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The Hunter

My first Slash story.  Xander goes hunting.


This is a response to Kay's challenge.  Spike and Xander play a game. 

Link to Kay's Challenge.


This angsty snippet is a sequel to Taunt-the-Human.

Moon Dance

Spike and Xander meet under a full moon.  Songfic. 

New Year's Eve

Short, preslash drabble concerning Xander, Spike and a New Year's tradition.


A longish fic in which Xander has a theory to test.

Blood Borne

A nine part story in which Spike and Xander start a family and deal with the usual end of the world prophecy stuff.  Warning: MPreg!

Tales from the Crib

Vignettes set in the Blood Borne Universe.

Post Season 7, after receiving a message from the PTB, Xander returns from Africa to find his destiny.


Written for the S/X Pornathon. Very NC-17 PWP.
Xander and Spike make a home video.

Rules of Life

Written for Fall for S/X. Xander gets further than Oxnard on his summer road trip and learns quite a lot about life. Once back in Sunnydale, how does he reconcile his new world view with the gang's expectations of him?


Short, pre-slash fic. Spike's POV. Spike ruminates on his life and the Scooby Gang.

Dreams of the Tin Man

Written for the Spike MiniSlashFicathon. Spike has a weird dream and joins the Scoobies in asking that age old question: Who the fuck was that guy with the cheese?

Never piss off a Librarian.

Written for the ColorSound&RandomObject Ficathon. Spike/Xander/Giles threesome. NC-17.

Other Character Slash Page.

Alternate Universe Slash Page.


This page contains stories with lots and lots of homoerotic content, if that bothers you then go away!  Also if you're under 18, then legally I have to tell you to go away.   So shoo! Scram!