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Chapter 13
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Chapter 13: Stalemate

The girls came over the next day, bringing movies and snacks, and the Scooby gang settled into Spike and Xander's living room for an extended stay. 

Xander had slept through the rest of the afternoon and the night after the claiming, and had woken up in the morning pleased to find that he could stand and walk on his own.  His burns were still raw and extremely painful, but he could move on his own, slowly, and that was an improvement.  Not that he minded Spike carrying him everywhere, but since Xander had woken up, Spike had been a little skittish around him.  That was disturbing and painful, especially since Xander now seemed to have an intense need to touch the Vampire. 




Spike had been there, on the other side of the bed as Xander had woken up.  "Morning Pet."

Xander smiled and rolled over, "Hey Spike."  Suddenly Xander frowned, "Did you make me sleep yesterday?  Like a thrall or something?"

Spike looked sheepish, "Yeah, but it was for your own good.  You needed to rest and if you'd stayed awake, Rupert would have had you up for hours asking you questions about the bond."

"Oh, yeah, the bond."  Xander grinned and reached a hand out to grasp Spike's.

The Vampire's eyes widened and he jumped up off the bed quickly.  "So, um.  You should be able to walk on your own today, why don't you go get washed up and I'll get you something to eat."  Spike quickly rushed out of the room. 

Frowning, Xander slowly leveled himself up out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom. 

Later on, after Xander had eaten, Spike made sure to apply the salve to his burns, and arranged Xander on the couch, making sure he had everything he needed.  Then the Vampire had quickly retreated to his own room.  "I'm off to catch some sleep.  Creature of the night and all..." 

Leaving Xander to flip aimlessly through daytime television and wonder at what was bothering the suddenly skittish Vampire.  Finally though, the girls had shown up and he had been distracted by movies and gossip.  Still, Xander kept feeling a strong urge to be near to and touch Spike, like an itch in the back of his mind. 




Spike quickly shut his bedroom door and flopped onto his bed, thoroughly disgusted with himself.  Way to go, git.  Confuse the hell out of the boy, why don't you?  Spike had lain awake all night, watching Xander sleep and brooding, yes in his own mind he could admit it, brooding over what he was gonna do about the claim.  His demon, unfettered by feelings of fear, inadequacy and memories of pain, was raging to finish the claim.  The bond, practically its own entity, was thrumming in the back of his mind.  New and uncertain, the bond cried out for physical contact and reassurance.  Another part of Spike, just as strong as his demon, and were he human, what Spike would think of as his soul, but now he considered his humanity, the parts of himself that held over from his turning, that made him different from other Vampires, was practically frozen with fear at the thought of sex with another man.  As far as Spike was concerned, sex with another man meant fear and pain and blood and torture, everything Angelus and done to him for the first several decades of his existence.  The demons drive to claim its mate through sex and blood just echoed his horrific memories of Angelus' attentions. 

Yet every time he reminded himself that sex would never be a part of his and Xander's relationship, every time in the hours since the claim, he would flash back to Xander's eyes when he had asked the boy to accept the claim.  The wonder, the joy, and the love that shone out of the boy's eyes took Spike's metaphorical breath away.  And a small voice in the back of his mind would ask, 'How could being with someone that feels that way about you ever be a bad thing?'

So Spike brooded, and Spike dozed, listening to Xander watching TV, listening to the flock of women that descended on the apartment, bringing movies and snacks and comfort.  Listened through the first movie and all the gossip and giggles, to Xander's heartbeat and Xander's breath, and Spike ached, he ached to touch Xander, just have that little bit of physical connection that the bond so desperately craved.  Finally, when he heard the group of young adults in the living room shuffling around, getting ready to start the next movie, Spike cursed to himself and gave in.  He was near insane with the need to touch his mate, and he knew that Xander would be feeling it just as badly.  As weak as the human still was, Spike couldn't knowingly add to his pain. 

So Spike pulled on jeans and tee shirt and stalked barefoot into the living room.  He nodded to the girls spread out in the various chairs and on the floor, grabbed a mug of blood from the kitchen, and wandered back in to see the movie just starting.  Xander had the couch to himself, lying down on his side so he could see the screen.  Spike walked over and gently lifted the boy's upper body off the couch.  Ignoring Xander's shocked stare, he sat down and arranged Xander so the boy's head was in his lap.  He calmly began running his fingers through Xander's hair, tracing the boys warm skin with his fingertips.  At Spike's touch, Xander instantly relaxed.


"So, what're we watching then?"


Buffy glanced over at them and smiled to herself.  Willow frowned at the two of them, but Tara quickly distracted her girlfriend.  Dawn raised her eyebrows, then got a speculative look on her face that Spike didn't approve of seeing on a girl her age.   "Braham Stokers Dracula." Buffy said with a smirk.


"Oh, bloody 'ell!  Don't you people get enough of this stuff as it is?  And that story is crap too." 

Xander laughed.  "We know, we just like to make fun of it."


Willow nodded, "We keep the volume low and add our own lines."


Spike groaned, he was in for a long evening.




The next two days passed quickly.  Xander slept a lot, and he spent most of the time he was awake on the couch with Spike, curled up together like they had during the movie.  On the fourth day since his injury, Xander woke up to find Spike standing by the edge of his bed with a tray of breakfast. 


"Hey, breakfast in bed!  Thanks, Spike."  As Xander ate, Spike fidgeted with things and paced around the room.  The Vampire looked like he would kill for a cigarette, or a good fight.  "Spike?"


"Yeah, Pet?"


"What's up?"


Spike nervously picked up a few books and then immediately set them back down again.  "What makes you think anythings up pet?"


"Um, maybe the fact that your even more ADD than usual?"


Spike scowled and flopped down on the bed.  "Ha, bloody Ha pet."  Xander passed Spike the empty tray and gingerly got out of bed.  "Where are you going?"  Spike looked about to panic.


Xander rolled his eyes, "Human, Spike.  I need to pee, and then take care of my oh-so-pleasant morning breath."


"Oh."  Spike suddenly found the floor very interesting.


Shaking his head, Xander slowly made his way to the bathroom to wash up.  Once he was finished and back in bed, Spike came back into the room and sat on the edge of the bed, where he immediately began playing with the blanket. 


"Spike."  Xander reached over and grabbed the Vampire's fidgety hands, "is it time to mark me again?"


Spike looked up, shock obvious on his face.  " did you know?  The bond can't be that strong yet..."


Xander smirked, "Of course not, but I've found that living with you and being your friend has given me the uncanny ability to read you like a book."


Spike scowled a little at that, then sighed ruefully.  "Well, I guess I'd better get used to that, as the bond strengthens, you'll only get better at it."


Xander felt a small flash of pleasure and excitement at that statement, the thought of being even closer to the Vampire he loved sending shivers down his spine. 


Spike arranged them as he had the last time, leaning up against the headboard and pulling Xander to lean back against the Vampire's cool chest.  Spike wrapped an arm around Xander's waist and the other went up to hold his head gently to the side.  Spike placed a small kiss over the old mark before gently sinking his fangs into it.


Xander groaned softly as the gentle suction began.  His head was much clearer than the last time and he felt everything much more acutely than before.  Every suck at his neck went straight to his cock.  His flesh strained against the silk of his boxers and Spike's hands felt like cold fire on his skin.  Suddenly Spike's wrist was at his mouth and Xander eagerly drank.  The rich elixir of Spike's blood flowed over his tongue and down his throat, sending electricity zinging through his veins.  Then the wrist was gone from his mouth and the fangs were gone from his neck.  Xander whimpered in disappointment and leaned back hard against Spike's cool chest.  He felt Spike's hardness against his hip, and some deep fear inside Xander melted, Spike wanted him too! 

Spike was panting softly in his ear, and at that moment Xander needed to do more than just hold Spike's hand.  Turning slightly in Spike's arms, Xander leaned forward, holding Spike's eyes with his, and brushed his red lips against Spike's equally bloodstained ones.  Spike froze, eyes wide, panting slightly.  Xander could see the struggle behind those cerulean pools, and for a moment Xander wasn't so sure that Spike didn't have a soul.  How could any unsouled being have this depth of feelings, of pain and fears and insecurities hidden in their depths? 

Suddenly Spike relaxed, he pulled Xander against him tightly and allowed his eyes to drift shut.  His lips found Xander's, and they lay there together, letting the lazy slide of lip against lip build a delicious tension between them.

Spike's arms were tight around Xander and Spike's lips were sliding softly against his own, the contrast of cool against warm sending shivers down Xander's spine.  Eventually, Xander brought his tongue out to lick gently along the seam of Spike's lips.  They parted with a soft gasp and Xander allowed his tongue to dip gently inside, tasting the lingering copper of his blood and an indescribable flavor that Xander figured was simply Spike.  Xander kept his touch light: gentle brush of lips, soft sweep of tongue, just barely penetrating the soft cleft of Spike's lips.  He knew Spike was scared, and the last thing he wanted to do was push too far and scare Spike off.


Spike couldn't believe he was kissing Xander!  He couldn't believe how good it felt.  He knew Xander was holding back, going slow and part of him was extremely grateful, but mostly his body was thrumming with excitement at the feeling of Xander's lips sliding against his.  The bond flared at the contact and Spike threaded his fingers through Xander's soft, sable waves and pulled his human closer, deepening the kiss.  Xander's warm tongue eagerly slid deeper into his mouth, the flavors of their blood mingling on their tongues as they intertwined.  They kissed long and slow and deep, learning the shape of each other's mouth.  Xander tasted fresh, of sweetness and sunlight, his mouth was hot against Spike's and Spike knew he would quickly get addicted to this as well. 


Eventually, after kissing for what felt like hours, Xander shifted a little and Spike felt the boy's hardness against his thigh.  The feel of it brought the awareness of where this could lead crashing down and Spike reluctantly pulled back.  "Xander," he gasped, "Xander luv, I...I'm sorry...I can't..."


Xander nodded, his lust-glazed eyes meeting Spike's and letting the Vampire know he understood.  The brunette leaned forward and placed a quick, chaste kiss to Spike's lips.  "I know.  Thank you Spike."  The Vampire nodded and slipped out of the bed and out of the room.


Xander twisted back around and settled himself on his back, wincing as the movement pulled at the tight scabs that had formed over the burns.  Xander heard the bathroom door open and close, then the sound of the shower starting.  He smiled to himself, Spike was taking a cold shower because of him!  Xander let his hand slip down beneath the covers and engulfed his straining flesh with a soft groan.  It took only a few hard strokes and the image of a wet, naked Spike to bring himself to an intense climax.  Feeling happy and drained, Xander wiped himself off with the sheet and allowed his tired, healing body to drift back to sleep.  For once he didn't worry about Spike smelling that he had jacked off, from the faint sounds coming from the shower, Spike was doing the same.


The hot water was pounding down on Spike's back and running in rivulets through his hair and down his chest.  His fist, warmed by the water and the fresh blood and slicked with soap, was running up and down his dripping length.  Spike's eyes were shut tightly as he remembered every second of Xander's warm lips on his.  Vaguely Spike was aware that he was moaning softly, but he couldn't help it, those long slow kisses they had shared were the most erotic things the Vampire had felt in ages.  Spike whimpered softly at the memory of Xander's tongue tangling with his and the heat of Xander's body against his.  Arching up, Spike gasped as he shot rope after rope of sticky cum over his fist and the shower wall. 

Slumping against the tile, Spike allowed himself a few minutes to recover before rinsing off and climbing out of the shower.  As he dried off, Spike smirked at the lingering scent of Xander's pheromones permeating the apartment.  Seems like he wasn't the only one with a little tension to work off.  Spike pulled back on the sweat pants he had been wearing and wandered back into Xander's room.  The mortal was curled on his side, snoring softly.  Spike smiled gently and crawled into the bed, spooning up behind the sleeping boy.  He placed a soft kiss on Xander's neck and whispered; "Mine," then allowed himself to relax into the heat of the warm body next to him.  As he drifted off, Spike thought that he hadn't felt so relaxed in weeks.  Things were definitely looking up.


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