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Gifts Chapter 5
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Chapter 5: First Date

Anya never answered, not that Xander expected her too. Besides, despite Anya’s frankness around sexual matters, he wouldn’t have felt comfortable discussing his sudden attraction to his male roommate with her.  Instead, Xander went on with Will as if a whole other possible future hadn’t just opened up in front of him. Will didn’t seem to remember his sleepy commentary and Xander didn’t bring it up, not ready to discuss it yet.  They went on as they had been, but every once in a while Xander would catch Will staring at him with a sort of sadness in his eyes, and it steeled Xander’s resolve to sort out his confused feelings, and fast. In the end it was the combination of an intensely sexual dream with Will as the staring figure, and an attractive shop clerk hitting on the blonde that made his decision for him.  Being both horny and jealous was great for motivation.


Once Xander decided that moving from being friends to being a couple was what he wanted, he had to figure out how exactly to go about it. He was pretty sure that if it were Spike the Vampire he was dealing with, Anya’s patented frank approach to asking for sex would work perfectly well, but it was Will he wanted, and Will was human, and slightly shy and a little nervous and had these incredible blue eyes…

”Gah!” Xander smacked himself on the head. “Get a grip Xander! You’re trying to plan a date, quit daydreaming!”  Xander ignored the concerned stares he was getting from passersby and continued walking down the street. He was on his way to a bookstore about four blocks from their apartment. Will had been going there for books, and discovered a poetry group that met there weekly. Will had immediately deemed himself too shy and a bloody awful poet, “Too awful to inflict on those poor people.” but Xander had seen the longing in his eyes. It had taken Xander several days of cajoling but eventually Will had given in and gone. Now he went every week, and Xander always met him afterwards then they went to dinner together. It was as he was walking past a marquee that he saw it, the poster for an upcoming play. It was perfect. The plan started to come together in Xander’s mind.


The play didn’t start for another week, so Xander had plenty of time to get the rest of the plan together. He and Will were going on a date, not just any date, but the ultimate date. The most romantic date Xander could possibly come up with. The problem was keeping it from Will. In the time they had been living together, they had become good friends and told each other almost everything. Xander was very excited about his plan, and keeping it from Will was torture. 


Finally, he had everything planned but the restaurant. He just didn’t know where to take Will. All the places they normally went were nice, but not romantic enough. Xander briefly spared a sad thought for Cordy, she would have known exactly where to go and what to do and she would have been happy to help him, as soon as she quit laughing at him. Out of other options, Xander finally talked to the only other person he could think of, Lorne.


Xander had been going by Wolfram and Hart once a week anyway, in pretense of keeping an eye on Angel and company. So when he made his weekly visit, he quickly popped in to say hi to the AI gang and glare at Angel, then he went looking for Lorne.  He found the green demon in his office in the middle of a conference call. When he knocked, Lorne waved him in with a smile and quickly finished up his call. “Well hello sweetness! What can I do for you?”


Xander blushed. “Hey Lorne. Um, I need some advise. I was wondering, where, restaurant wise, would you take someone on a really romantic date?”


Lorne eyed him speculatively. “Why handsome, are you offering?”


His blush deepened. “Um…no, it’s for me and W…someone.”


“For you and someone, eh? They must be very special. Listen up sweetie, I know just the place, there’s a lovely, terribly romantic French restaurant that overlooks a park. You can have dinner, take a walk through the park and end up at the Regency Hotel, just on the other side.”


Xander’s face flamed, “H…hotel?”


“Why of course! Such a special night needs a special end to it, don’t you think?”


Xander had to admit, it was a good idea, but he just hadn’t dared to think that far ahead. “No, no you’re right. That is a good idea.”


“Of course it is sweetie. Of course it is.”


Lorne had made reservations for Xander at the restaurant, telling him with an innocent smile that he had gotten him the most romantic table he could.  When Xander finally left the law firm that afternoon, his plan was cemented; he just hoped that Will would go along with it.




On the day of the date, Xander woke up early and crept quietly around the apartment, trying not to wake Will. He set up what he could at the apartment and then gathered what he needed and headed out to finish his preparations. Will would probably be confused when he woke up and found Xander gone, but hopefully the note would explain enough for Will to go along with everything. When Will woke up, he would find a breakfast of croissants and tea waiting for him, with a note asking him to be dressed and ready to go out at 6:30 pm. Hanging in Will’s room was a new suit, one that Xander had picked up the day before.


Xander went several places to pick up the last of the supplies he needed and then headed over to the hotel to check in. Once in the room he set up plenty of candles and the bucket of ice for the champagne, then showered and changed into his own suit, bought specially for the date. Finally, with half an hour until he was going to pick Will up, Xander stood staring in the mirror, checking every detail and hoping against hope he wasn’t about to make a monumental fool of himself. He had to admit to himself at least that the suit was a good thing.  It was a deep brown in color; form fitting, made of something soft and expensive. His shirt was lighter, almost a peachy color, and while Xander would never had mixed the two colors, he had to admit that the salesman had been right, he looked good. Finally, Xander ran a comb through his hair and settled his patch in place. Taking a deep breath, he left to pick up Will.


Flowers in hand, Xander stood outside the door to his own apartment and knocked. It was several seconds before the door opened. Will stood there, a confused look on his face as Xander held out the roses. “Hi Will.”

”Xander? What’s going on, where have you been?”


Xander smiled at the man and continued to hold out the flowers. “You look nice.” That was actually an understatement, Will looked amazing. The suit Xander had bought for him was a slate gray and draped over him like a second skin. The shirt was a pale, pale purple and brought out the blue of his eyes. Finally Will took the flowers and stared questioningly at Xander. “Xander?”

”William? Would you do me the honor of accompanying me out tonight?”


Will gaped at him, mouth opening and closing like a fish. “Um, like, a date?”


The last word was almost a squeak. Xander smiled. “Yeah, like a date.”


“Oh.”  Will stood still for several minutes, gazing down at the roses in his hands. Xander started to get really uncomfortable, and began to think that this really had been a bad idea.  Suddenly Will looked up, a shy smile on his face. “Thank you Xander, that would be lovely.”


Xander let out the breath he had been holding, then held out his arm to Will. Blushing slightly, Will took it and allowed himself to be led to the car. As they settled into the car, Will turned a curious gaze to Xander. “Xan, where are we going?”


Xander smiled. “It’s a surprise.”

“Another surprise? We’re a little overdressed for Disneyland.”


“Not Disneyland Will, promise.”


“Well, okay then.”


They talked about this and that as Xander drove them to the theater. Xander knew the second Will realized where they were going. The blonde drew in a sharp breath and turned wide eyes to Xander. “A play? Really?”


Xander laughed. “Really. Not just any play either, a Victorian play!”


They parked and made their way into the theater. It didn’t take them long to find their seats, and they sat and talked quietly as they waited for it to begin. Then the curtain went up and they settled back into their seats to enjoy the show. Xander found the play fast paced and funny, but he kept missing out on parts of the dialogue because he kept sneaking peeks at Will. The blonde’s eyes were wide and excited; he was relaxed and laughing easily. Xander wasn’t sure he had ever seen Will looking so comfortable. It took until after the intermission for Xander to steel his nerves enough to reach over and hold Will’s hand.  When he finally took Will’s hand in his, the blonde stiffened in surprise and glanced over at him sharply, but then, when Xander didn’t show any sign of letting go, Will relaxed and squeezed his hand softly, shooting a shy grin his way. Xander smiled, did a mental victory dance, and tried to pay attention to the rest of the play. This proved to be more difficult than it sounded, because Will’s hand was soft and warm and seemed to fit into his perfectly.


After the play, they drove to the restaurant. Will’s eyes were shinning and he was talking animatedly about the play as they made their way into the restaurant. They were shown their table, and Xander said a silent thank you to Lorne. The table was out on the patio overlooking the park, screened from other tables by cleverly placed plants and illuminated by candlelight and small, twinkling white lights strung up overhead. After they were settled and had ordered, Xander grinned at Will.


“So, did you like the play?”


“What, my blathering on about it for the last twenty minutes wasn’t a clue?”


Xander laughed. “I’m glad you liked it. I was afraid you’d have seen it before.”


“No, Oscar Wilde didn’t start getting big until a few years after I was turned. I think “The Importance of being Earnest” came out after we left England.”


They talked all through dinner, lingering over their food and dessert. Lorne had been right; it was a terribly romantic place. They were both very relaxed, and when Xander reached over and took Will’s hand in his again, Will didn’t even blink, just blushed slightly. Eventually, they couldn’t draw out dinner any longer and stood to go.


“This is a nice place pet. Thank you for dinner and the play.”


“You’re welcome, Will. Don’t worry, we’re not done yet.” Xander took Will’s hand in his and led the blonde towards the entrance. He was starting to get nervous now, the rest of the evening could go several ways, and Xander had no idea how Will felt about any of this. Suddenly, a familiar voice caught Xander’s attention. “Well, well, well, isn’t this a pretty picture.”


They turned and found Lorne approaching them from the lounge. Xander grinned at the demon, “Hey Lorne! How are you this evening?”


Lorne hugged the two men and then held them at arms length, looking them over.


“Well, hello gorgeous! Don’t you two look fabulous!”


“Hello Lorne, it’s good to see you again.” Will and Lorne talked for a minute before someone caught Lorne’s attention in the lounge. “Well you two, that’s my client I’ve got to get back to.” The green skinned demon gave them both a once over then looked pointedly at Xander. “You two make an adorable couple. See you later, call me and tell me how everything went!”


Xander suddenly remembered the conversation with Lorne in the elevator so many months ago.


“I’m not gonna say who is. But can I just say, you two will make an adorable couple!  I can’t wait to see everyone’s face!”


The last of Xander’s fears and hesitation melted away. This was right. He was supposed to be with Will. Feeling much less nervous, Xander led Will out of the restaurant. When Will tried to head back to the car, Xander tugged him towards the park. “Xander?”


“It’s a really nice night tonight and I’m not ready for this to be over, would you like to go for a walk?”


Will blushed and nodded, “That would be nice.”


They meandered slowly through the park, mostly just holding hands and talking quietly. Eventually, Will pulled them towards a bench and they sat down. Will took a deep breath and turned questioning blue eyes towards him. “Um, Xander? This is really wonderful but what’s it all for? I mean, why are you doing this?”


Xander looked down at their joined hands and thought hard about how he wanted to say this. “Will, when I came back to L.A., I was feeling pretty lost, just like you were. Helping you gave me a purpose and helped to ground me. But it wasn’t long before being with you quickly stopped being a job and started being a pleasure. Being with you these last couple of months, I’ve felt more alive than I can ever remember feeling before. When you asked me about Anya’s message, it got me thinking. I hadn’t thought about it since I got to L.A. and I wasn’t sure why. Then it hit me, and realized that I hadn’t been thinking about it because I don’t want anyone else in my life, just you. I want you, Will.”


Will’s eyes were wide with surprise. “You…you want…”


“You, Will. I can’t explain it, I don’t know how it happened, but I’d really like to be more than just friends, if you want to, that is.”


Will was doing a really good impersonation of a fish, mouth opening and closing in silent shock. Xander decided to take a chance and leaned over, one hand cupping the blonde’s cheek, and gently pressed their lips together. The other man remained frozen for several seconds before finally relaxing into Xander, returning the soft kiss. Wills lips were soft and warm against his, and even though the kiss was gentle and chaste, it took Xander’s breath away. By unspoken agreement, they drew apart at the same time and rested their foreheads against each other.


Will sighed softly, his warm breath ghosting over Xander. “Xan.” Just a single word, but his tone spoke volumes. Lust, longing, tension, it was all there in that single word.


“Can I kiss you again, Will?”


“Yes Xan. Please.”


Xander pulled the other man close, pressing their bodies together as closely as possible, wrapped one arm around Will’s waist, and with the other tiled Will’s head up to recapture his lips. The kiss started out soft and sweet, but soon Will’s lips parted and Xander slipped his tongue inside, eagerly exploring the new territory. Will moaned softly and Xander deepened the kiss, eager to cause more moans if he could. Will’s hands were on his shoulders, gripping him tightly as he plundered the blonde’s mouth. One soft hand slithered down his arm and slipped beneath his jacked, tracing warm patterns on his back. The kiss was long and deep, and an intense heat began to build between them. Soon, Xander’s hands were around Will’s waist and he pulled the blonde into his lap, trying for more contact. Will’s tongue was thrusting into is mouth now, and he eagerly straddled Xander’s lap, tilting his body forward to bring their erections into contact. Xander’s hands found their way to Will’s ass, grasping the firm flesh, as his mouth made it’s way down the pale throat displayed so temptingly before him. Will moaned and gasped before pulling away. “Xan, oh gods, Xan, we…we have to stop.”


Xander tried to focus his passion fogged brain enough to respond. “Why?”


Will blushed and looked around. “I really don’t want our first time to be in the park, for everyone to see.”


“Oh, right.” Xander released Will and the man moved to sit back down beside him on the bench. Taking a couple of deep breaths to clear his mind, Xander grasped Will’s hands in his and looked deeply into the shockingly blue eyes. “Will. Please tell me if this is going too fast, but I’d really like to make love to you tonight.”


Will gasped, then let out a forceful breath. “Bloody hell Xander. This is all so sudden, you’ve got me so turned around with the flowers and the play and dinner and the kisses, I feel like a virgin on her first date, all gasping and speechless!”


Xander chuckled ruefully. “This was all very sudden, I admit that. I guess I just figured that if I hit you with all the romance I could, all at once, you’d be too overwhelmed to say no. Kind of a hit and run approach to romance.”


Will opened his mouth and Xander quickly overrode him. “Will, we can take this slow, please don’t feel pressured, okay? We can go home, sleep in our separate beds, go on a few more dates, take the time to get to know each other more…”


“Xander, listen to yourself, ‘get to know each other more’? We already know practically everything about each other, friggin’ hell, we’ve done nothing but talk for months now. Since you got back to L.A., we’ve spent almost every second in each other’s company. I feel like I know you better than I know myself.”  Will pulled one had out of Xander’s grasp and began tracing Xander’s features gently with his fingers. “Xan, luv, it’s just that I had resigned myself to another unrequited love, and here you are, suddenly offering me everything I ever wanted. It’s just a mite overwhelming.”


Blinking back sudden tears, Xander leaned in and kissed Will thoroughly. Before the blonde could move closer, Xander broke off the kiss and stood, pulling Will up after him. At the blonde’s questioning look, Xander smiled. “Come on, I’ve got one more thing to show you.”


The headed through the park hand in hand, away from the restaurant and toward the large, formal looking hotel, lit up by spotlights in the darkness. “Um, Xan, what about the car?”


“It’s okay, I made arrangements for it to be brought around.”


They headed into the formal lobby and Xander paused to give Will a chance to take in the regal settings before steering them towards the elevators. They rode up to the room in silence, hands tightly grasped and sneaking little glances at each other as they went. Xander paused outside the door to their room and looked deep into Will’s eyes before kissing him softly. “Wait here a minute, okay?”


Will nodded. Xander slipped into the room and kicked off his shoes before running around frantically, lighting the candles, getting the champagne out of the minifridge and placing it in the ice bucket, and turning the bed covers down. Blushing slightly, he tucked the lube under one of the pillows, before dimming the overhead lights and heading back to the door. Taking a deep breath, he swung the door open and gestured Will inside. Will stepped inside and paused, taking in the luxurious hotel room, lit by candles placed in several spots throughout. Smirking slightly at the large, soft bed already turned down, Will turned to Xander and wound his arms around his neck, pulling him into a deep kiss. “Thank you love, it’s perfect.”


Xander returned the kiss with fervor, eagerly devouring Will’s soft, sweet mouth. The kiss turned frantic as they slowly walked back towards the bed. They stumbled a few times, once bumping into furniture, once when Will tried to slip his shoes off, but eventually they made it, stopping when their legs hit the mattress. Xander cupped Will’s face, ran his fingers through the shoulder length blonde hair, and slid his hands down to ease the jacket off of Will’s shoulders. Will returned the favor then attacked Xander’s shirt. Fingers fumbled as their tongues dueled, but eventually both of their shirts and jackets were off and flung across the room.


Will broke off the kiss with a gasp, pulled back and held Xander’s eye in a serious gaze as he moved his hands down his own chest and towards the button on his slacks. Xander’s already quick breaths turned to panting as Will’s slender fingers slowly undid the button on his trousers and eased the zipper down. Will raised his hands from his hips and gave a little shimmy, causing the soft slacks to slip down his legs and puddle at his feet, revealing his body in all its naked glory.


Xander groaned loudly. “How did you get away with wearing those pants without underwear?”


Will smirked, “I never wear underwear luv, you should know that by now.”


Nodding dumbly, Xander reached out to touch, only to have his hand batted away. “Now, now pet, your turn. It’s only fair.”


Blushing slightly, Xander directed his hands to his own pants and slowly undid the button. Will was watching him avidly and he teased the other man by lowering the zipper slowly, tooth by tooth. There was no way he could copy that hip shimmy, so he settled for slowly sliding his hands down his legs, being sure to catch his boxers on the way down. Then he was naked and hard, facing Will, who immediately stepped up to press against him, arms going around his neck and lips capturing his. Xander moaned into the kiss, overwhelmed by the feel of all that naked skin pressed against him. Without breaking the kiss, he scooped Will up in his arms and crawled up onto the bed. He laid Will out on the bed, finally breaking the kiss so he could gaze down at the body spread out beneath him. Will stared back at him, eyes dark with passion. Slowly he lowered himself on top of Will, gasping softly as their cocks rubbed together. Brushing Will’s hair from his face he nuzzled the pale neck, licking and sucking all the flesh he could reach.


They spent time just learning each other’s bodies, exploring with hands, lips and tongues. Xander slowly worked his way down the pale body beneath him tasting every inch of skin he could until he was face to, well, face, with Will’s pale, leaking cock. Keeping constant eye contact with Will, Xander leaned over and delicately licked the precum welling from the tip. Will gasped and dug his fingers into Xander’s hair, holding on tight. He licked up and down the length, exploring the foreskin with his tongue before taking the head into his mouth and sucking. Will was babbling and thrashing beneath him, so Xander figured he was doing pretty okay for his first blowjob. He was only able to get about half of Will’s cock in his mouth, unfortunately, but he promised himself that they would get plenty of practice and soon he’d be able to deep throat the man. Xander hummed contentedly as he sucked on Will, he was surprised to find that he loved how the other man tasted, salty and earthy. Too soon though, his jaw began to get tired so he released the cock with a soft slurp and crawled back up Will’s body to kiss his breathless and dazed lover.


Will pulled Xander down on top of him and kissed him fiercely. His legs wound around Xander’s and Xander settled in between his thighs, bringing their cocks together unexpectedly. They both pulled back and stared at each other, then Will grinned and thrust up against him, eliciting a startled groan from Xander. Eager to repeat the sensation, Xander quickly recaptured Will’s mouth with his and set up a steady rocking motion, thrusting down into Will’s soft flesh. They were lost in each other, devouring each other’s mouths, thrusting against each other, hands roaming and grasping, seeking out every inch of skin they could reach. Xander trailed his tongue down the pale column of Will’s throat before biting into the flesh and sucking, pulling up a dark bruise. His hands were tweaking and rubbing Will’s nipples, torturing the stiff dusky peaks. Will was chanting Xander’s name over and over again as his nails dug furrows down Xander’s back. Xander’s orgasm hit him without warning, one minute he was watching his lover’s face as the blonde came with a loud cry, the next he was shaking and shuddering as his cum shot in strong pulses over their stomachs and mingled with Will’s.


They collapsed onto each other, panting harshly. Eventually Xander regained his breath enough to roll off of Will and stagger to the bathroom to fetch a damp washcloth. He wiped Will down tender, then tossing the used cloth aside, Xander climbed back onto the bed and pulled Will into his arms with a happy sigh. “So, um…”


Will silenced him with a kiss. “You, love, are amazing.”

Xander smiled happily.


“I can’t believe you did this all for me.”


Xander kissed Will thoroughly. “You’re worth it. I’ll do all this and more if it means I get to be with you.”


“Since when did you learn to talk so sweet, whelp? The Xander I knew couldn’t get a single sentence out without screwing it up somehow.”


“Yeah, well, the Spike I knew would never have let me fall in love with him.”


Will gasped and sat up, looking down intently at Xander, blue eyes filled with emotion. “Do you mean that love?”


“Yeah Will, I do. I love you.”


Will leaned down and brushed his lips against Xander’s. “I love you too Xander.”


Xander wrapped the long blonde curls around his fingers and pulled Will closer, deepening the kiss. Will moaned and crawled on top of Xander, laying himself out on top of the larger man. Gasping, Will pulled away and rained kisses down on Xander’s face. “Love, I want to feel you inside me. Please Xan, fuck me, make love to me.”


Xander groaned and fumbled under the pillow for the lube. “God, yes!”


Will knelt up, straddling Xander’s chest and eyed the lube in his lover’s hand. “You know how to use that?”


Xander blushed. “I have a general idea. Have you ever…?”


Will shrugged. “When I was a Vampire, yeah. But since I’ve been human? As far as I can tell, I’m a virgin.”


Xander grinned, ”Well, not so much anymore.”


Will opened the tube and squirted some out onto Xander’s fingers, then guided the slicked digits around to his opening. Xander held his breath and rubbed one finger against the puckered skin, then gently pressed the tip inside. Will gasped and held still, keeping his eyes locked on Xander. Xander pressed forward until his whole finger slipped inside. Gasping at the silky feel, he twisted and wiggled his finger around, spreading the lube as much as possible before pulling out and pushing back in with two. As Xander continued to stretch him, Will groaned and thrust back against his fingers, head rolling back and eyes squeezing shut when Xander found that particularly wonderful spot buried deep inside. Xander was intent on Will as he finger fucked him, watching the play of emotions across Will’s face with awe.


After a particularly intense minute of prostate pressure, Will grabbed Xander’s wrist and forced his hand away from his body. “Enough love, want to come with your cock inside me, not just your fingers.”


Gulping, Xander squirted some more lube out and covered his cock, hard and aching after watching the erotic display Will made. Will scooted backwards a bit and positioned himself above Xander’s cock. “Hold still love. Let me do this, alright?” Silently, Xander nodded and lightly grasped Will’s thighs, then watched as his lover slowly lowered himself onto his cock.


All his breath left Xander in a whoosh as the head of his cock pushed past the first tight ring of muscle. Then all he could do was try to keep from coming right then as Will took more and more of his cock, until eventually the blonde was seated firmly on top of him.


“Oh gods! Will, fuck, you feel so amazing.”


Will groaned and let his head fall back. “Shit love, can’t believe how good you feel!”


Slowly Will levered himself up, paused, and then slid back down, starting up a slow, deep rhythm. Xander’s hands came up to circle Will’s waist, helping the blonde gain leverage as he gradually sped up, until finally he was bouncing on Xander’s cock. Xander was watched his lover in awe as Will rode him. The candlelight bathed Will in a golden glow, flashes of light reflected in his hair and his passion fogged eyes trained down on Xander, lying in worship beneath him. “Fuck, Will, you’re beautiful!”



Hearing the longing and need in that sexy voice, Xander planted his feet on the bed to gain more leverage and began thrusting hard up into Will’s slick channel, meeting every downward thrust with and upward thrust of his own. Soon their moans filled the room, accompanied by the squeaks of the mattress and the wet slap of flesh on flesh. Xander felt his orgasm building this time, a deep tingling starting in the base of his spine. With one hand he released Will’s waist and grasped his cock instead, fisting it in time to their fucking. Will screamed his name and came hard, shooting all over the bed and Xander’s chest as he shuddered and shook above him. Once his cock had stopped pulsing, Xander released it and grabbed Will’s waist with both hands again, holding his lover still as he bucked hard and fast up into Will’s body. “FUCK! WILL!” Xander screamed as he shot load after load into Will’s tight channel.


Eventually his shaking stopped and he became aware of Will, lying cuddled atop his chest. One hand was stroking through Will’s blonde curls and the other was rubbing soothing circles on the small of Will’s back.


Blue eyes met his. “Xan, that was amazing. I love you.”


Xander kissed him softly, lazily. “I love you too, Will, thank you.”


Will sat up and moved off him with a soft groan. He curled up in Xander’s arms and sighed happily. “I like cuddling with you like this.”


Xander echoed his happy sigh. “Me too.”


“So, when we get home in the morning, can I move my stuff into your room?”


“You’d better! Otherwise I might have to beg, and it wouldn’t be pretty.”


“I don’t know love, I’d kinda like to see you beg.”


“Well, maybe for you…”


“You know what this means love?”


“Nope, what does this mean?”


“We’ll have a spare bedroom. You can have your research room after all.”


“Oh gods! Giles will love that.”


“We can use it as a bribe to help convince him that our relationship is a good thing.”


Xander caught and held Will’s gaze. “Giles will just have to deal, he’s in England so there’s not much he can do about it.”


Will smirked. “Somehow I think the Watcher will still have something to say about all this.” A sudden frown darkened Will’s features. “What about the others love? You still have to work with them and they don’t exactly trust me.”


Xander rolled over and silenced Will with a kiss. “Shush Will, no more worries. You’re mine. We belong to each other. I have it on good authority from both future seeing demons and ghosts of ex-girlfriends that we belong together. If the other’s don’t like it, they’ll just have to deal.”


Will practically purred with contentment. “I’m yours, eh?”


“That’s right, and I’m yours. This relationship is like the ultimate gift. After all the shit we’ve been through, all the sacrifices we made and all the friends we lost, I figure the PTB owe us big time.”


Will smiled softly. “I’m your pressie then?”


Xander let his gaze rake over the body laid out next to him. “Oh yeah, the best present possible.”


“You’ll have to take good care of me, be a shame to let a prize like me get away.”


Xander kissed Will thoroughly. “I’m never letting you go Will, never.”


The End

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