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Blood Borne: Seven
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Part 7: Waiting

Spike groaned as he lowered himself into the rocking chair.  He was past the eight-month mark now, and moving was becoming more and more difficult.  He'd had to stop going on patrol two weeks ago, when his belly got too big and unwieldy.  Plus I must weigh like twenty pounds more! Sighing, the bored Vampire flipped around the TV, not finding anything interesting on.  Xander had gone away for the weekend, claiming he had a special errand to run in L.A., and Spike was forbidden to go along.  Of course Xander telling Spike that he couldn't do something usually meant that Spike would do it immediately, but his mate was saved from any unnecessary diversionary tactics by the fact that pregnancy had gifted Spike with horrible motion sickness.  He could barely ride two blocks in the car without throwing up.  Of course that meant that Spike had spent the whole weekend alone in the house and bored out of his mind.  Buffy and Dawn had visited once, and Willow and Tara had brought him dinner last night, but still, it was really boring. 

Idly, Spike picked up the 'All about pregnancy' book the Witches had given them, but he'd read through it three times already.  He knew it by heart.  From now until the birth he'd be uncomfortable, hot, tired, grumpy and uninterested in sex.  It was the uninterested in sex part that was the kicker.  Spike hadn't believed it at first, until he'd woken up a week ago, and couldn't for the unlife of him get in the mood.  And he had always been able to get in the mood for sex with Xander.  Somehow it was hard to get past the sore back, swollen feet and hot, sweaty summer heat to want to have sex.  Plus there was that sneaky suspicion that somehow this was all Xander's fault.

The Vampire spared a glance at the other book on the coffee table; all about what to do after the baby was born.  Spike had read through the first couple months of life, but it scared him too much to continue.  A baby was so much work!  It seemed ridiculous that after one hundred plus years of traveling the world and striking fear into the hearts of mortals, taking care of one little baby scared him so much. 

Spike leaned back into the chair, grimacing as the baby began kicking violently.  When the baby had first started kicking, Spike and Xander had been in awe.  The men had eagerly awaited every sign of movement from their child.  Soon though, the tiny kicks had grown stronger, and now it was just painful.  Spike had remarked to Xander that it was like that scene in the movie 'Alien', only without the blood and gore. 

Briefly Spike considered going out to the back yard and sunbathing, something he could do now that he had the Gem of Amara, and something he had done a lot of at first.  But now it was mid-July and horribly hot, and the idea of being even hotter than he already was quickly changed his mind.  For lack of anything better to do Spike closed his eyes and attempted the deep breathing exercises that Dr. Graves had taught him.  Last week, in preparation for the birth, Dr. Graves had begun teaching Spike some breathing exercises to cause him to go into a deep trance.  Her concern was that the birth would be by cesarean section and the amount of drugs she would have to give him to bypass Vampire physiology and put him to sleep would harm the baby.  When Spike claimed that having his stomach cut open was something he could deal with, he was a Childe of Angelus after all, the doctor had explained that pain releases endorphins and even if Spike could tolerate the pain, the baby couldn't tolerate his body's reaction to it.  So here Spike was, learning to be calm and patient and to go into trance.  Calm and patient were two words that had never described Spike. 

Spike had given up on his breathing exercises and was indulging in his new favorite pastime, introducing their child to modern music, when Xander finally got home.  The brunette walked into the living room and winced at the noise.  He opened his mouth and tried to say something, most likely telling Spike to turn the music off, but not even Vampiric hearing could distinguish his mate's voice from the blaring vocals of Sid Vicious.  Exasperated, Xander strode over and turned off the stereo. 

"Oi!  The nibblet and I were listening to that!"

Xander rolled his eyes, "Spike, sweetheart, love of my life, when the baby book said playing music for the baby was good for development, I don't think they meant the Sex Pistols.  I'm pretty sure they were talking about Classical Music and stuff."

Spike snorted. "Classical music?  That's bloody boring!  Who wants to listen to that rubbish?  No child of mine, that's for sure."

Laughing, Xander strode over to the couch where Spike was lying down, and picked up his mate's feet, sitting down and placing them in his lap, and began rubbing them gently.  Spike moaned gratefully. "Thanks, luv.  How was L.A.?  Super secret mission accomplished?"

Xander passed Spike a manila envelope.  "See for yourself."

Spike took the envelope and opened it curiously.  Several papers and cards fell out.  Picking a small, plastic card up, Spike turned it over and gasped.  "Th..this, this is..."

His mate took pity on his gob smacked state and explained.  "Yeah, it's you.  William Harris.  Theres a driver's license, birth certificate, green card, the works.  Not to mention the bank cards and stuff."  Xander smiled shyly, "I wasn't sure if you would want my last name or your old one, but I figured if all three of us have the same last name, it will make any legal stuff easier."

Not taking his eyes off the drivers license he was holding, Spike reached out and grasped Xander's hand, squeezing it hard.  "Thank you love.  This is, wow."

Spike glanced suspiciously at his lover, "How'd you get all this?"

Xander smiled, "Angel's got that whole 'running a law firm' thing going now, so I had them draw up the papers.  As far as anyone is concerned, you were born in London in 1977, came to the states in '97 and became a citizen in '99.  The dates for our commitment ceremony and everything are the same.  Oh, and you have a degree in literature from UC Sunnydale.  You're a writer and do freelance work, which explains your small and infrequent income.  Apparently Gunn, the Lawyer guy, says the IRS doesn't have a way to claim income stolen from demons after you kill them."

Spike swallowed around the lump in his throat, "Thank you Xan, you thought of everything."

Xander smiled sheepishly, "Well, I have to protect the people I love."  His face hardened, "If something were to happen to me, I don't want you losing custody of the baby just because you don't legally exist."

Spike levered himself into a sitting position and wrapped his arms around his mate.  "Nothing is going to happen to you, never even think it."  Spike placed a gentle kiss to Xander's cheek, and then pulled back.  "And I'm honored to be William Harris.  I couldn't think of a better person to be."

Blinking back tears, Xander leaned in and captured Spike's mouth in a gentle kiss.

Xander's warm lips slid over his and Spike moaned softly, he had missed Xander, even though it had only been two days.  As Spike's hands ghosted down Xander's chest, the brunette groaned and pushed his mate away.  "What is it, luv?"

Xander smiled ruefully, "Spike, sweetie, since we got together, I don't think I've gone more than two days without sex, tops.  Now it's been a week, and while I understand and am prepared for the celibacy, you touching me isn't going to help matters."

Spike smirked, was his human frustrated and horny?  Well, good thing Spike was evil; he'd come up with quite a few ways to keep Xander satisfied while he himself was unavailable.  Sitting back against one arm of the couch, Spike leeringly traced his eyes over the brunette's hard body and affected his best Master voice.  "Stand up." He commanded.

Shuddering from the knowing gaze raking his body, Xander obeyed.

Spike smirked, "Good boy, now strip."

With shaking hands, Xander slowly began removing his clothing, eyes never leaving Spike's.  When he was completely naked, Spike spent several minutes just enjoying the sight of his lover's tan, well-muscled body and jutting erection before giving his next command.  "Now, run both hands through your hair."

Slowly, Xander obeyed. 

'Good.  Now stroke down your face, gently now."

Spike watched, fascinated, as Xander's strong, tan fingers ran over his eyes, down his nose, and traced along the outline of his full mouth. 

"Now down your neck, touch your scar for me love, remember what it feels like when I bite you there."  Moaning softly now, Xander traced gently down his neck, fingers brushing lightly over the claiming scar.  At the touch on his scar, Xander's cock jumped and hardened even more.  Chuckling, Spike let his lover trace along the scar a few more times before moving them along.  "Now, boy, run your hands down your chest.  Stop and play with your nipples now.  That's right luv, pinch them hard, I know you like that."

Xander's moans were coming louder now, and his hips bucked forward as he twisted and pinched his hardened nipples.  Spike groaned softly at the erotic display his mate made.  Emotionally and mentally, Spike was incredibly turned on, but physically his body was acting as if nothing was going on.  Spike inwardly cursed and spared a snarky thought for the child sitting restlessly in his abdomen.  I hope you appreciate what we're doing for you.  Making your Da and I go without sex!  Of all the things!

Xander's hands had begun to trail lower, leaving his nipples and brushing along his trembling sides.  Spike brought his attention back to his lover.  "Good pet, very good.  Now keep on touching yourself, only no touching your cock till I say so."

With a whimper, Xander's hands changed course and traced around his belly button, down the trail of hair on his stomach, and stroked along his thighs.  His deep brown eyes were hot with love and passion.

Spike knew he was close to drooling at the wanton picture his mate presented, but he managed to control his facial expression, not losing the imperious, smirking, Master face.

"Now, love, come and kneel next to me."  Spike indicated the floor in front of where he sat and on shaking legs, Xander came and knelt in front of him.

"You're being a very good boy Xander.  And good boys get rewards.  Give me your hand."

Xander extended his right hand to Spike, his left never ceasing its slow exploration of his chest and thighs.  Spike took the proffered hand and brought it to his lips, slowly extending his tongue.  Xander gasped in pleasure as Spike began to lathe the long fingers with his tongue, thoroughly coating each one before moving to the palm.  Once Xander's entire hand was damp and the brunette was moaning from the blowjob Spike had given his fingers, the Vampire released his mate's hand.  "Now, touch your cock.  One finger only, mind."

Xander ran one wet finger up the length of his cock, circling the head and trailing back down the underside.  His left hand wandered up to his chest, tracing around his nipples.

"Good boy, now two fingers."

Two fingers began to trace the human's hot, heavy cock, rubbing lightly up and down.  Xander was shaking and moaning, and while it had been a full week since he and Xander had had sex, Spike wasn't about to be merciful.  Spike fully intended to make Xander beg. 

Spike let Xander touch himself for a few minutes more before coming to a decision.  "Give me your left hand."

Taking the fingers of Xander's left hand into his cool mouth, Spike bathed them in his saliva, biting his lip and adding a little bit of blood before releasing them.  "Now put these inside yourself."

Eyes wide and pupils dilated in passion, Xander reached around and began working a finger into himself.  Xander quickly had both fingers inside himself and began jerking back onto the fingers, and jerking forward into the light friction of his fingers on his cock.

"Mmmm, very good pet.  You look positively edible."

Panting, Xander closed his eyes.  "Oh gods Spike, please, please, more please."

Spike chuckled, "More what pet?"


"Please let me touch myself more.  Please Spike!"


"That's right pet, let me hear you beg."

"Please Spike, I need it, I need it so bad."

Taking pity on his desperate lover, Spike relented.  "Use your whole hand now.  I wanna see you fist that gorgeous cock of yours."

With a thankful groan, Xander wrapped his hand around his aching cock and began stroking up and down the length. 

"That's right luv.  Just like that.  I wanna see you come for me, I wanna hear how much you like it."

Whimpering and moaning, eyes having drifted shut in his passion, Xander jerked back and forth between his fist and the fingers he had impaled himself with.  Spike groaned at the tempting sight before him and leaned over, licking and kissing along his mate's neck and shoulder.  Just when scent and sound alerted Spike that Xander was reaching his climax, Spike Vamped out and bit down, fangs slicing into his mark.  The blood, thick and sweet with passion, exploded along his tongue, and as Xander's orgasm was torn from him with a hoarse scream, Spike felt it as well, little explosions through his body, leaving him shaking and stated.  Gently Spike withdrew his fangs and leaned back into the couch. 

With an exhausted groan, Xander collapsed forward across Spike's lap, panting softly. "That was, wow, Spike.  That was great."

A happy smile on his face, Spike carded his fingers through Xander's passion dampened hair. "Mmhmm, it was, wasn't it?  You looked so hot, touching yourself like that for me."

They stayed that way for a while, before Xander finally levered himself up off the floor with a groan.  "I'm gonna go wash up."

Spike stayed sprawled out on the couch, listening to the sounds of his mate puttering around the bathroom.  Finally, clean and dressed in a pair of cut off shorts and an old tee shirt, Xander wandered back into the living room and flopped back down onto the couch, resuming his prior foot rubbing position.  Spike sighed happily.

"So, anything happen while I was away."

Eyes closed, Spike shook his head, "Nope.  It was bloody boring around here.  The Slayer and nibblet came by Friday night, brought over some movies and a bunch of baby name books.  They kept suggesting the most awful names, and by the way, we are not naming the child Buffy!  Then the Witches brought dinner by last night and looked through the books too.  They had some slightly better suggestions for names, but still none I liked."

Xander looked thoughtful, "You know, I hate to admit it, but I haven't thought about names at all."

Spike gestured to a pile of three books on the floor next to the couch, "Feel free to have a look.  I haven't come up with anything either.  And since we don't know if its a boy or girl, we have to have one of each chosen."


"Or just one that could work for either."  Xander was silent for several minutes.  "Spike?"


"Hmm, luv?"


"Do you think it's a boy or a girl?  Which one do you want?"


"Pet, at this point I'd settle for a chaos demon, as long as it gets born soon."  Sighing, Spike held Xander's eyes in a direct gaze.  "Honestly pet, with this whole prophesy thing, I could care less about the baby's gender, as long as it manages to live to adulthood without being kidnapped and sacrificed by some sorcerer for some apocalyptic ritual."


Xander dropped his gaze, one hand protectively resting on Spike's belly.  "I know."  Xander sighed, "I worry about that too.  But look, if our child will be in that much danger, who better to have as parents than a Master Vampire and an all-around kickass immortal?  Not to mention having the Slayer and a couple of scary powerful Witches as Aunts."

With another sigh, Xander returned to rubbing Spikes feet.  "Seriously though, The Slayers always a girl, so the fabled companion to the Slayer could be either.  It would be nice to have another boy around in this estrogen drenched family of ours, but truthfully, I kind of hope it's a girl."


"Why's that luv?"


Xander smiled, "Because I've been raised around and with girls.  I know how to take care of them.  I've been doing it practically my whole life now.  If I can keep Buffy and Willow happy all this time, not to mention solving Dawn's teenage crises, I doubt there's much else a daughter could do to phase me."


Spike snorted, "That's true luv.  You do have a knack for dealing with the birds."

Glancing at the clock, Spike groaned and began levering himself from the couch.  "You'd best start getting ready luv, the Watcher wants us over at his place in an hour, some dinner party or something."


"Is something going on?"


Spike shrugged, "I dunno, the Witches just said to be there at six tonight.  I think Rupes found some more stuff about the prophecy, but I get the feeling that it's just one of your Scooby gang get togethers."


Xander sighed, "Well, I guess we'd better then.  Besides, the less I have to cook, the better."


They arrived at Giles to find not only all the girls there, but Dr. Graves as well.  She greeted them warmly, fussing over Spike and helping him to get comfortable.  Once everyone was involved with mingling, Xander leaned over to his mate and whispered, "What is she doing here?  I mean, she's our doctor and I like her and all, but..."


Spike snorted and whispered back, "She and the Watcher are shagging."

Xander tried not to spit his soda out all over the couch.  "They're what?  How can you tell?"

Spike favored Xander with his best 'duh' look.  "I can smell it on 'em.  I don't think it's serious though, I think they're just fooling around."

Xander looked sheepish, "Right, sorry, I forget about the super senses sometimes.  I'm gonna forget about them sleeping together now, that's an image I don't need."

Giles called everyone to the table to eat, and they managed to all squish together in his dinning room.  As plates were being filled Giles stood up and lifted his glass.  The watcher removed his glasses and put them back on, then cleared his throat several times. 

Finally Buffy rolled her eyes in exasperation.  "Giles!  Whatever your toast is, I'm sure we'll all love it, just get on with it.  It's not like you haven't spoken in front of us before."

This elicited several giggles, and Giles blushed faintly.  "Yes, well.  Thank you Buffy for your astute observation.  I simply wished to note that we are at the end of an era.  This is perhaps the last time we shall all be gathered together like this.  And while we have all gone through many changes in the past couple of years, this newest addition to our family signifies an irreversible change in direction for you all.  While I am sad to note this ending, I am thrilled to welcome what I think of as my first grandchild, and hope that we can all continue this happy family of ours, for many years to come."

Silence and the blinking back of tears met his toast, followed by a round of hugs and reassurances. 

Xander smiled at Giles, "Thanks Giles, that means a lot."

Dinner commenced with no more emotional moments, and soon plates were cleaned and the group was gathered in the living room with drinks and cookies.  Buffy and Willow exchanged a conspiratorial grin and turned to the men curled up together on the couch.  "So, Spike, Xander.  We've all come up with a list of names, since you two seem to be so behind on things."

Spike groaned, "Not more bloody names!  Very well Slayer, let's hear 'em."

Willow pulled out a sheet of paper and put on her best authority face.  "Now, the rest of us have given these a lot of thought, so pay attention you two.  If it's a boy the name choices are as follows: John; Bob; Greg; Adam; and Tom.  For a Girl: Alice; Sarah; Karen; Amy; and Lisa."

Xander and Spike stared in shock at the innocent looking women, "Um, Ladies, did you purposefully choose boring names?  Please tell me you did." 

Buffy and Willow exchanged glances, then the broke out into hysterical giggles. 

Sighing in relief, Xander relaxed back against the couch.  "Thank gods, I thought for a minutes you were serious."

Dawn grinned at him, "Nope, do you honestly think that with names like we all have that we'd think those were good ones?"

Willow chimed in, "Seriously though, if you two don't come up with something soon, I think whomever wins the birth date pool should get to choose the name."

Spike mock growled at the redhead, "I'm not letting someone named after a tree name my child."

"Better a tree then being named after an implement of torture."  Tara quipped.

Spike glowered and Willow rewarded her girlfriend with a kiss.

Giles smiled fondly at the lot of them.  "Well, yes.  Naming aside, I have found a little more information on the prophecy that Wesley and I have been working on."

The giggles quieted down and all eyes turned to the Watcher. 

Spike grasped his mate's hand.  "What did you find?"

Giles shuffled through some papers. "Well, we were correct in our assumption that it will be possible for your child and the Slayer to permanently lock down the hell mouths.  It also seems that the pairing of the Slayer and your child could change the Slayer line permanently.  We are not sure in what way, but the link means that were the child to fall into the wrong hands, the child could be used to end the Slayer line forever."

Several gasps met that announcement. 

Buffy looked grim.  "The baby will never fall into the wrong hands, we'll see to that.  But can anything else be done to keep the bad part from happening?" 

Giles nodded, "Yes, there is a bonding ritual that should be preformed soon after the child is born, where blood is shared with the Slayer.  That will ensure the child's bond to Slayer line and make it more difficult for any negative rituals to take place." 

Xander placed his hands protectively over Spike's belly.  "Whoa, whoa, whoa.  There will be no rituals, blood letting, or blood sharing with our baby!" 

Giles rolled his eyes, "No harm will come to your child, I assure you Xander.  It is simply a ritual to bind the child to the Slayer line, so that they will always protect one another.  It will simply assure your child's safety."

Willow bounced a little in her seat. "Tara and I have been researching bonding and protection rituals.  We want to come up with a spell that will bind us all to the baby, so if he or she is ever in trouble, we'll all know right away.  Since we're gonna be godmothers anyway, it will be just a little extra insurance."

Dr. Graves clapped her hands and beamed at the group.  "You are all so protective of one another.  It's wonderful. This baby will have such a good life."

Xander blushed and smiled back, "We hope so."

Talk continued for a little longer on the subject of magical and non-magical protections for the baby.  Eventually the doctor excused herself and Giles saw her out.

Xander took the opportunity to change topics; he wasn't very comfortable with all this talk of the all the bad things that could happen to his child.  "So, Buffsters, anything hell mouthy going on lately?"

Buffy scowled.  "Willow and Tara found evidence of someone poking around the old school.  We think someone might be looking to mess with the hell mouth.  There was a little bit of a magical signature, but we couldn't trace it.  I think it's the same someone who was recruiting earlier in the year."

Xander shrugged, "That's pretty vague, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.  You're the Slayer after all."

Talk quickly turned to other matters, and the evening sped by.  They were all reluctant to leave the cozy event, only breaking apart when it was too late to keep making excuses to stay.


Two weeks later, Xander awoke to Spike shaking him roughly.

"Wh..what is it?"  Blinking bleary eyes, Xander could just make out his mate sitting straight up in bed, clutching at his stomach.  "Spike, what is it, what's wrong?"

Spike turned eyes wide with excitement and fear to his lover, "Xander, it's time."

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