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Blood Borne: Nine
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Part 9: Epilogue

Two teenage girls stood back to back in the moonlight, heads up in haughty defiance of the five fledgling Vampires circling them.  The Vampires hurled insults and threats, confident in their ability to take down the two girls, but the girls never flinched. 

They were a sight to behold.  One tall, long sable hair pulled back into a braid, pale skin illuminated in the light of the full moon.  Her eyes flashed a startling icy blue as she laughed her defiance at the predators, but the set of her whipcord thin body belied her casual affect.  The other, petite and curvy, mousy blond hair wafting on the spring breeze, her normally warm brown eyes were hard as she sized up her opponents.  Both pairs of eyes remained focused on the Vampires circling them, neither glanced towards the three adults hidden in the shadows, watching.

There was no noticeable communication between the two, but suddenly they launched themselves at the fledges, each taking one out in the surprise move, before settling down to the serious fighting.  The girls fought seamlessly together, each move flowing into the next, both appearing to be aware of the other at all times. 

Xander tensed as he saw a fledge attempt to sneak up on Ashlynn, but she had anticipated the move, tossing a stake over her shoulder with deadly aim, never breaking her stride.  She must have heard his indrawn breath, because she turned briefly in his direction and winked before returning to the fight.  Xander chuckled to himself, reaching down to grasp hold of the cool arms that were sliding around his waist.  "I think Buffy must have taught her that move."

Spike snorted softly, "She definitely taught her the attitude."

Laughing, Xander turned to press a kiss onto his mate's cheek, "Of course she did.  Our daughter couldn't have gotten that snarky, king of the world attitude from anyone else, certainly not her Big Bad father."

"Of course not."  Spike watched the two girls, they had finished off four of the five fledges and were now tossing the last back and forth between them, playing with it.  "I may have taught her that, though."

"Of course.  All good Vampires, and daughters of Vampires, know how to torment their opponents."

The two girls finally tired of playing with the Vampire and dusted it, then turned to the crypt and the adults hidden in the shadows.

"Any more of them tonight?" Ashlynn called to her parents.

Xander grinned, "No sweetie, I think you two cleared the place out for the night."

Ashlynn bounced, something Xander swore she didn't learn from him.  "Cool!  It's Friday, can we go to the Bronze?"

Xander glanced at Spike and his mate answered, "Sure, luv.  But the Slayer has to ask her Watcher, and you come straight home afterwards."

Ashlynn put on her best pout, something Spike swore she didn't learn from him.  "But I wanted to spend the night at Kira's."

Spike must have hesitated, because Xander wiggled a little in his arms, reminding the Vampire why having an empty house for the night would be a good thing.  "Sure, luv.  If it's okay with Dawn."

Kira, the newest Slayer, turned to her Watcher.  "Please Dawn, can we go out and can Ash come spend the night afterwards?"

Dawn Summers laughed at her young charge.  "Yes to both.  Just be careful and all that parental stuff I'm supposed to say."

The girls squealed and bounced, then threw kisses at the adults and hurried off hand in hand, eager for an adult free evening. 

Dawn smiled indulgently at the girls and turned to her companions.  "Kids.  Was I ever that young?"

Spike and Xander both nodded gravely, "Yup, and not that long ago either."
The Watcher rolled her eyes, "Please, you two were still hanging out at the Bronze until last year when the girls forbade you from going there anymore."

Xander tried to look innocent, "That's because we both still look like we could fit in there.  Unlike some thirty-something year olds I know."

Dawn mock growled at the men, "I swear Xander Harris, immortal or not, I am getting Willow and Tara to come up with some spell to make you look older than 26, it just isn't fair."

The three laughed, it was an old argument. 

Dawn sighed and glanced at her watch.  "Well, I'd better get home to warn the husband that we will be invaded by teenage girls, and make sure the house is well stocked with chocolate and soda, I don't want a rebellion on my hands."

Waving goodbye, Dawn walked off into the night.

Spike shook his head, "I'll never get over how much the Watchers Council lets her get away with.  Married, kids, and Watcher to the Slayer."

"Spike, Giles is the Watchers Council.  And Dawn might as well be his daughter, she could do anything she wanted."

The two headed out of the cemetery and towards home.  "Isn't that a bit incestuous pet?  Dawn as his daughter and sister-in-law?"

Xander lightly slapped his lover on the shoulder, "Ewww, Spike!  Incest is not an image I wanted, thanks."

Xander thought fondly of his father figure.  Buffy and Giles had surprised them all a few years after Ashlynn was born, by becoming a couple.  Her duty as the Slayer had always shadowed the relationship, but as her Watcher, Giles was able to deal with the constant near-death experiences.  Then Buffy got pregnant.  When their daughter was born, Willow and Tara had given the happy parents the best gift of all by finding a way to call up a new Slayer and pass Buffy's duty onto her successor without Buffy having to die.  Now they lived in England, with Giles running the Watchers Council and Buffy training potentials, both enjoying the role of doting parents.  Dawn, whom Giles had already been training in Watcher skills, stayed in Sunnydale and took over as Watcher to the new Slayer. 

"Spike, how long has it been since we've seen Buffy and Giles?"

Spike thought for a moment.  "Two years maybe?  Caitlyn must be nearly four by now."

Xander nodded, "We should visit them soon.  We always say we will, but somehow we never make it farther than L.A. before some new apocalypse comes up."

Spike stopped in the middle of the street and turned to face Xander.  "You know pet, Ash and Kira graduate this June.  Come fall they'll be starting college.  Dawn's here, the Witches are just a phone call away.  There's not much holding us here anymore."

Xanders eyes widened at that revelation.  "Gods, I can't believe our daughter is about to graduate high school!"  Shaking off his shock Xander grabbed Spike's hand and started walking again.  "You're right though.  Between the two of them, and Dawn, they don't really need us anymore. Hell, Ash has even picked up a bit of magic from Wills and Tara, pretty soon they might not even need the Witchy duo anymore." 

"Ha ha, like Red and Ducks will ever not be here to help.  Tara's oldest is the Slayer for hell's sake.  No matter how much magic our Ash learns, Willow and Tara will still be hanging about, ready to help."

Xander grinned at that particular memory as he tugged his mate into the house and up the stairs to their bedroom.  Willow and Tara had finally left Sunnydale and moved up to Berkley, starting a school for training young Witches, supplemented of course by a lucrative computer consulting business.  The two Witches had been the next of the group to follow Spike and Xander into parenthood, with Tara giving birth to Kira when Ashlynn was just one.  Willow followed soon after.  Xander had been the father of Willow's first, and several other of their numerous brood, by artificial insemination, of course.  When Willow had asked him, she had said she couldn't think of anyone she would rather have for the father than her best friend.  For a couple of years Willow and Tara had taken turns being the birth mother, until they had a regular Brady Bunch.  Xander hadn't fathered them all, Kira, Tara's oldest, for instance, was fathered by a close friend of theirs in Berkley, some other magic user.  Tara had hoped that Kira would follow in her footsteps and work in magic, but the girl had surprised them all by becoming a potential slayer, then being called when the spell had passed Buffy's duties on to her successor.  Tara had been frightened at first, but they all reasoned that no other Slayer could have been so well prepared or so cared for.  Besides, if the prophecy was correct, Kira could very well be the last Slayer.  All of the former Scooby Gang had been devoting their lives to training 'normal' people to fight the demons and vampires and things that go bump in the night.  It would all hopefully mean that young girls giving up their lives to save the world would no longer be necessary.

All thoughts of his friends and their kids were quickly wiped from Xander's mind as Spike closed the bedroom door and drew him into a passionate embrace. 

"Whatcha thinking about, luv?" Spike asked as he nibbled up Xander's throat, sucking on his earlobe. 

It was suddenly very hard for Xander to think.  "Mmmm, nothing.  Just thinking about our friends and kids and stuff."

Spike turned an amused eye on his mate, "Well, maybe I can get your mind on other things, hmm?"

So saying Spike pushed his lover back against the wall and yanked Xander's pants down to his knees, kneeling swiftly as he did so.

Xander's only answer was a groan as Spike deep throated him. 

Spike sucked Xander fast and hard, expertly working his throat muscles around his mate's hard length.

Lacing his fingers through the Vampire's blonde hair, Xander moaned and thrust deeper into the intense suction.  Vaguely Xander became aware of a cool finger rubbing against his opening and he eagerly spread his legs to grant Spike better access.  The brunette couldn't last long against his mates double assault.  Jerking himself back onto the fingers stretching him and rubbing his prostate and forward into the cool wet suction of Spike's mouth quickly did Xander in, he came screaming Spike's name and collapsed weakly back against the bedroom wall.

" are too good at that." Xander managed to pant out.

Spike just grinned and licked his mate clean, before standing up and removing his boots and tee shirt, but leaving his jeans on. 

Xander whimpered in anticipation, then gasped as Spike roughly spun him around and pushed him face first against the wall.  Chuckling softly Spike ripped Xander's tee shirt off and tossed it aside, before forcing the brunette's jeans from his knees down to his ankles.  Xander stood, trembling against the wall, not looking back at his lover.  He heard Spike growl, low and deep, before feeling the first prick of fangs on his shoulder.  Fangs began to prick him all over; just enough to break the skin, let a little blood run in small trickles down his back.  Xander was shaking and moaning now, begging Spike to please, just do anything.  Suddenly the fang pricks stopped and Xander had just a split second warning of fingers on his ass telling him to relax, before Spike slid home in one powerful thrust. 

"YES!!" Xander screamed out, insanely glad that they were alone in the house.  Then all he could do was ride it out as Spike took him hard and fast, hands on his hips in a viselike grip, talented tongue licking up rivulets of blood up and down his back.  Xander was remotely aware that he was babbling, but didn't care; all he could feel was Spike's mouth on his shoulder, Spike's cock filling him.  Eventually Spike's pace began to grow ragged and one hand snaked around to fist Xander's cock in time with their thrusts.  Spike sunk his fangs into the consort mark on Xander's shoulder and it was enough to push Xander over the edge.  He came screaming Spike's name, painting the wall with stripe after stripe of sticky whiteness.  Spike followed him over the edge, pushing them both hard against the wall as he buried himself as deeply as possible inside his mate. 

They stood there, panting harshly for several minutes, before Spike finally pulled out with a groan.  "I'll go run a bath."  Spike mumbled and wandered into the bathroom.  Xander just nodded and collapsed onto the bed, trying to get his breath back and his brain working again.  The sound of the bathwater running drifted in and Xander managed to pull himself up and wander into the bathroom.  Spike had stripped out of his jeans and was pouring some bath salts into the rapidly filling tub.  "Spike, did you steal Ash's bath stuff again?  You know she's gonna be upset with you." 
Spike snorted, "Please.  Getting yelled at once a week by my own daughter is enough, thank you.  This is stuff she bought for me so I would stop borrowing hers."

Xander laughed and shut off the water then climbed into the steaming tub with a grateful sigh.  He spread his legs and patted the floor in front of him.  Spike climbed in and scooted back to rest against Xander's chest.  "Mmmm, 's nice."

Laughing, Xander kissed Spike's neck and lazily ran his hands over the familiar, beloved body.  "Yeah, it is."

Xander relaxed back into the water and sighed happily.  He found his fingers tracing the now familiar scar across Spike's abdomen and was brought immediately back to his earlier thoughts of their daughter and their friends.

Spike noticed where his fingers were tracing and snorted in disgust.  "Vampires shouldn't scar like that!  You'd think after decades of being lavished with the attentions of Darla and Angelus and not getting a single scar I could get through one damned c-section without one." 

Xander wrapped his arms tightly around Spike and pulled his mate close.  "Do you really think she doesn't need us anymore?"

The Vampire sighed and patted his mate's hands.  "Xan, luv. She's our daughter; she'll always need us.  I just think that the hell mouth doesn't need us anymore.  Between Ash and Kira, no demon or Vampire has stood a chance this last year.  Dawn's a very competent Watcher; she can translate ancient prophecies, make with the mojo, and fight along side her Slayer.  Taught her to fight myself, didn't I?" 

Spike turned slightly to face his lover.  "You've been tied to the hell mouth your whole life Xan.  You and Red and Buffy were the best protectors it could have.  But there's a new generation of protectors now.  Everyone else has passed on the torch, why can't you?"

Xander closed his eyes and let his head fall back with a thump.  "Because, Spike.  I have eternity, they don't.  It may seem like a long time now, but fifty years from now, everyone we know will be dead and gone, earlier than that for some.  I want to be with my family while I can, not off traveling the world while they fight evil without me."

Spike sighed and curled up in his lover's arms.  "Xan, luv, let me remind you that you aren't the only immortal one here.  Me and Ash will be around just as long as you will.  Hell, we don't even know if the whelps you and the Witches bred are gonna get the supernatural gifts or not.  And we'll always have family.  All you lot bred like rabbits, and those kids'll be around for a while and then have kids of their own.  You've got tons of family just waiting to be born."  Spike twisted again until he was lying on his stomach, chin resting on Xander's chest.  "Besides idiot, who says that all the evil needing to be fought is here in Sunnyhell?  There are plenty of good fights to be had out there in the great wide world."

Xander had the decency to look chagrined, and Spike upped his attack.  Gently he began to float back and forth, letting the water do most of the work, rubbing lightly against Xander.  "Besides, I didn't mean we'd just up and leave for good.  We'll start small.  Giles and Buffy want us to bring Ash and Kira to England for a visit this summer, a graduation present of sorts.  We'll take them to Berkley first; spend a week or two with Kira's moms and your brood there, then off the London for a month or two.  See the sights, show the girls around the old haunts, teach them to fight some European demons, you know, fun stuff." 

Xander laughed, "Well, of course Kira would have to go too, they're inseparable." 

Spike smirked, "More than that luv.  I have a feeling that they're following in their parents footsteps as far as taste in lovers go." 

Xander choked and coughed.  "Spike!  Are you telling me that they're dating?" 

At Spike's nod, Xander looked thoughtful.  "Huh. Well, it's not like I have a problem with Ash being gay and I'm sure that Willow and Tara won't mind.  And I guess it would make sense, seeing as the prophecy talked about immortal companion to the Slayer.  Makes sense they'd be more than just friends."

Suddenly Xander grabbed his lover by the hips, lifting Spike up into a sitting position and turning him around.  Spike gasped and threw his arms around Xander's neck, holding on as Xander maneuvered them into position.  "Spike," Xander growled, "What're the rules for talking about our daughter when were naked?" 

Spike smirked and ground against Xander's lap.  "Um, not to?"

"Tease." Xander gasped out and slid into the Vampire's cool channel.  They paused as Spike adjusted to the intrusion, then Xander began to move, gently at first, sliding in and out of his lover.

"This whole conversation was to get me thinking about this trip to England, wasn't it?"

Spike just nodded, too caught up in the feeling of his mate thrusting into him, owning him, to answer.

Xander leaned back against the tub again, thrusting lazily up into his mate.  "Well, you succeeded, sneaky bastard.  We'll go to England this summer, take most of the summer off.  Then, once the girls are settled in school, after the holidays, we'll look at taking some more trips, short ones.  Winters slow and the company doesn't need me to do more than phone consultation anyway."

Xander didn't mention that the real reason he had stopped being the active head of his construction company and retired to just CEO and call-in consultations was that there were employees who had been there from the beginning who would notice that he still looked 26 instead of 43.

Xander pulled on Spike's hips, urging his lover to move.  Spike began to ride his mate, hands grasping his shoulders, forehead resting against Xander's as they moved together. 

Spike managed to pant out between thrusts that took his breath away.  "Thanks luv.  We'll take it slow, I don't want to rush you, I'm just ready to see more than Sunnydale, you know?"

Grinding up into Spike's tight channel, it took several seconds before Xander could formulate a reply.  "I know.  I'm ready too.  And honestly, as long as were together, that's all I need."

Spike began bouncing hard, each thrust hitting his sweet spot.  "Oh gods, Xander, please."

Eager to comply, Xander began grinding up into Spike, pulling the Vampire down hard on each thrust. 

Spike morphed into game face and buried his face in the crook of Xander's neck, at the same time pulling Xander into the same position.  Fangs slid into warm flesh at the same time blunt teeth sunk into cool flesh.  Blood flowed strong between them; twin pulls that mirrored the thrusting already taking place.  Spike came first, wrenching his fangs from Xander's shoulder, head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut and back arched, screaming Xander's name.  The shuddering and clenching of Spike's channel around him ensured that Xander followed soon after.  Spike's name was torn from his throat and Xander collapsed back into the water, breathing heavily.

Spike climbed off him and snuggled down along his side, head resting on Xander's chest.  They lay curled together in the tub, getting as much time out of the hot water as they could. 

Xander turned and kissed Spike on the top of the head, "I love you Spike, you and Ash are the best things that ever happened to me.  I guess I'm just reluctant to accept that she's grown up and getting ready to move on.  We've been doing the parent thing for so long it's weird to think that we can do anything different."

Spike squeezed Xander tightly, "She may be growing up, but we'll always be parents.  And I mean always, our daughter is immortal after all."  Spike pulled Xander down for a tender kiss.  "We'll be a family forever.  Don't you ever forget that."

Xander smiled into the kiss.  "Forever."


~The End~


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