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Chapter 18
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Chapter 18: Epilogue

“Come on Spike, please?”


The cool body next to him remained motionless.


“Spiiiike! Come on, I did it last time, it’s your turn.”


Finally the blonde rolled over with a groan. “All right already pet. Good Gods, you’re a brat.”  Spike stumbled out of bed and stood looking down at Xander from beneath a white blonde tangle of hair. “Fine, you got me up, now what do you want? Think hard, ‘cuz I’m not getting up again.”


Xander grinned at his mate, “Chocolate please. And a soda.”


Grumbling, Spike stomped off to the kitchen.


With a happy sigh, Xander snuggled back under the covers, glancing at the movie that was currently on the TV. He and Spike had been holed up in their apartment for the last three days, recuperating from the battle with the Master. Neither of them had been hurt that badly, but after all the ups and downs of the last month or two, they both needed the rest. After Xander had staked the Master, Willow and Tara’s spell had quickly gone to work. By the time Xander was flying towards his close encounter with a mausoleum, the Master’s magic was all but useless.  Buffy had taken no chances and quickly beheaded the ancient Vampire. Once he was dust, the rest of his army quickly dissipated.


Besides Xander’s latest concussion, there were numerous cuts and scrapes and two very weak and pissed off Vampires. Spike and Xander had limped home, made sure they were stocked up on blood and food, moved the TV and their movie collection into Xander’s room, then locked the door and climbed into bed. Now, after 24 hours of sleep and lots of food, they were simply taking advantage of the alone time. Spike stomped back into the room, still grumbling to himself about having to be the one to go get the treats. Xander shrieked as a frozen pint of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream landed on his chest. “Best enjoy it pet. That’s the last of it.”


Xander groaned. “Are you sure?”


“Yup, checked everywhere.”


“Damn. We’re gonna have to leave the house tomorrow then.”


Spike climbed back into bed and curled up next to his mate. “Yeah, ‘fraid so. But for now it’s still just us, whatever shall we do with ourselves?”


Grinning, Xander scooped out a spoonful of ice cream and dangled it in front of Spike’s lips. “Hmmm, I wonder…”


Spike snatched the spoonful of ice-cream out of the air and Xander swooped in to capture Spike’s cool lips, invading Spike’s cold mouth with his tongue, chasing the flavor of the chocolate as it mixed with the familiar flavor of Spike.  Xander pulled back and licked his lips. “Mmm, yummy. Chocolate Vampire.”


They finished off most of the pint that way, alternating spoonfuls of ice cream with passionate, teasing kisses. Finally Xander pulled back and arched an eyebrow at his lover. “I wonder where else this would taste good.”


Spike met his arched eyebrow with a smirk and a leer, tossed the sheet aside and lay back with his arms behind his head. “Where indeed, luv?”


Grinning, Xander spooned out the last of the ice cream and carefully set it on Spike’s stomach and cock.  To his credit, Spike hissed at the cold, but his erection never faltered. Setting the spoon and carton aside, Xander slid down the bed and began eating the ice cream off of his lover with small bites and licks. Soon much of the ice cream had melted and Xander settled between Spike’s legs and began placing long licks up the length of Spike’s cock.


Spike moaned and dug his hands into the sheets, trying not to thrust up into Xander’s mouth. His boy’s hot tongue laved every inch of his hard length then moved down to clean all the melted ice cream off his balls. Spike growled as one after the other his testicles were sucked into the hot, wet cavern of Xander’s mouth. He was so caught up in the sensations Xander’s mouth and tongue were causing that he didn’t notice Xander’s tongue move down and begin circling his hole. Spike took notice when the hot tongue breached his entrance and he sat up with a gasp. Xander sat up quickly, an apologetic look on his face.


“I’m sorry Spike! I forgot. I guess I just got caught up in what I was…”






Spike took a deep breath. “It’s okay love. It just surprised me, is all.” Slowly, Spike lay back down and spread his legs. “It felt good. Will…will you do it again love?”


Shocked brown eyes stared deeply into his and Xander opened the bond wide, checking Spike’s real feelings. Feeling love, trust, arousal, and only a little bit of nerves, Xander kissed Spike deeply then settled back between the Vampire’s legs. Eagerly he began licking and sucking every inch of Spike he could reach, starting back at Spike’s still rampant erection, before moving slowly back down to his small, puckered opening. Xander slowly circled the opening again and again, teasing Spike with small licks across the entrance. Only when Spike was gasping and pushing down towards Xander’s tongue did he finally relent and press the tip of his tongue inside.


Xander took his time, slowly breaching Spike with his tongue, letting the Vampire get used to the feeling and listening to his lover’s gasps and moans to guide him. Once Spike relaxed into it, he seemed to really enjoy it, and Xander lost himself in the taste of his lover and the breathy little moans Spike was making as Xander rimmed him. Xander hummed happily as he thrust his tongue as deeply as he could into his mate. Spike was writhing on his tongue, moaning almost continuously as Xander ate him out. By the time Xander’s tongue was getting tired, Spike seemed pretty incoherent, so he was surprised when the blonde shoved the tube of lube into his hand.


Xander gave a last lick to Spike’s balls and sat up. “Spike, beloved?”


The blue eyes that met his were fogged with lust. “Please love. Touch me.”


Nodding, Xander opened the tube and slicked up his fingers. Gently circling Spike’s saliva slicked entrance, Xander slowly slipped the tip of his finger inside. Spike moaned and pushed back against the intrusion, and Xander’s finger slipped all the way inside. Xander gasped as his finger was held inside Spike’s body. “Jesus, Spike! You’re so tight. You feel so good.”  Slowly he began to pump his finger, getting his lover used to the motion. When Spike remained relaxed, Xander crooked his finger and searched for Spike’s prostate.




Xander laughed. “Liked that, did you?”


Spike’s face was awash in pleasure. “Hell yes. Do it again!”


Grinning, Xander pressed and rubbed the spot until Spike was a squirming, babbling mess.


“More, pet. Please, more!”


Xander leaned over and kissed Spike deeply while he gently added a second finger. Spike took the second finger easily and Xander resumed finger fucking his lover, gently scissoring his fingers for a bit before scratching the spot that made Spike do…






Spike’s body was easily accepting Xander’s fingers, practically sucking them in as Spike undulated on the bed, babbling and moaning. Just when Xander was about to try a third finger, strong, pale hands grabbed him by the shoulders and hauled him up till he was nose to nose with the flushed and panting Vampire


“Love, I have to tell you something, and it’s very important that you listen.”


“Of course beloved, what is it?”


“Make love to me, right now.”


“Spike…are you sure?”


“Xander, if your cock isn’t inside of me in the next ten seconds, I’m going to have to rip your spine out and beat you to death with it.”


Xander grinned at his worked up lover. “Well, I guess that’s a yes.”


Before Spike could say anything else, Xander swooped down and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. As his tongue laid claim to Spike’s mouth, Xander reached down and snared the tube of lube, squirting some out and slicking his cock. He tossed the tube aside and positioned himself at Spike’s entrance. Xander pulled back till he could look Spike in the eyes and opened the bond to its fullest as he began to slowly push inside.


Tight, cool, slick, Spike’s body seemed to pull Xander in. Their eyes remained locked until Xander was seated fully inside his lover, but it was almost redundant. Xander didn’t need to look into Spike’s eyes to see how he was feeling; Xander could feel it through the bond. He could feel every inch of himself as he slid into Spike, feel how their heat and coolness combined, feel the tight grasp of Spike’s walls all around his cock. Xander moaned. “Oh gods, Spike.”


Spike’s body was thrumming with pleasure, the sensation of being filled almost overwhelming, Xander’s heat radiated out from his very core, warming Spike from the inside. Nothing, nothing had ever felt like this. Spike wrapped his legs around Xander’s waist and pulled his mate down till they were chest to chest. He placed light, tender kisses over Xander’s face. “Xander, love, need you to move.”


Xander’s world became focused on his lover’s body. All he was aware of was Spike’s strong, cool body wrapped around him, of the feeling of Spike’s channel as he thrust, of Spike’s lips on his as their tongues mimicked the movements of their bodies. They moved together, Spike meeting Xander’s every thrust with one of his own. The head of Xander’s cock was brushing that wonderful spot with every thrust, and Spike’s cock, hard and leaking, was trapped between their bodies, providing just enough friction. Spike’s nails dug furrows down Xander’s back and he buried his face in his lover’s shoulder, sucking on his claim mark. “Please love, oh bloody hell please. I’m so close Xan, please love, please.”


Spike’s begging finally got through and Xander lowered his face to Spike’s neck and bit hard, opening the scar he’s placed there just days earlier. Spike arched beneath him, screaming Xander’s name as his body shook with the force of his orgasm. His cock shot stream after stream of come over their chests and his ass clenched tight around Xander’s cock, which continued to thrust in and out of his body. Spike’s orgasm seemed to go on forever, wave after wave of pleasure rocking him, until he finally collapsed bonelessly back onto the bed, completely sated.


Vaguely he was aware of Xander, still hard inside him, burrowing into his neck, begging softly.  “Please Spike…” Sleepily, Spike sank his fangs into his lover’s shoulder, taking a few mouthfuls of blood. Xander’s thrusts turned ragged and frantic as he fell over the edge and came screaming Spike’s name. Eventually Xander stopped shaking and he collapsed on top of Spike with a groan.


Xander rained kisses over Spike’s face and neck, licking up the last traces of blood and then sharing them with Spike before finally pulling back and smiling dazedly at his mate. “Wow.”


Spike chuckled. “You can say that again love. That was amazing.”


Concerned, chocolate eyes met his. “Are you really okay Spike? I didn’t hurt you, did I?”


“Hell love, I’m more than okay! I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible it felt to have you inside of me.”


Xander’s smile was blinding. “I love you so much Spike.”


Spike pulled his beautiful mate in for a kiss. “I love you too Xander.”


Xander sighed happily and cuddled into Spike, touching as much of his lover as he possibly could. “So, do you think we might actually get a week or two without some new bad guy coming to town and trying to set off another apocalypse?”


“Hopefully pet. But if not, we’ll take ‘em on. Hell, this Master guy was about as bad as I’ve seen, and we got him in the end.”


“Yeah, but barely.” Xander shuddered. “I don’t ever want to see another Vampire gifted with Necromancy again. That was too scary even for me.”


Spike stroked his hand through Xander’s tangled hair. “Love, about that. Did you ever think for a second that Angel and I had double-crossed you lot? Gone over to the other side.”


Xander raised his head, a look of surprise on his face. “Of course not! I never doubted you Spike, never.”


Spike kissed his lover softly. “Yeah pet, but how can you trust me so completely? It wasn’t so long ago I was happily on the other side of the fight, you know. Even before we got together, you trusted me, invited me into your home when I had nowhere else to go, and trusted me as part of your little gang of do-gooders. I know you; you’re a suspicious little brat. How come you trusted me?”


Xander just smiled. “Let’s just say, I had a theory about you.”




The End


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