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Series: BTVS

Pairing: S/W

Rating: NC-17, no plot, just smut.

Warnings: het-slash; ick factor for mixing oral sex with menstrual fluids.

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine; this story is not for profit.

Summary: Willow is in pain, Spike helps out.  This is the first I've worked with this pairing, I'm having a really bad period and decided to share the misery, as well as my fantasy cure. ; )

Spoilers: takes place early season four, AU. Spike is chipped, post Oz, pre Tara.

Willow stumbled into Giles' apartment, clutching her abdomen, a look of intense pain across her normally perky features.  Giles looked up in shock, "Dear Lord Willow, are you quite all right?"


Willow scowled at the Watcher and gingerly lowered herself to the couch. "I'm fine," she snapped.


Buffy took one look at the redhead before realization dawned across her face.  "Uh oh.  Is it that bad?"


Willow winced at a particularly bad cramp and nodded.


Giles was still mystified, "Is what that bad?"


Xander rolled his eyes and slung an arm around the Watcher's shoulders.  "Trust me G-man, it's a woman thing, you don't want to get involved."


Realization made the Watcher blush, "I...I'll get you some aspirin." He stammered out before disappearing upstairs.


Spike watched the proper British gentleman retreat at the mention of womanly problems and smirked. 


Buffy caught his smirk and slapped him upside the head as she walked by the chair he was lounging in.  "Watch it Fangless, one wrong word and it's back in the tub for you."  She ignored the blonde's mumbled complaints and dug around in the kitchen cabinets, "I know we left some of that raspberry tea here last month, Wills, I'll make you some."


Willow leaned back on the couch with a sigh, "Thanks Buffy."


Xander came back from the kitchen, where he had microwaved a heat pack.  "Here you go Wills.  This'll make it all better."


Spike gaped at the boy, "I always knew you were a girl, whelp."


Xander rolled his eyes at the chipped Vampire.  "I grew up with girls, bleach boy.  It makes life a lot easier when you learn how to take care of them."


Anya finally looked up from the magazine she had been reading.  "It's true.  Xander has been very helpful in teaching me how to be a human woman.  In fact, you know what always makes my cramps better?"


At Willow's slightly interested look, Anya continued, blissfully unaware of Xander's frantic signaling.  "Orgasms!  I find that during my period orgasms always help the worst of my cramps."


Willow scowled at the smiling ex-demon, trying to think up an appropriately painful spell to use, when Xander swooped in and distracted the ex-demon.  "Ahn, sweetie, why don't you come with me, we'll go get Willow some chocolate ice cream."  Xander pulled his girlfriend after him and out the door, frantically whispering to her. "Anya!  How could you say that?  Oz left Willow!  She's still really upset and doesn't need to be reminded of it..."


Spike smirked at the humans scurrying around, trying not to upset the fragile looking redhead who was lying on the couch.  Spike sniffed, she smelled like pain and was covered in the scent of thick, heavy blood. His demon roared in hunger and lust.  He hadn't had fresh blood since he'd gotten his chip.


Giles came back down stairs with a bottle of painkillers just as Buffy returned from the kitchen with the tea.  They set the offerings down on the coffee table next to Willow.  She smiled wanly at them.  "Thanks guys,"


Just then the phone rang, Giles went to answer it and was back a few minutes later.  "Buffy, that was Willy, apparently he has some information for us.  Would you please accompany me?"


Buffy nodded, "Sure Giles.  Willow, will you be okay here until Xan and Anya get back?"


Willow nodded and waved them away.


"Hey Slayer, let me come, I haven't been out of this bloody flat in days."


Giles frowned at the Vampire.  "No Spike, this is purely a fact finding mission.  You stay here and watch over Willow."


Buffy grabbed mister pointy, "If you bother her, you're dust."


Willow waved the Slayer and Watcher off, "If he bothers me, you'll come back to find a frog in his place."


Buffy smirked and followed her Watcher out of the apartment.  Spike sulked a little, before restlessly getting up to pace, the smell of blood making him edgy. 


"Spike," came Willow's weary voice, "I really do know how to turn a person into a frog, you know."


Spike stood over the couch and the reclining girl. "I'm not a person, I'm a demon."


"Then you'd be a very evil frog, quit pacing."


Spike looked down at the suffering girl and smirked to himself as a plan began to form.  "You know Red," he said casually, "the demon bint was right about the orgasm thing."


Willow opened one eye, "How would you know?"


Spike shrugged, "I just do.  Saw it on Lifetime.  Stupid daytime TV."


Willow managed a weak smile.  "No offense Spike, but I'm not about to have sex with you."


Spike sat down on the edge of the couch, "Doesn't have to be sex, you just lie there and let me take care of you."


Willow frowned in confusion, "What do you mean?  What would you get out of helping me anyway?"


"Fresh blood."


Willows eyes opened comically wide in understanding.  "Oh...ewww!"  Any other protest was cut off as she curled up in a fetal position while another cramp wracked her small frame.  "Oh gods, I just want it to stop!"


Spike calmly walked to the bathroom and fetched a towel; he didn't want to get dusted for getting blood all over the Watcher's couch.  Gently, he lifted Willow up and laid the towel out underneath her.  "It's all right Red, let Spikey make it all better."


He lay the pain wracked girl back down and sat down on the couch next to her.  Then he slowly pushed up her skirt and reached up to remove her panties.  He looked up to find her watching him with curiosity, but no fear, so he continued.  He removed her panties and settled himself between her spread legs.  She was starting to breath faster and Spike smiled to himself, detecting pheromones mixed in with the predominant scents of blood and pain.  Deftly, Spike wrapped his tongue around the little white string resting between Willow's lips and pulled, tossing the tampon to the side.  Willow gasped as his cool tongue softly licked along the outside of her lips.  He began lapping at her entrance, teasing it open, tasting the small trickle of blood that began to flow.  She tasted dark and rich, the undertones of copper and iron mingling with the pure taste of her sex.  Spike growled softly, it had been months since he had had fresh blood and the taste was euphoric. 


Willow spread her legs a little more and Spike slipped his tongue inside her, long licks tracing the contours of her channel, the soft skin fluttering against the invasion.  Blood began to flow more heavily and Spike slurped it up, sucking softly at her opening as his tongue delved deeper.  Willow gasped and arched up, hands digging into the couch cushion, fighting to keep from clamping her legs around the Vampire's head. 


Spike raised his head, a smear of blood across one cheek.  "It's okay Red, you won't hurt me.  Vampire, remember?"


Willow focused lust-dazed eyes on him long enough to nod.  Spike lowered his head and went back to work and Willow clamped her legs hard around his head, rocking her hips against the thrusts of his tongue.  "Oh, goddess, Spike..."


Her voice drifted down to him and Spike chuckled, sending vibrations through her sensitive folds.  Willow moaned and Spike renewed his efforts, thrusting his tongue in with abandon, searching out every drop of blood hidden within her depths.  The Vampire slipped one hand underneath her ass and the other up to begin rubbing her clit.  Willow gasped and rocked into his fingers.  Spike alternated deep thrusts of his tongue with shallow licks, eagerly drinking the rich blood that flowed into his mouth.  With a loud cry, Willow arched up off the couch and came, body wracked with tremors as her orgasm coursed through her.  Spike continued to delve into her depths, riding out her orgasm as he took advantage of the fresh blood while he could.  Panting, Willow settled back down onto the couch, a sleepy smile on her face.  "Mmm, thanks Spike, that is better."


Spike raised his blood-smeared face from between her legs, "My pleasure pet, my pleasure."


The end.



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