound of William puttering around in the kitchen. Finally he set the book down, a broad smile on his face. The man he was desperately attracted to, the man he had been hitting on all weekend, was the same man who’s poems had been turning him on for over a year, the man who’s voice whispered dark, achingly erotic suggestions to him at night. This whole weekend was getting better and better.


He followed William into the kitchen. The blonde poet was standing in front of the sink, rinsing out their mugs. Xander walked up behind him and slid his hands around William’s waist, pressing the length of his body along the other man’s more slender form. “You know William, you are a tease.”


William stiffened. “I beg your pardon?”


Xander lowered his head and nuzzled into the honey blonde hair that had been tempting him all weekend. “You have been teasing me since we met at the hardware store.”


William’s body relaxed minutely back into his, his ass coming to rest against Xander’s groin with a slight, very slight wiggle. “I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Xander slowly slid his hands up William’s sides; fingers just brushing against already peaked nipples. “You’ve been teasing me with your shy glances and sexy voice since we met.”


“Oh! Um, I’m sorry?”


“Mmmm, don’t be, I’ve wanted you since the second I saw you.” Xander’s lips found the side of William’s throat and began to nip and suck at the pale flesh. “You seemed so shy, so proper, I thought I was gonna have to go slow, prove to you that a dumb carpenter was worth your time.”


“No Xander, don’t…uh…oh gods…you mustn’t think that.”


Xander’s fingers found and unbuttoned the first couple of buttons on William’s shirt and slipped inside to caress the warm peaked nubs he found there. “Now I know that you’re the poet who’s words turn me on so fucking much.” Xander licked a path up the column of Will’s throat. “I realize now you’re not quite as shy and innocent as you appear.”


William groaned and ground back against the hard length pressed into his ass. “Um, innocent, no, not really.”


“Mmhmm. Now I feel like I know all your dirty little secrets William.” Xander quickly unbuttoned William’s shirt the rest of the way and slipped his hands in to run over the smooth chest and down his firm stomach. “I bet you’ve got more toys in your toy box than I do in mine. I bet you can show me all sorts of fun little tricks.”


William pulled away and spun in his arms, pressing his chest against Xander’s rough work shirt and bringing their erections into contact. Blue eyes darkened with passion locked with brown. “I bet I can do more than that. I bet I could make you scream.”


Xander hissed at the promise in that statement. “Gods Will, I want you, please say yes.”


William threw his arms around Xander’s neck and dragged the taller man’s head down to his searching lips. “Bloody hell, yes!”


William’s warm lips met his and Xander was in heaven. The soft slide of lips quickly deepened as Xander licked along the seam of William’s lips, seeking entrance. William eagerly opened under Xander’s seeking tongue, groaning at the forceful sweep of the slick muscle through his mouth.  William melted against Xander’s larger frame as the brunette devoured him.


Xander’s hands were inside his shirt, rubbing up and down his back in broad sweeps. One hand stayed on his back while another slid down to cup his ass, pulling them even tighter together. William gave an appreciative moan and tangled his hands in soft brown hair, thrusting his tongue into Xander’s mouth to learn his taste.  Dimly he noticed that Xander had pushed his shirt off so he let go of his handfuls of hair and slid his hands down to begin unbuttoning Xander’s work shirt.  Xander pulled back enough to help and quickly they slipped the shirt off and tossed it aside. William eagerly slid his hands over the expanse of tanned flesh, tracing the ridges of muscle and thumbing hardening nipples. Xander groaned and dragged William’s mouth back to his, sucking hard on the blonde’s tongue.  They were kissing frantically now, rocking against each other as they explored the exposed flesh of chest, back and stomach.


Eventually Xander pulled back with a hiss. “Fuck Will, I’m about to pop.”  He looked down into glazed blue eyes. “Can I taste you Will?”


William moaned at the heated look in Xander’s brown eyes. “Y…yes. Um, we need…”


Xander fumbled in one of his pockets and pulled out a couple of condoms. “These?”


“Yes. Those.” William arched an eyebrow at the man. “Expecting to need them today?”


Xander blushed. “Hoping to need them. Just hope, no ulterior motives.”


William leaned up and brushed a kiss across the brunette’s kiss swollen lips. “Don’t worry luv, I think we’re on the same page. I made sure to unpack my…supplies last night, just in case.”


Xander grinned and kissed Will deeply before slowly sliding down the strong, slender body, licking and kissing every inch of skin he could. He discovered Will had a very sensitive neck, made evident by the blonde’s passionate cry as he sucked on the pulse point near his shoulder. He paid attention to Will’s nipples, the small nubs hardening even more under his careful administrations. Finally he traced his tongue through the fine hairs leading from Will’s bellybutton down to the waist of his jeans. He stopped there, kneeling in front of William, mouth inches from the bulge in his pants and looked up, smiling at the lovely debauched state of the man. Slowly, he undid the button and lowered the zipper one tooth at a time. Finally William’s jeans were undone and pushed down to mid thigh and Xander was face to face with a large cotton covered bulge. “Hmmm, black bikini briefs, nice.”  Xander glanced up at William; “You do know I have an underwear fetish, right?”  As William’s eyes widened, Xander licked up the cloth-covered bulge.


William moaned and thrust his hips forward into the wet heat. Vaguely William heard the crinkle of plastic as Xander opened the condom, but he was more interested in the tongue that was tracing up and down his length, the heat and wetness not totally blocked by the thin barrier of cotton.  William groaned in disappointment when the warm mouth left him, only to gasp as his underwear were pulled down and out of the way.  He opened his eyes to find Xander staring at his erection, fixated. “Is, um, is everything all right?”


Laughing brown eyes met his, Xander’s huge grin evident in his eyes. “More than. You’re not cut. I’ve never been with a guy with foreskin before.”  Rough, callused fingers traced where the skin was pulled taunt around the head. “I’m gonna have fun with this.”


William could only nod, all the breath having been driven out of him as Xander’s work roughened hand grasped his cock and gave it a few experimental strokes. 


Xander explored William’s cock with his fingers, marveling at the play of the excess skin.  It was definitely something he wanted to play with, but the needy moans coming from William, coupled with his aching need to taste this man had him abandoning his play to roll the thin latex over his new favorite toy.  Eagerly he licked up the length, circling the head before trailing his tongue back down to trace the edge of the latex teasingly. Long slender fingers were tracing through his hair, and William was making aborting thrusting motions with his hips, obviously holding himself back. Grinning, Xander grabbed William’s hips and pressed him back hard against the counter as he sucked William’s cock into his mouth. 


William cried out as he was enveloped in the heat of Xander’s mouth. One hand remained tangled loosely in Xander’s thick brown locks and the other grasped the edge of the counter in a white knuckled grip. He resisted letting his eyes flutter close as his length was expertly licked and sucked. He wanted to memorize how Xander looked, kneeling before him. He couldn’t however, keep himself from going cross-eyed as Xander did something unexplainable and brain melting with his tongue. One of Xander’s hands disappeared from his hip, and somehow William managed to notice through his haze of pleasure that the missing hand was rubbing against the bulge of his own heretofore-ignored cock. William grabbed Xander’s hair and wrenched his head back so he could look the man in the eye. “Don’t touch that. I will take care of that later. Understand?”  Xander nodded, moaning softly around Will’s cock, and brought his hand back up to hold onto William’s hips.


Xander bobbed his head up and down the length of William’s cock, moaning again at the weight and heat of the member in his mouth. William shuddered and gasped as he moaned, attempting to thrust, despite Xander’s hands keeping a tight hold on his hips. Guessing that the blonde was close, Xander released his hold and relaxed his jaw, allowing William the freedom to thrust. The blonde eagerly took the hint and threaded both hands through Xander’s hair before beginning a series of quick thrusts. Xander let his eyes drift shut and gave himself over to William’s pleasure. 


William gasped and stilled, then thrust deep into Xander’s mouth and came with a soft cry and a full body shudder.  He felt his knees start to give and was grateful for Xander’s strong arms that were suddenly there, wrapped around his hips and keeping him upright.  Xander gave him a few seconds to regain his breath before slowly pulling back and pulling the condom off of him.  The brunette stood, tossing the tied off latex into the sink and pulling William close.  Xander’s lips found his and William gave himself over to an intensely passionate kiss. They kissed for several minutes, lost in the slide of lips and tongue, before William gently pushed Xander back.  At the questioning look in brown eyes, William simply smiled. “My turn.”



With gentle nudges, William got them turned around so Xander was now leaning against the counter.  William eagerly claimed one more kiss before moving along Xander’s jaw and down his neck. Xander’s neck wasn’t as sensitive as William’s but his nipples were highly sensitive.  Xander arched and cried out so prettily when William bit them.  Trailing his tongue down the strip of dark hair leading from the brunette’s bellybutton to the low-slung waist of his jeans, William knelt in front of Xander. Eyeing the jean covered bulge directly in front of his face he smirked, “My my, whatever shall I do with this?”  Not giving his panting lover a chance to answer, William flicked open the button and slowly lowered the zipper. Xander’s blood heavy erection fell out into his hand. He looked up at Xander, eyebrow arched. “For a person with an underwear fetish, there is a surprising lack of underclothing here.” 


Xander grinned sheepishly. “I like them on other people, didn’t say I like them on me.”  Anything else he might say was cut off in a gasp as Williams long, slender fingers began to dance up and down his aching length.  William explored the thick, dark red member with one hand as he grabbed a condom off the counter with his other. Brown eyes watched him avidly as he tore open the condom with his teeth and placed the rolled up latex in his mouth. Xander watched in awe as William lowered his head and rolled the condom over his cock.  Xander bit his lip as hard as he could, really, he could have cum just from that, but he wanted to experience what else that talented mouth could do.


He soon found out as William reduced him to a moaning, gibbering pile of goo with a highly talented mouth and tongue.  Long, teasing licks had him moaning. Steady, hard suction had him crying out wordlessly. The judicious application of teeth had him bucking hard and swearing brokenly. But it was when the blonde deep throated him; moving down his length to bury his nose in Xander’s dark, crisp curls and swallowing around the length in his throat that William finally got Xander to scream for him. Xander collapsed back against the counter and tried to get his breath back. He opened his eyes to find the smug looking Englishman eyeing his debauched state with amusement.  “I wonder if we’ve frightened my neighbors?”


“Well, you did bet you could make me scream.”


“Quite right, I did. Whatever do I win?”


“For that? Anything you want.”



William carried an armful of blankets and pillows down the stairs and into the library. He didn’t have any furniture other than the shelves in the library yet, and he wanted somewhere for them to curl up together and just be. He felt a strong connection with the brown-eyed carpenter, and now that the first rush of lust was satisfied, William wanted to explore that connection.


After their play in the kitchen, Xander had finished installing the shelves and William had quickly put up his books in their new home as Xander cleaned up all the carpentry detritus.  Then Xander had gone upstairs to borrow his shower and wash up and William set about setting up the room for the evening. When Xander came back downstairs, barefoot with damp hair, he found a nest of pillows and blankets on the library floor, placed to take advantage of the small fire in the fireplace. William wandered back in, also having disposed of his shoes and his shirt as well, carrying several bags of delivery cartons.


Xander eyed the bags hungrily. “What’s that?”


William handed him a bag before folding down onto the blankets bonelessly. “Thai food. Is that acceptable?”


Xander shucked his shirt and joined William on the nest. “More than.”


They happily curled up together in front of the fire, feeding each other spicy noodles and teasing each other gently. Finally William pushed the dinner things aside and settled back against Xander’s chest with a sigh. He eyed his new shelves in the flickering firelight. “I love the new shelves Xander, thank you.”


Xander’s hands were stroking along William’s chest and arms gently.  The brunette bent down and kissed his lover’s neck softly. “You’re very welcome. I have to admit, this is definitely my favorite weekend project ever.”


A blonde head nuzzled into his shoulder. “Hmmm. It did turn out quite well, didn’t it?”


Xander sighed, holding William close. “I don’t suppose you have any other projects for me to work on, do you?”


Laughing blue eyes met his. “I’m sure there are plenty of things for a determined carpenter to do around here. That is if you’d like a regular weekend project?”


“Oh yeah.” Xander gasped out, before capturing William’s lips with his own. “I’m sure you’ll keep me very busy.”


“Mmmhmm.” William eagerly returned the kiss. “Very.”





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