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Gifts Chapter 4
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Chapter 4: Field Trip

The next couple of weeks were spent moving into the apartment and setting it up to be comfortable for them. Luckily they had plenty of council funds at their disposal. Even though they were busy setting up house, Xander tried to make sure they went out every day. Sometimes it was just to the grocery store or the park nearby, but they had also started to be more social, going out to movies and once or twice even to a bar to play pool.  Gradually, Will was relaxing into the routines of daily human life. With Xander making sure he ate three meals a day, he had finally started to fill out and not look so skeletal, and even Will had to admit he looked better once he’d gained a few pounds. Also, Xander was both grateful and flattered to notice, after the first couple nights in the apartment, Will stopped having nightmares and started sleeping the night through. The circles under his eyes were diminishing and he seemed to have more energy. One morning Xander just stopped in shock when he realized that he was having more fun this last month then he could remember having in years. It was like he was living life more by teaching Will to live.



Of course, not all human experiences were all they were cracked up to be. Will quickly learned that as a human he had almost no alcohol tolerance. They had gone out drinking one night at the bar down the street. Will had started in on shots of JD, just like he had as a Vampire. The night quickly spiraled out of control and ended with Will huddled over the toilet for hours with Xander wiping his face with a cool washcloth and bringing him water and Aspirin. Will had been sick for two days afterwards and sworn of alcohol all together. The alcohol avoidance didn’t last long, but at least he never got that drunk again.  Another time, at the movies, some guy had gotten pissed because his girlfriend had been hitting on Will. The blonde had egged the angry man on, seemingly forgetting he didn’t have Vamp strength anymore. Will had ended up with a black eye and bloody nose, and it had only been Angel’s quick intervention as their ‘lawyer’ that had kept Xander from being arrested after he beat the man bloody for daring to lay a hand on Will. Will’s brush with being a punching bag kept him quiet and withdrawn for days and had Xander about to pull his hair out with worry. Also, the whole episode had Xander admitting that he was maybe being a little too overprotective of the ex-Vampire, but he couldn’t help it. Something about the newly human Will brought out Xander’s white knight persona something fierce.  Still, despite these setbacks, Will was settling into human life quite well. In fact, he was even starting to complain about being bored with the small excursions they had been making. It took Xander a few days to come up with a plan, but he could barely keep from bouncing around like an idiot once he did, they were gonna have so much fun!


One morning, about three weeks after Will had moved in, Xander came to his bedroom door and knocked loudly. “Will!  Wake up.”


Will stumbled out of bed, impatiently pushing his tousled blonde hair out of his face. “What is it Xander?  It’s bloody 8:00am!”


“Get dressed Will, we’re going somewhere.”


“Where would any sane person be going this early in the morning?”


“Just get dressed, wear something light and comfortable. We’ll be out all day.”


Will grumbled, but finally gave in, stumbling out of his room twenty minutes later fully dressed.  Xander checked the other man’s outfit to make sure it was appropriate for the day.  Will was dressed in a pair of cut off jean shorts and a light colored tee shirt. Xander checked that Will was wearing comfortable shoes, then found his eyes trailing up the long swath of pale, muscular leg left on display by the shorts.  Wrenching his eyes back to safe territory he handed Will a cup of coffee.


“So, where are we going then?”


Xander just smiled, “You’ll see.”


They quickly ate the large breakfast Xander had prepared for them, poured more coffee into some travel mugs, and headed for the door.


Before they left, Xander stopped them and handed Will the sunscreen.  Frowning darkly, the blonde took the lotion and rubbed some on his face, neck and arms. Xander smirked at Will’s frown; he knew the blonde man hated the fact that he sunburned so easily. Will had his back to Xander now, and bent over to rub some sunscreen on his legs. Suddenly Xander was treated to an up close view of Will’s ass. Will’s very tight ass…  Frantically, Xander turned and walked back into his room, on the pretense of looking for his sunglasses. He was not just thinking about Will’s ass, or his legs!  This was ridiculous. “Christ Xander, get a grip. Has it really been so long since you’ve gotten laid that you’ll start lusting after your male roommate?”  Xander quietly chastised himself as he grabbed his sunglasses off his dresser and then headed back out into the main room.  Will was standing there, coffee mug in hand, looking at Xander curiously.  Xander blushed and held up his sunglasses.  “Forgot these.”


Nodding, Will followed him out of the apartment.




“You’ve got to be kidding me!”  Will exclaimed for the fifth time as Xander parked the car.


“Nope, I’m serious.”


“But Xan, I’m not a child!  What is this crap?”


Xander turned off the car and turned to the baffled man.  “Will, have you ever been on a roller coaster before?”


Will opened his mouth and closed it with a snap. “Well, um, no.”


Xander smiled. “Well, then. Shut up and get your ass out of the car. We’re going to Disneyland!”


Grumbling, Will got out of the car and followed Xander towards the gates of Disneyland.


Will grumbled through the gate and grumbled some more as they walked into the park and onto Main Street.  Will looked around at the crowds of tourists dressed in pale heat resistant clothing, with bright spots of colors as Disney Characters meandered through the crowds. “I can’t fucking believe this, Xan.” 


Xander laughed, “Get over it Blondie.  Just relax and enjoy yourself.”


Will snorted. “I’m a grown man at freakin’ Disneyland!  I don’t want to deal with hundreds of bloody little kids screaming all day.”


Xander turned and smirked at Will. Will looked at the brunette warily. “What?”


“Will, look around. Do you see any children here right now?”


Will looked around at the crowds. It took him a moment to realize that all he saw was adults, and mostly men at that.  “Um, Xan, what’s going on?”


Xander smiled innocently and handed Will his pass. Will looked at it, a small crease in his forehead as he read. “Bloody Hell! Gay Day?!”


Xander laughed. “Calm down. I just figured that you’d be a little more comfortable without a thousand kids running and screaming around you all day.  This way we only have to deal with hundreds of adults running around and screaming all day.”


Will scowled at him. Laughing, Xander grabbed Will by the hand and dragged him towards Frontier Land.


Will grumbled and scowled all the way through the line up to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  As they took their places as next in line for the car, Will began eyeing the fake mining carts warily. “What is this all supposed to be?”


Xander grinned, “It’s the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride!  They’re mining carts, like during the gold rush. It’s fun and historical.”


Will mumbled under his breath about bloody American’s and their school system and kept on frowning. Will’s frown lasted for about the first minute and a half of the ride, before changing to an expression of thrilled joy and barely contained excitement. They went on that ride twice more before Will dragged a laughing Xander towards the next big roller coaster ride.  After several rides on the Matterhorn Bobsled, the log fume ride, and quite a few rounds through Space Mountain, Xander finally called a halt and drug Will towards the Haunted Mansion.  They talked idly as they rode through the Haunted Mansion, with Will loudly complaining about the realism of the ghosts.  He appreciated Pirates of the Caribbean more, and encouraged the animatronics pirates in their pillaging.


Finally, they grabbed some food and wandered the park as Xander slowly steered them towards his intended goal. Several times Xander noticed Will getting appreciative looks from other men, and each time Xander scowled and moved closer to the blonde.  He didn’t think Will noticed, and he was glad. Mentally he chalked his actions up to being protective, but he didn’t think that argument would fly with Will and he was reluctant to examine his actions any closer. Finally Xander steered them towards a particular ride. Will didn’t really notice much of their wait in line, intent as he was on his cotton candy, but as they climbed into the little boat, he finally glanced around him. “Where are we, Xan?”


Xander just shrugged.  “It’s air conditioned, out of the sun, and no one can be human in America today without the experience of getting this song stuck in your head.” 

Will looked at him questioningly, but the unspoken question was soon answered as the boat took off and the song started up.  As the first strains of “It’s a small world” started up, Xander flung his arm across the back of the seat and relaxed, a smug grin on his face.


Will groaned and buried his face in his hands before eyeing Xander ruefully.  “This is payback for all those times I purposefully taunted you isn’t it?”


Xander just shrugged and hummed softly as the boat wound it’s way through the ride.  Will sighed and leaned back against the seat, sliding sideways so he was leaning lightly against Xander.  As they floated past the Africa section, Xander pointed to a round house that several African children were standing in front of.  “They have those a lot in Africa. They’re called rondevals. I stayed in one, once.”


Will looked over at Xander. “Did you like Africa?”


Xander shrugged. “For the most part. I liked traveling; I liked looking for new slayers. I especially liked learning about all the different places there, getting to meet so many different people.”


Will raised an eyebrow. “Why did you come back here then?”


Xander shrugged, “Giles asked me to.”


“Yeah, but if you liked where you were so much, you could have told them to send someone else.”


“True.” Quickly Xander weighed his options, but it wasn’t much of a decision. What could telling Will about Anya’s visit possibly hurt? She hadn’t told him that it was a secret or anything.  Taking a deep breath, Xander told Will about Anya’s visit, her message from the PTB, and the following two weeks of soul searching that had led him to accept Giles’s offer to come back to the states.  The explanation took the rest of the ride and Xander finished the story as they sat beneath a tree, sipping lemonade.


As he finished his story, Will looked thoughtful.  “So, do you believe her? Do you really think you’ll find the person you were meant to be with here in L.A.?”


Xander thought about it for a minute. “Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I sang for that green guy at the law firm, Lorne? And he confirmed it.”


“Did he tell you who?”


Xander shook his head. “Nope. I have no idea who it could be. Frankly, I haven’t been thinking about it much lately, I’ve been too busy hanging out with you.”


As they stood up to go, Xander noticed that Will looked pleased at that statement, but something was in the blonde’s eyes, some worry or idea that he wasn’t telling Xander.  The brunette shrugged it off, he and Will were friends, if the blonde had any input, he’d let Xander know soon enough.


The two men stayed all day, eating both lunch and dinner at the park and riding every ride that Will deemed suitably adult before sitting in the grass to watch the parade of lights and the fireworks show. As the park closed, they wearily making their way out to the car and climbed in exhaustedly.  Will almost immediately lay his chair back and dozed off.


Will slept the whole drive home.  He was still asleep when they got back to the apartment, so Xander just scooped up the sleeping man and carried him up the stairs.  He fumbled with his keys, but managed to open the door and maneuver them inside. He gently carried Will into his bedroom and laid the man down on his bed.  Will murmured softly and sighed before beginning to breathe deeply again. Smiling to himself, Xander gently slipped Will’s shoes off and tossed them aside, before moving to his shirt.  Will’s shirt was easily peeled off and tossed aside as well. Suddenly Xander began to get inexplicably nervous and wondered if he should just leave Will in his shorts, before shaking his head at his foolishness and unbuttoned the jean shorts. Quickly Xander pulled them down and tossed them aside. Then he looked.


“Oh gods, I shouldn’t have looked.”


Will was laid out on the bed, the light from the hallway bathing him in pale yellow tones. His long, lean body was pale cream. Well-muscled chest, flat stomach, strong thighs, and his long, pale cock lying half full in the crease of his thigh, anchored in crisp light brown curls. Hands shaking, Xander pulled the sheet up to Will’s chest.  Slowly, Xander stood only to have his hand grasped.  Surprised, he looked down at Will, to see his eyes had slit half open.  “Xander?”


He sat back down.  “Yeah, Will?”


“Thanks, mate. I had a really good time.”


Xander smiled. “Me too.”


Will squeezed his hand, yawning loudly.  “And Xan?”


Will was mostly asleep again, talking in soft, whispered half-phrases.  “I hope you find someone to love.”


“Me too, Will.”


“Wish it was me…”


“Wha…?  Will?”


Will breathed softly, yawning and turning over, falling deeper into sleep.


Shaking slightly, Xander stood and left the bedroom, closing the door softly.


He rested his head against the door and took a deep breath.  “Gods.  Anya, what do I do?”

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