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Chapter 15
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Chapter 15: Trouble

Xander hung a foot off the ground, struggling against the Vampire that had his throat in a viselike grip.  They had finally found the new Master Vampire, and he was stronger than any of them had anticipated. Over two hundred years old, the new Master had easily brushed aside their feeble efforts to stop him. Willow and Tara's spells had been easily deflected, and Buffy's attack had been brief and futile.  Xander, of course, immediately found himself in the midst of the worst of the fighting and way over his head.


The Vampire sneered at the struggling mortal in his grasp, ignoring the fighting going on around him.  Suddenly the Vampire's eyes widened and he pulled Xander closer.  "Consort?"  The Vampire buried his face in Xander's neck and breathed deeply.  "No, only half claimed."  The Vampire pulled back and smiled at the mortal.  "Your Master's going to have to do better than a half formed claim if he wants to protect you, human."  Laughing, the Vampire tossed Xander aside.  "Kill him." He gestured towards where Xander was huddled on the ground, then waved his arm to encompass the rest of the Scoobies fighting around him. "Kill them all."  The Vampire strode off into the night and the group of minions and demons they had been fighting attacked full force.


Spike had been too far away from Xander to hear what the Master Vamp had said to Xander, but he saw the casual way the boy was tossed aside.  His demon roared at the insult and he fought harder, trying to get closer to where Xander lay, stunned.  Finally, Spike was able to reach Xander, in time to help the mortal off the ground.  "You okay, pet?"


Xander nodded, "Yeah Spike, I'm fine, just a little bruised.  Let's go help Buffy."


Spike followed Xander back into the fray; slightly troubled by the odd look he had seen in Xander's eyes.




The gang trudged wearily back to the Magic Box, all of them sporting numerous injuries.  The fight had been hard on all of them, and they hadn't even gotten close to the Master Vamp.  They all collapsed wearily into seats while Giles and Dawn fussed around them with the first aid kits and Buffy relayed the tale of their encounter.


Spike headed straight to the little kitchenette to heat up some blood.  Once it was done he grabbed a wet washcloth and headed over to Xander.  The boy was slumped into a chair, a distant look on his face. 

Spike knelt in front of the brunette and began wiping blood and grime off his face.  "It's okay luv, we'll get 'im next time, yeah?"


Xander shrugged, "Yeah, they'll figure it out, I'm sure."


Spike eyed the boy curiously; "We'll figure it out, pet.  We're a team, yeah?"


"Sure Spike, whatever you say."  Xander stood up and headed out the door.  "I'll see you guys later, be safe, yeah?"


Worried now, Spike quickly followed Xander out the door. 




The walk back to the apartment was tense and silent.  Several times Spike tried to get Xander to talk, but after the third brush off, he let the boy have his space.


During the walk home, Spike wracked his brain to figure out what set Xander off, but for the unlife of him he couldn't figure it out.  Luckily he didn't have too much longer to wait, for the brunette rounded on him as soon as the apartment door was closed.


"Spike, why did you lie to me?"


"What pet?  I haven't lied to you!"


Xander paced back and forth in front the blonde, "Why did that Master say I was only half claimed?"


If possible, Spike felt himself go pale, "Wh...what did he say pet?"


Xander got right up into the Vampire's face.  "He said I was only half claimed Spike!  He said you would have to do better than a half formed claim if you wanted to protect me.  You told me you claimed me, you told me that you wanted to claim me!  You told the others that I was protected.  You lied to all of us."


A defeated look settled on Xander's face and he turned his back on the Vampire, the better to hide the tears welling up in his eyes.  "Is it me, Spike?  Do you not really want me?  Because you should have thought of that before this all got started!"


"Oh gods, Xan.  No, that's not it at all.  I do want you."


Tears coursed unchecked down Xander's face.  "Then what is it Spike?  Why am I not good enough?  Why is it that no one wants me?"


Spike rushed forwards and enfolded the brunette in his arms.  "Hush luv, hush.  It's not you, you're perfect.  You're more than I could ever have hoped for.  It's me.  I'm a bloody coward."


Xander looked confused.  "What do you mean?"


Spike stepped back and looked at the floor.  "I'm scared Xan.  A full claim involves sex as well as blood, and not just that stuff we've done, but penetration.  I'd have to take you pet, and I'm scared to take you like that.  All I've ever known of it was torture and pain.  It's hard for me to believe that it could be good, that you would want it."


Xander placed a shaking hand on Spike's shoulder.  "It doesn't have to be like that Spike.  It would be good."


Blue eyes flashed at him.  "How do you know?  Did you and that Army git..."


Xander cut Spike off before he could go further.  "No, I never let Forrest take me like that.  I wasn't ready and honestly, I didn't trust him enough to want to do that with him.  But I know it would be good between us."


Scared and angry, Spike's voice was louder again and he was pacing back and forth.  "You can't know that Xan.  What if I hurt you?  What if I can't?  Just because that bloody book of yours says..."


"It's not because of the book, Spike!  I know it would be good because I love you.  I love you and nothing that we do together could ever be bad!"


Spike froze.  Wide blue eyes stared unblinking at Xander.  " love me?"


"Yes Spike.  I love you.  I'm in love with you."


" long?"


"Since we were living together in my basement."


"That long?"


Xander flopped down on the couch with a sigh.  "Yes, that long."


Spike sat down beside him.  "Oh."  There was a long pause then, "How?  Why?"


Xander groaned and closed his eyes, leaning his head back on the couch.  This would be easier if he didn't have to look at Spike when he said it.  "From that first night when you had the nightmare and we stayed up talking, I thought of you as a friend.  I hadn't told anyone about my father in a long time.  Willow knew some of it, but no one else.  I hadn't had a guy friend in a long time, not since J...Jessie died.  I think after that night you let me see more of the real you.  You were smart and sarcastic and dark and yet so caring with Dawn and the girls and I just sort of fell for you.  I thought it was just physical attraction at first, I mean, look at you.  But when we moved in together here I started to realize that it was more than that, and when you almost left, after Forrest and I broke up, I realized that I didn't want to be apart from you.  That's when I knew for sure."


Spike was silent for several moments, and Xander kept his eyes closed, unwilling to see any negative response from the Vampire.  Eventually a cool hand reached over and grabbed hold of his.  "Thank you."


Xander opened his eyes and looked at the blonde.  "Thank you for what?"


Spike smiled shyly.  "For what you said.  I don't think anyone's ever just loved me before.  Angelus loved that I was his; Dru loved me because I took care of her.  No one's ever just wanted me."


Xander smiled.  "Well, you deserve it.  You're amazing Spike."


Spike looked embarrassed but pleased.  He stood and pulled on Xander's hand  "Come on whelp, it's late.  Let's go to bed."


Pulling Xander along, Spike led them first to the bathroom, and began stripping them both.  Xander got the idea and began to help.  Soon their filthy clothing was removed and they were ensconced in the heat of the shower.  Spike took his time, exploring every inch of Xander with soapy hands.  They kissed softly as they explored each other's bodies.  Spike kissed down along Xander's jaw line and sucked softly on his neck as he gingerly slid his hands down Xander's back and cupped the boy's ass.  At his tentative grasp, Xander moaned and bucked forward into Spike's hip.  Spike moaned softly as their erections rubbed together.  Xander reached a hand in between them and gently stroked their erections together.  "Spike, can I?"


Spike nodded and Xander leaned back against the shower wall, pulling Spike to lean against his chest as he began a rough stroke of their cocks.  Spike groaned softly and buried his face in Xander's shoulder, hands grasping tightly to the boy pleasuring him.  With adrenaline from the fight still running through their veins, and emotions from the discussion still high, it wasn't long before Spike came, bucking into Xander's fist and whimpering his release.  Xander followed quickly after, groaning deep in his throat as the stress of the day drained out through his cock.  They collapsed against the shower wall, letting the heat of the water soothe them both.  Finally Spike sighed and pushed away from the wall.  "Come on pet, best get out before we prune." 


Xander allowed Spike to lead him out of the shower and dry them off.  Xander immediately headed for his room and was surprised when Spike steered them towards the Vampires room.  "Huh?  Spike, what?"


Spike smiled softly, "I wanna do this right pet, and that includes the setting."


Xander stood by Spike's bed, trying not to notice the black satin sheets.  "Do what right?"


Spike held Xander close and whispered in his ear, "Claim you, luv." 


Xander gasped and Spike took advantage of the boy's shock to capture Xander's mouth in a deep kiss.  While the brunette was distracted Spike maneuvered the boy onto the bed and arranged him comfortably against the pillows.  He pulled back and admired the view.  "You're beautiful, luv."  Xander blushed and Spike chuckled.  "Stay right there luv, back in a mo'."


Spike went into Xander's bedroom and grabbed the lube out of the boy's bedside table.  He then got a damp towel out of the bathroom and took a few moments to calm himself down while he desperately tried to remember what that sex guide book of Xander's had said.  Use lots of lube, go slow, start out with fingers, right I can do this.  Xander is mine and I want him.  The past doesn't control me anymore, Angelus doesn't control me anymore.


Feeling more confident, Spike headed back to his room and Xander.  The boy was where he had left him, spread out on the bed, doing his best to look relaxed.  Spike set the supplies down and crawled up on the bed, curling up around the warm body of his lover.  "You all right, luv?" 


Xander smiled, "Yeah, just fine."


Spike eyed the boy seriously.  "Are you sure you want this, Xan?"


Xander nodded, "Please Spike, I want you."


Spike smiled and leaned in for a kiss.  The brief brushing of lips grew more passionate and soon hands were roaming everywhere as tongues dueled.  Spike rolled on top of Xander and settled between the boy's legs, bringing their cocks into alignment for a few frantic thrusts.  Not wanting to end it too soon, Spike reluctantly pulled away and began to kiss down Xander's neck and chest.  He stopped to lick at Xander's hardening nipples, pulling a hard nub into his mouth and sucking softly.  Xander gasped and arched up into his mouth, hands coming up to thread through his hair and keep his head in place.  Spike paid thorough attention to the nipple before moving on to its twin.  By now, Xander was moaning and squirming beneath him.   Spike thoroughly laved the nipple with his tongue, sucking and nipping at it, before finally releasing it with a soft 'pop'.  Xander moaned his disappointment, but let go of Spike's hair so the Vampire could move lower.  Spike kissed down Xander's chest, dipping his tongue into the boy's bellybutton, and running his fingers through the trail of hair leading to Xander's leaking cock.  Spike allowed his fingers to explore Xander's erection for several minutes, learning the weight and feel of it, before leaning over and licking gently from root to tip.  Xander tasted salty and musky and...Xanderish, Spike leaned down for another taste. 


"Spike!  Stop!"


Spike looked up at Xander in surprise. "What's wrong pet?"


"Nothing, it's just, I'm really close, and the thought of you sucking me..."


Spike smirked, "Got it pet."


Xander relaxed back down onto the bed.  Spike sat up and spread Xander's legs; getting his first good look at his boy.  The sight made him even harder.  Spike reached over and grabbed the tube of lube.  "Okay, pet?"  Xander nodded and Spike slicked up a slightly shaking hand.  Gingerly, he reached down and brushed a finger against Xander's hole.  The brunette gasped and Spike stilled. 


"Go on Spike, please."


Spike nodded and gently circled the hole, before sliding the tip of his finger inside.  The Vampire gasped, Xander was so hot!  He slid his finger further in, until it was all the way inside.  "'re so hot!"  Xander moaned and pushed against the finger invading him.  Spike began to move gently in and out, slicking up Xander's passage. 


"Now two!"  Xander panted.


Spike obliged, slowly sliding a second finger into the boy's heat. 


"Oh gods, Spike!  You feel so good!  This feels so good."


Spike bit back a moan at the sight of his fingers sliding in and out of his boy.  He could hardly believe that soon he would be inside Xander. 




"Yeah pet?"


"Your fingers, crook them kinda forward and up."


Curious, Spike did and brushed against a spot that felt different.  Xander arched and screamed.  "Gods!  Yes!  Do that again!"


Spike did and watched in amazement as pure pleasure washed over Xander's features.  "Xan, luv.  What's that?"


" prostate.'s like a G spot, for guys."  The brunette managed to pant out.


"Oh, well, that's bloody useful."  Spike grinned and gave the spot a final massage before returning to loosening Xander's passage.  Spike had worked a third finger into the boy and was thrusting in and out when Xander finally began to beg.  "Please Spike, need you. me, now."


Wordlessly, Spike nodded and removed his fingers.  He knelt in front of Xander as the boy grabbed a pillow and positioned it beneath his hips.  Xander noticed the shaking of Spike's hands and took the lube from the nervous blonde, squirting some out and lubing up Spike's cock himself.  "Spike, are you sure you're okay with this?  We can stop if you need to."


Spike shook his head, hissing his pleasure at the feel of Xander's slick hand on his aching cock.  "No, I'm...I'm fine luv.  I want this, I want you."


Xander nodded and lay back down, spreading his legs and locking his eyes with Spike's, silently sending the blonde his love and reassurance.  Spike positioned himself over Xander and pressed the head of his cock against the boy's opening.  "Xander?"  Spike gazed into deep brown eyes and found only love and trust. 


Spike took a deep breath.  "Xander, I love you," and pressed forward.


Xander gasped.  "I...I love you too Spike."  Then groaned as he was breached for the first time.


Spike sank slowly, inch by inch into Xander's heat.  He was shaking and could hardly keep his arms firm enough to hold himself up.  Blue eyes remained locked with brown, and he saw Xander's eyes widen as he slid the rest of the way in.  Spike gasped at the intense head that was surrounding him.  It felt amazing.


"You feel amazing, love.  So good." 


Spike held himself as still as he could, giving them both a chance to get used to this.  He shifted slightly and Xander gave a little half gasp/half sob of pleasure that Spike felt to his core. Good Gods.  Is it possible to cum from sound alone?  If he makes that sound again I may find out.  To keep that from happening, Spike leaned down and captured Xander's lips in a soft kiss as he began a gentle thrusting motion.  Xander moaned into his mouth and thrust up against him and they soon found a rhythm together. 


Xander's hands dug furrows up and down Spike's back while Spike's hands were busy tweaking the boy's nipples and tracing his warm flesh.  Spike sucked greedily on Xanders' tongue, causing the boy to moan and thrust harder against him.  Spike took the clue and began to increase the pace, almost overwhelmed by the heat and slick tightness that surrounded him.  Xander whimpered as his cock was ground between their bodies and he tore his mouth away to suck in some much needed air. 


"Spike, faster, harder!  I'm so close!"


Spike pulled back and used the new angle to thrust harder, feeling his cock graze that spot inside the boy with every thrust.  Xander's eyes were closed and he was moaning and writhing beneath the blonde.  "Xander, look at me."


Xander opened passion fogged eyes and met glowing yellow ones.  Spike morphed into game face and stared at the boy.  "Mine!"


"Yours!"  Xander shouted as Spike leaned in and bit down on his claim mark, drinking hungrily the passion laced blood that welled to the surface.  Xander cried out as his orgasm slammed into him.  Some instinct overrode the tremors wracking his body and he leaned up and sank his teeth into Spike's shoulder, greedily swallowing his mate's blood.


Xander's bite pushed Spike over the edge and he screamed his pleasure as Xander sucked on the wound he created.  Dimly, Spike felt the faint, wavery feeling of 'Xander' in his head snap into sharp focus and he knew the bond had solidified. 


Xander felt his orgasm going on and on.  The pulling feeling of Spike drinking from him just intensified the orgasm.  Suddenly Xander felt something in his head snap into place, like a spot he hadn't known was hollow was now filled. Finally, Xander let go of Spike's shoulder and relaxed back down onto the bed as the last of the tremors ran through his body.  He hissed as he felt Spike's fangs slide from his flesh and felt Spike's tongue cleaning the wound.  Once he was satisfied that no more blood remained, the Vampire collapsed onto Xander with a groan.  Xander wound his arms and legs around the lithe body covering him and held on.  "Spike, that amazing.  Thank you.  I love you."


The tousled blonde head came up off his shoulder and dazed blue eyes met his.  "I love you too Xander."  Spike leaned in and kissed Xander softly.  "Thank you love."


With a groan, Spike pulled out and they curled up around each other on the bed.  Xander rested his head on the Vampire's cool chest and sighed happily as Spike's fingers began to thread through his hair.  "Spike?  That feeling, during the claiming, it felt like something snapped together in my head."


Spike grinned.  "That was the bond love.  It's official now, no getting out of it."


Xander smiled happily.  "Good.  I don't want to go back, you're mine and I'm yours."  Xander raised his head and met Spike's eyes.  "I love you Spike.  I want to be with you, always."


Spike blinked back tears and placed a soft kiss on his mate's mouth.  "I love you to Xan." 


"I know Spike, thank you."  As they drifted off to sleep in each others arms, Xander realized he could feel it, feel Spike's love for him in the back of his mind.  It was perfect.


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