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Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: Movement

"Come on Boy!  You can do better than that!  Get back into position."  Spike's voice echoed off the walls of the training room. 


Xander groaned, picked himself up off the mat and took a defensive position.  It had been two weeks since his injury and after a week of bed rest and three doses of Vampire blood, Xander had been deemed healed enough to start a training regimen. It seemed that Spike was determined to see that Xander could fight well enough to hold his own on patrols. Currently, Spike was teaching Xander how to throw an opponent.  Mostly the lesson consisted of Xander getting thrown around the room.


Xander braced himself and nodded to Spike.  The blonde rushed Xander, reaching for him, and Xander grabbed Spike's wrist, using the Vampire's forward momentum to toss the Vampire over his shoulder. Unfortunately Xander didn't let go in time and fell after Spike, they landed on the mat together, limbs hopelessly tangled. 


Blue eyes blinked up at him, "Your executions better, but we still have to work on the follow through."


Xander grinned sheepishly at the blonde before letting his head fall down and rest on Spike's chest.  Cool fingers came up to stroke through his sweat-dampened locks.  "Tired pet?"  Xander groaned softly.  Spike chuckled, "I'll take that as a yes."


"I thought the bond was supposed to make me stronger and stuff.  I don't feel any stronger."


Spike sighed.  "I know pet.  But you are getting stronger.  I can feel it when we spar.  Also you're healed already."  Spike extracted one of Xander's arms from the tangle of limbs and held it in front of Xander's nose.  "See?"  Spike trailed a finger down the new, pink skin that was all that was left of the burns.  Xander shivered at the touch and pressed himself closer to the cool body beneath him.  Spike gasped softly and Xander raised his head to see Spike's eyes, wide and wondering, staring up at him.  Slowly, so as not to spook the Vampire, Xander lowered his head until his lips brushed against Spike's.  Spike barely hesitated before parting his lips and deepening the kiss.  Xander eagerly followed suit, parting his lips and allowing his tongue to enter Spike's cool mouth.  This was only the third time they had kissed, the second being the third blood exchange, which had played out exactly like the second: a make-out session followed by cold showers. Since then they would cuddle on the couch while watching TV, but otherwise Spike hadn't been risking physical contact, including having returned to sleeping in his own bed now that Xander was healed. The most physical contact they got was during their sparing sessions. 


Xander sucked softly on Spike's tongue, shivering as Spike's hands ghosted up his back to cup his face.


Spike was slowly becoming more relaxed as they kissed, taking some initiative to move his hands over Xander's body.  Spike's hands ran through Xander's hair and down his back as they kissed, before suddenly grabbing Xander and flipping them so Spike was on top.  Xander gasped into the kiss, and Spike took the opportunity to sweep his tongue through the boy's mouth.  He levered himself up on his forearms and looked down at the wide, dilated eyes of the boy beneath him.  As he moved up, their lower bodies came into contact, causing their erections to brush against each other.  Spike hissed at the contact, surprised as pleasure raced through him, his body aching for more.


Just at that moment, the bells over the shop door jingled.  Spike pulled away from the dazed looking boy and smiled ruefully.  "That's a very effective technique for distracting your opponent Xan, however I don't think it's one I want you using in a fight."  Spike stood and reached a hand down to the boy.  "Come on, pet.  The gang's here, we should clean up a bit before the meeting."


Xander nodded and returned Spike's smile before heading off to the bathroom to clean up.  Spike began tidying up the equipment and mats theyd been using, lost in his own thoughts.  Well, fuck.  This proves it then.  We kissed without the influence of the bite and I liked it just as much.  So it's not just the blood exchange turning me on. I really do want the boy.  He chuckled to himself.  Well, between the chip and working for the white hats, it's finally happened.  I've turned into a great bloody poof.


Xander wandered out of the bathroom, buttoning up his shirt.  His hair was wet and the damp, curling ends fell into his eyes as he focused on the buttons.  Spike felt his chest tighten at the sight.  Mine.  He quickly walked over to the boy and brushed the hair out of his eyes.  One hand captured Xander's chin and lifted until Spike could look him in the eyes.  Spike brushed his lips over Xander's, then batted the boy's hands away and finished buttoning up the shirt.  "You go on and say hi to the girls, 'kay pet?  I'll just wash up and be on out in a few."


Xander's happy grin sent shivers up and down Spike's spine.  The boy happily bounced out into the main room and Spike headed into the shower to take care of his aching erection.




Spike eventually wandered out of the back room, freshly showered and dressed, and flopped down on the couch next to Xander.  Xander didn't look up from the conversation with Willow he was involved in, but he automatically moved his leg so their thighs were pressed together. "So, what's on the violence menu for tonight?" Spike asked the gathered Scoobies.


Buffy looked up from the magazine she was reading, "Rumor has it there's a new Vampire in town, possibly a Master.  He thinks he's one anyway, there's been a rash of new fledges.  Giles thinks he's trying to take over the hell mouth."


Spike snorted, "Well of course.  They all try to take over the hell mouth, it's in the bloody rule book or something."


Giles threw down his book in disgust.  "I cannot identify this supposed Master from the vague description you have given me Buffy.  You will have to patrol and try to get an actual look at him."


Buffy rolled her eyes and tossed down the magazine, "Fine, I'll go patrol.  Anyone else up for it?"


Willow and Xander declined, preferring to stay at the Magic Box and research, but Spike agreed to go with Buffy and see if they could find this new Master Vampire.  Before leaving Spike leaned over and whispered in Xander's ear.  "Don't you go walking home alone, eh pet?  I expect to find you nice and safe when I get there."


Xander rolled his eyes, "Yes mother."  Willow giggled and Spike mock scowled at the two before following Buffy out of the shop.




Xander was curled up on the couch, watching a late night movie when Spike stumbled into the house, covered in neon blue slime and grinning widely.  Xander raised an eyebrow at the bouncy Vampire, something he had been practicing in secret.  "Did we have fun tonight?"


"It was bloody brilliant pet!  We never ran into the git we were looking for, but I offed a couple of his childer!  Then he sent some of his pet demons after us.  If you think I look goopy, you should see the Slayer, covered in blue slime head to toe!"


Xander grinned at the image.  Spike headed to the bathroom. 


Half an hour later a damp Spike flopped down on the couch, dressed only in a pair of sweat pants.  Xander was immediately hard as the half naked Vampire reminded him of earlier that day in the training room.  Slowly, Xander leaned over until he was leaning against Spike's chest.  Spike's arms immediately came up to encircle him.  Sighing softly, Xander relaxed against the Vampire before tilting his head up.  Capturing Spike's eyes, the brunette leaned the extra inch forward and captured the Vampire's lips with his own. 


Spike deepened the kiss without hesitation, his body hyper aware and aching after the fight and his and Xander's kisses earlier in the evening.  Their tongues twined together, and Xander's hand drifted up to lightly caress the side of Spike's face before beginning to gently trace down Spike's neck and over his chest, moving lower.  Spike broke off the kiss with a gasp.  "Pet..."


Huge chocolate eyes looked up at him.  "Spike, do you trust me?"


Spike stared into the boys eyes, losing himself.  "Of course luv."


A bright grin broke across Xander's face.  "I really wanna do something for you.  All you have to do is remember to say stop if it gets too much for you, okay?"


Dumbly, Spike nodded. 


Xander dropped a quick kiss to the Vampire's lips before pushing Spike back into more of a reclining position.  Moving slowly, Xander brought his hands down to Spike's waist.  Holding Spike's gaze, Xander pulled the sweatpants down and off, exposing Spike's semi-erect cock.  Xander's breath caught in his throat.  "Gods Spike, you're beautiful." 

Continuing to move slowly, giving Spike every opportunity to stop, Xander lay down between Spike's spread legs, at eye level, and mouth level, with Spike's cock.  Tentatively, Xander licked up the length.  Spike gasped, and Xander did it again.  He continued to lick up Spike's length, until the pale cock was full and weeping.  Xander looked up to see Spike's head was thrown back, his eyes were wide and unseeing, and he trembled all over.


"Is this all right, Spike?"


"Y...yes."  Spike managed to gasp out. 


Smiling, Xander blew across the leaking tip, causing Spike to moan.  Eyeing the huge piece of flesh in front of him, Xander felt only one thing, an empty ache.  He needed Spike inside of him, any way he could get him.  "Gods Spike, you don't know how long I've wanted to do this."  Leaning down, Xander took Spike into his mouth.


Spike cried out as wet heat enveloped him.  "Oh, gods, Xander!"


Xander grew impossibly hard as Spike cried out his name. He began to thrust against the couch as he suckled on Spike's cock, tongue playing with the foreskin, gradually moving his mouth lower and lower until he could feel the head pressing against the back of his throat. The brunette swallowed around the hard flesh in his mouth until it became too hard to breathe, then he backed off and suckled on the head while he caught his breath. 


Spike was moaning and writhing beneath him, hands in a death grip on the couch cushions. 


"Spike, do you want me to stop?" Xander already knew what the answer would be, but with Spike's skittishness, he figured it was a good idea to check in anyway.


"God, NO!"


Xander laughed and recaptured Spike's cock, trying to memorize the taste of the Vampire.  Deep and earthy, salty, clean, Xander catalogued the flavors as he worked his mouth up and down the length.  Spike whimpered and thrust up into Xander's throat.  Xander relaxed his throat muscles and let Spike thrust, worrying that if he held the Vampire down, it would bring up memories neither of them wanted at the moment.  Spike was panting and making soft whimpering sounds in the back of his throat as he thrust up into the wet heat of Xander's mouth.  Xander groaned at the erotic picture the Vampire displayed and ground down into the couch a little faster, seeking friction for his own aching erection.  As Xander's throat vibrated with the boy's groaning, Spike's thrusts became ragged and Xander drew back a little, wanting to taste the offering Spike was about to give up.  Xander sucked hard and Spike came with a howl, arching up off the couch, voice echoing around the apartment.  Xander groaned deeply as he drank down Spike's cum, barely noticing as his own orgasm shook him.  Panting, the two men collapsed back onto the couch, Xander releasing Spike's softened flesh and nestling his head in the crook of Spike's hip. 


Xander closed his eyes and relaxed, relishing the scents of Spike and sex.  Eventually Spikes cool hand found its way down to stroke through his hair.  "Mmm, pet, that was...amazing.  Thank you."


Xander lifted his head and grinned at the sated blonde.  "Yeah, it was.  Thank you, Spike.  Thank you for trusting me that much."


Spike looked embarrassed and averted his eyes.  Unable to contain his silly grin, Xander dropped a gentle kiss onto Spike's softened flesh and then sat up and helped Spike get dressed again.  Then they curled up on the couch together and let the late night movie lull them into a light doze.




Spike woke up late the next afternoon, feeling very satisfied.  He stretched and flopped back down into bed, not yet ready to face Xander.  Last night had been wonderful, the good fight, the amazing blowjob, and then the cuddling afterwards.  The last had been perhaps the best part.  Spike loved simply curling up with the boy, loved the simply pleasure of just touching and being touched.  It felt safe, a feeling Spike had not gotten from a lover, or anyone for that matter, in far too long.  Even though he was attracted to Xander, Spike was reluctant to move their relationship further and risk losing this precious feeling of safety. 


Spike stretched again and frowned when he noticed that his pillow felt funny.  Rolling over and lifting it up he found a book underneath.  Not just any book, Xander's book, the book, "The Joy of Gay Sex."  Spike sat up and gingerly picked up the book turning it over in his hands.  When had the boy snuck in here and left it?  They spent most of the night curled up around each other on the couch, and Xander had been asleep when Spike had carried the boy to bed then retreated to his own waiting bed and much needed sleep.  Spike decided that Xander must have snuck in here earlier this morning and left it.  Shrugging to himself, Spike sat up against the headboard and opened the book.  Well, it's one way to tell if I'm going to be able to handle a full relationship with the boy or not.  Settling himself, Spike began to read.




Xander was sitting at the table, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper when Spike wandered out of his bedroom.  The blonde was wearing black sweat pants and an older black tee shirt and reading as he walked.  Xander greeted the Vampire and turned back to his paper.


"Xan, what's frottage?"


Xander spit his coffee out all over the table.  "What?!"


Spike sat down at the table and handed the flustered brunette a napkin.  "I said, what is frottage?"


Xander blushed bright red.  "Um, its um, rubbing."


Spike frowned, "Yeah, that's what your book says, but I'm not sure I get it."


"Uh, ummm...what's not to get?"


Spike shrugged, "Well, it just doesn't seem that interesting.  What makes it better than just jacking yourself off?"


Oh gods, I'm dead aren't I?  Spike the 'I won't ever have sex with men' Vampire let me give him a blowjob and now is asking me about sex positions.  I must have gotten killed on my way home from the Magic Box last night and now I'm in some weird hell dimension.


Spike tilted his head to the side and eyed the wide-eyed boy staring blankly at him.  "Pet?  Are you okay?"


Xander seemed to shake off whatever weird mood had hit him.  "Sorry.  Um, actually it's very different and very good.  Plus it's handy because you don't have to be naked to do it and you can do it almost anywhere."


Spike looked surprised and thoughtful. 


Xander was getting really weirded out, so he decided to change the subject.  "Um, Spike?  Tomorrow's Monday, do you think I'm strong enough to go back to work?  It's just, I've been out for like two weeks and my boss is starting to get impatient..."


Spike frowned.  "Well, you're healed enough.  Do you feel rested enough to start work again?"


Xander nodded.  "Yeah, I feel fine.  As much as I've enjoyed the break, I'm actually ready to go back."


"Well, I guess theres no reason for you to stay home then.  I'd like to do one more exchange before you go back though, can't hurt to have the bond a little stronger, what with the new baddy in town and all.  Let me get something to eat and we'll mark you again."


Xander nodded and returned to reading the paper, trying to ignore the instant hard-on he got at the very thought of Spike biting him again.


An hour later found them in Xander's bedroom, taking up their now familiar positions on the bed.  Once settled, Spike dropped a light kiss onto the mark and bit.  The brunette hissed softly as Spike's fangs sank into his flesh.  The sound of his blood rushing through his veins was thunderous and each pulse of blood leaving his body seemed to harden his cock a little more.  By the time Spike's wrist was at his mouth, Xander was whimpering and grinding back against the cool body behind him. 

Xander drank hungrily, getting every drop of Spike's blood he could.  Finally the wrist was wrenched away from his mouth and Spike's voice, hoarse and thick, whispered in his ear.  "Xan?  D'you think you could show me that frottage thing?"


Xander almost sobbed in relief.  Turning in Spike's arms, Xander captured the Vampire's cool lips in a passionate kiss.  Spike kissed back and started to scoot down the bed and onto his back.  Xander wasn't going to let the blonde run any risk of negative reactions though, so he quickly flipped them, pulling Spike fully on top of him.  Spike looked down at Xander in surprise.  "But...I don't..."


Xander shifted and spread his legs so Spike settled in between them.  Then he thrust up against the Vampire's cool body.  Spike gasped in surprise as their cocks rubbed together, hard flesh cushioned by the soft layers of sweatpants.  The hesitant Vampire quickly caught on and set up his own rhythm.  He lowered his head and recaptured Xander's lips in a deep kiss. 

Spike couldn't believe the sensations running through his body.  How could something so simple feel so good?  Xander's hands were digging tightly into his lower back and the boy was hungrily sucking on his tongue.  Spike groaned and thrust harder against the warm body beneath him.  Realizing he hadn't yet dropped his game face, Spike sucked Xander's tongue into his mouth and slit it open on a fang, quickly following suit with his own tongue.  Their mixed blood filled his mouth and Xander moaned brokenly, plundering Spike's mouth for his share of the coppery mixture.  Spike's thrust grew faster and more ragged as the blood pushed him closer to the edge.  He grasped Xander's shoulders and held the brunette impossibly close, struggling to get as much friction as possible.  Xander responded by tightening his hands on Spike's back and hooking a leg over the Vampire's thigh.  The two thrust raggedly against each other, their pants and moans filling the quiet apartment. 


"Oh, yes, Spike!"  Xander came first, arching and shuddering underneath the cool body blanketing him. 


Spike watched in awe as passion swept Xander's features, and knowing that he had been the cause pushed the Vampire over the edge.  Spike buried his head in Xander's shoulder as his orgasm wracked him. 


Xander's hands were threading their way through Spike's hair when Spike finally raised his head to look Xander in the eye.  Xander smiled sheepishly, "Hi."


"Hi yourself.  Are you okay pet?"


"Mmhmm.  More than.  You?"


"Yeah, that was, wow."  Spike leaned down and brushed a gentle kiss over his boy's warm lips.  "We need showers.  Do you want first or second?"


Xander shrugged, "You go, I'm just gonna lay here and bask."


Grinning, Spike slipped off the bed and headed for the bathroom.  "Hey, Spike?"


Spike paused in the doorway.  "Yeah pet?"


"So tell me.  Is frottage better than jacking off?"


Spike laughed.  "Much better pet, much better."

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