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Chapter 16
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Chapter 16: Confrontation

Xander woke slowly, feeling sore, sleepy, and happy.  Eyes still closed, head resting on Spike’s cool, unmoving chest, he replayed the night in his mind. It had started out so badly: a difficult fight they had barely walked away from, the shock and betrayal he had felt when he learned that Spike’s claim was not complete, and not least the feeling of utter worthlessness when it had occurred to him that maybe the claim was incomplete because the Vampire didn’t really want him.   Unconsciously Xander shifted closer to the cool body holding him, caught up in the memory of the emotional roller coaster of last night.  Then the argument with Spike, and the claiming…Xander rubbed his growing erection against Spike’s hip and sighed happily.  Spike wanted him, had claimed him officially, had overcome decades of abuse to make love to him…suddenly the world tilted and Xander was on his back, looking up into bright blue eyes. 


“You’re thinking too loud luv.”


Xander smiled up at the blonde. “Well, if someone wasn’t snoring so loud, maybe I’d be able to sleep.”


“Oi, I don’t snore!  Do I?”  At the brunette’s grin, Spike mock snarled, “You’re gonna pay for that boy!”  Spike mercilessly dove for all of Xander’s most ticklish spots, not giving up till Xander was begging for him to stop. Finally they collapsed together in an exhausted heap.  Spike idly stroked his hand through Xander’s hair and mused over the change he could already feel between them. “So luv, what do you want to do today?”


Xander yawned and stretched before settling back down with his head on Spike’s chest. “More of this?”


Spike chuckled. “Always, love.  But I’m hungry.  Let’s go get a shower and something to eat and we’ll spend the rest of the day in bed, at least until the meeting tonight, okay?”


Xander smiled and held onto Spike tighter.  “That sounds wonderful.”  Spike purred softly and sent a pulse of love and contentment though the new bond to Xander. 


Xander gasped and raised wide, wondering eyes to Spike. “Th…that was the bond?”  At Spike’s nod, Xander grinned happily. “I could feel it Spike! I could feel what you were feeling!” 


Spike couldn’t help but smile back; his boy’s grin was infectious. “I know love, and that’s just the beginning. Some day we’ll probably be able to read each other’s thoughts.”


Xander’s eyes got impossibly wide and he had a wondering look on his face as he got up and followed Spike into the bathroom. Spike started the shower and pulled the unresisting brunette under the warm spray. “Okay whelp, what’s on your mind?”


Xander concentrated and sent feelings of love, contentment, joy and wonder to Spike before voicing his question. “Spike, how long will we be together? I mean, I guess I mean, how long will I live?”


Tracing Xander’s already beloved face with a finger, Spike thought over his answer carefully.  “Dunno pet. The oldest consort I’ve ever met was around 80 and looked barely 30. The thing is, consorts are usually turned well before that, so there’s no telling how old you could live to be.”


Xander processed that bit of information and Spike braced himself for the worst.  Suddenly the bond was flooded with love and happiness.  Brown eyes that practically glowed with joy met worried blue ones. “Spike, all my life, while my parents either ignored me or beat on me, while my teachers figured I was too stupid to bother with, while my girlfriends who were supposed to care about me just used me instead, and especially this last year when the girls and I grew apart, the only thing I wished for was someone to love who would love me back, forever.  I just realized that my wish actually came true!”  Xander threw himself into Spike’s arms and held the Vampire tight. “Do you think that there are good wish granting versions of Vengeance Demons out there?”


Guileless brown eyes bored into his and Spike swallowed back tears. “I dunno pet, maybe there are.”




The two men slowly made their way through the darkening night to the Magic Box and the Scooby meeting. They knew that the new threat to the Hell Mouth was very real and they were reluctant to break the loving, playful mood that had been their day so far.  Their hands were clasped tightly as they walked, and they amused themselves by sending feelings back and forth across the bond. They had just turned onto the block the Magic Box was on when Spike froze, growling. Before he could even question what was wrong, Xander was overwhelmed with fear, anger, rage through the bond.  He tried to fight it, but Spike’s emotions were overwhelming him. Xander was lost in a maelstrom of emotions and feared ever getting out of it when Spike squeezed his hand a little too hard and the chip went off, knocking Spike out of whatever had overtaken him. 


Next thing he knew, Xander was being cradled in cool arms, and soft kisses were being rained down on his face. “I’m sorry, pet, so sorry luv. Are you okay?”


Xander suddenly realized they were sitting on the sidewalk and he quickly stood up, reaching down to pull Spike up as well. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just scared. What the hell happened, Spike?”


Spike pulled out a cigarette and lit it, inhaling deeply. “Angel’s here. At the shop I think.”


Xander stepped closer and embraced the agitated blonde. Slowly Spike relaxed into his embrace. “Do you want to go home, Spike? We can skip the meeting, call and tell the gang we’ll just patrol on our own tonight.”


Spike shook his head. “No, love. We’ve gotta go, this new Master is too powerful for only part of the gang to take on alone. It must be pretty desperate if they called in the Great Pouf. They need us, besides I’ll deal. Just give me a minute to collect myself, yeah?”


Xander kissed Spike softly and stepped back, giving his Vampire space. “I don’t like Angel either, but does it make it any easier that he’s Angel and not Angelus?  It’s been a really long time, I mean…”


Spike snorted, “It’ll never be long enough…” Tumultuous blue eyes met his, “Xan, luv, when was the last time Angelus and I were hanging out together?” 


Xander thought hard, and suddenly got a very bad feeling.  “Right after he lost his soul, you and he and Drusilla were all together.”


Spike nodded. “And did our Angelus come back as a ‘normal’ evil Vampire…”


Xander suddenly looked sick. “N…no, he was even crazier than ‘before’, and…and you were in that wheelchair…oh gods!”


Spike pulled Xander close and buried his nose in the soft sable locks, breathing deeply to calm himself. “And I was in the wheelchair and couldn’t fight back.”


Xander grasped Spike tightly, suddenly overwhelmed by a blinding rage.  Angelus had hurt what was his, and he could barely see through the need to dust the other vampire.  It was Spike’s turn to soothe Xander, and they stood in the street for several minutes before either of them moved.  Finally Xander pulled back and looked Spike in the eye. “We’ll go and play nice, but if he so much as makes a move towards you, he’s dust.”


Spike chuckled at his mate’s fierceness. “Sounds good to me luv.  You get to explain to the Slayer though, why you staked her boyfriend.”




Hand in hand they walked to the Magic Box. 


The gang was sprawled around the shop when they arrived.  Angel, sitting at the research table, pouring over a book with Giles barely glanced up as they entered, before glancing away again. But Spike knew the moment Angel realized about him and Xander. He drew in a breath to speak to Giles, froze and looked back up at the two of them, before rushing over and grabbing Spike by the lapels of his duster.  “Spike, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”


“Nice to see you too, peaches. What makes you think I’m doing anything?”


“Don’t lie to me boy.”


The girls were yelling at Angel to back off, and Giles was pleading for peace in the background.  Spike smirked at Angel. “Now, see, you’re worrying the kiddies. Let go and let’s play nice.”


Angel let his demon come to the fore and shook Spike hard.  “I don’t know what you hope to gain by this, but so help me, if you try to hurt them…”


Xander had fallen to the floor, pushed casually aside by Angel as he had rushed Spike. As he picked himself up, Xander was barely aware of Buffy and Willow, yelling at Angel to calm down, barely aware of Giles pleading with the Vampire to listen to reason. All he could see was Angel holding Spike up off the floor, shaking him, and Spike’s trademark smirk firmly in place, despite the fear and rage thrumming through the link.  Almost without thinking, Xander walked over to Angel, pulling the stake out of his coat pocket. Before anyone even noticed him moving, he had imbedded it firmly in Angel’s gut.


Angel broke off his rant and looked down, dumbly, at the stake protruding from his stomach. “Wh…what?”


Spike’s smirk broke into a grin. “Serves you right, threatening me like that in front of my mate.”


Xander pushed up into Angel’s face. “Listen to me Angel. Spike and I are bonded. Everyone knows, everyone’s okay with it. If you so much as think of laying a hand on my mate again, I will dust you and worry about making it up to Buffy later.”


Xander grabbed Spike’s arm and pulled his lover toward the table, pushing Spike into a chair and sitting on his lap, thereby placing himself between Spike and any further threats from Angel. Spike wound his arms around Xander’s waist and looked smug.  Willow and Dawn stood staring at them with shocked looks on their faces, though Xander thought Dawn looked a little smug about him staking Angel. Giles had collapsed in his chair and put his head in his hands, mumbling something about ‘damn territorial Vampires.’ Tara ran out of the room to get the first aid kit.  Buffy calmly walked over and took Angel by the hand, patting his arm soothingly as she led him back to the table, seating him as far away from Xander and Spike as possible.   Tara handed the first aid kit off to Buffy before joining Willow and Dawn in going back to researching.  


Angel gaped at Buffy.  “You…you know about them?”


Buffy nodded. “Yup.  We’ve kind of been in on it from the beginning.  It’s okay Angel, really. Spike’s one of us now, we trust him. Plus, Xander’s happy, so we’re happy.”  As she talked, she efficiently removed the stake and bandaged Angel’s wound.


Xander finally came up for breath after thoroughly kissing Spike and looked over to Buffy. “Why didn’t you guys give him a heads up?  Coulda saved on some of the drama.”

Willow smiled apologetically.  “We figured it wasn’t our story to tell. Plus, we’re used to it by now, so with all the crazy stuff going on, we just kinda forgot about it.”


Angel looked at them all as if he suspected they were possessed.  “You all know?  You’re all okay with Xander sleeping with Spike?  How do you know Spike’s just not using Xander?”


Spike and Xander glared at Angel but surprisingly it was Giles who defended them.  “Actually, they are bonded. Xander is Spike’s claimed mate. 


Angel’s jaw dropped.  “Claimed?  You claimed a mate?” 


“Hey!”  “Oi! Hold on just a bloody minute, mate!”


Giles held up a hand and both Spike and Xander shut their mouths.  “Angel, please, this does not concern you. Xander’s claiming does not have anything to do with the current problem we are facing.  Can we return to the issue at hand, please.”


Everyone looked contrite and settled down to the books on the table.  Angel kept shooting glares at the two men curled up together in a chair, but kept his objections to himself.


Hours later, they’d reviewed all they knew about the Master Vampire: old, smart, powerful, had a lot of followers.  They reviewed what they’d tried against him: basic magic, Buffy, an up front attack.  Nothing had worked.  Then they began brainstorming possible tactics.  Nothing seemed plausible.


Buffy sighed.  “The problem is we’ve fought him and his guys a couple of times now, he knows how we fight, he knows our tricks, we can’t get close to him.” 


Xander was sprawled across Spike’s lap, the Vampire’s hands idly tracing patterns on his thigh and stomach.  His head was laid back, resting on Spike’s shoulder and he lazily stared at the ceiling as the conversation went on.  At Buffy’s comment, he snorted.  “Yeah, the only one of us who got close to him was me, and that was just so he could laugh in my face. I wasn’t even important enough to kill.”


Giles stilled and looked directly at Xander, obviously thinking hard.  Then he turned to Angel. “Angel, please humor me. When Spike and Xander came into the store, what could you tell about them?”


Angel frowned, “I could smell their scents all over each other.”


Spike smirked and kissed Xander on the neck. 


Giles pressed on. “Couldn’t you sense their bond?”


“Not right away, no.”


“Why is that?”


Xander felt Spike tense beneath him, feeling uneasy, Xander tensed as well.


Angel flushed. “I assumed that Spike was using the boy. I wasn’t paying attention to anything else.”


Xander relaxed, only to get a sinking feeling as Angel continued. “Also the bond is very new, it is still difficult to sense.”


Buffy stood up and gestured widely.  “What do you mean it’s too new?  Why couldn’t you sense it?”


“Buffy, please sit down.”


“But Giles…”


“Buffy, please, listen to Giles.”  At Angel’s reprimand, Buffy scowled and sat.


Angel glanced over at Spike and the two shared a long look.  Angel turned back to the group. “Consort Bonds…take times to cement. Even with regular blood exchanges it takes time.  If I had not been so angry, if I had paid more attention, I would have sensed it right off.”


Buffy calmed.  Willow looked at Giles, “Giles, what does this have to do with anything?”


Giles stood up and began to pace.  “This Master is very powerful, but also very arrogant.  He knows about Buffy’s strength, he is prepared for that.  He knows about our magic, he is prepared for that too.  He knows all about our group.  He has seen Xander, but he doesn’t see him as a threat. Perhaps we can use that to our advantage.”


Spike tightened his arms around Xander.  “How, exactly?”

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