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Chapter 12
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Chapter 12: The Claiming

Xander groaned as consciousness returned to him.  He let his eyes slit open then sighed with relief as his ceiling stared back at him.  At least this time I know where I am. Suddenly he realized he wasn't alone.  He turned his head slowly to the side.  Spike was sleeping next to him.  At least I think he's sleeping, hard to tell with no breathing or anything.  Xander didn't have time to ponder what the Vampire was doing in his bed because he was immediately hit with the very urgent need to pee.  He tried to sit up, only to find he couldn't do more than wiggle slightly.  Well, shit.  This is going to be embarrassing.

 "Spike?" he asked softly. 


Immediately blue eyes flew open.  "Hello pet.  How are you feeling?" 


This was too bizarre.  "Um, like my skin is turned inside out.  Also, I uh, have to go to the bathroom." 


To his credit, the Vampire didn't even blink as a red flush stole over Xander's face.  He simply stood up, walked around to Xander's side of the bed, and gently scooped the boy into his arms.  Xander gasped as he was moved, but then sighed happily at the feeling of the Vampire's cools skin against his hot, angry burns.  "Mmmm, you feel cool." 


Spike raised an eyebrow at him, "Well, duh?"


Xander smiled, "Your skin is cool and it feels good against my burns."


Spike just looked at him strangely as he strode into the bathroom.  "Right then, how do you want to do this?" 


"Can't you just set me down here?"

 Spike eyed the boy in his arms, "Can you walk?  Or stand on your own?"


Xander blushed, "No.  But I really don't want you to hold me while I pee.  A guys got to have some limits." 

Spike rolled his eyes at the human's squeamishness, then deftly pulled Xander's boxers down and set him on the toilet.  "Right then, I'll be back in five minutes."


Xander took care of business, and even managed to wiggle and twist enough to pull his boxers back up before Spike came back in.  Spike gathered him back up and headed towards the bedroom.  "Anything else you need why we're up pet?"


"Um, actually, I am kind of thirsty."


"Right.  Sorry, forgot about that."


Spike detoured to the kitchen and filled the largest glass he could find.


Xander eyed it suspiciously, "Just water?"

"Sorry pet.  Burns, dehydrated, sodas and stuff'll only make you sick."


Xander sighed and took the glass handed to him, then preceded to drink half of it down. 


Spike chuckled and pried the glass from the human's hands, refilled it, then headed back to the bedroom.  The Vampire laid Xander down gently and grabbed the pot of salve.  "orry luv, this'll hurt a bit, but its got to be done."


Xander nodded and tried not to whimper too much as the salve was spread over the worst of his burns and blisters.  Once the few worst were taken care of though, Xander found that the numbing affect of the salve in combination with Spike's cool fingers felt absolutely wonderful on his raw skin.  He let his eyes drift shut and leaned into the touch, murmuring happily.


Xander heard Spike gasp, and he eyed the Vampire questioningly.  Spike's eyes were wide with a mix of emotions that Xander couldn't quite recognize.  "Pet?"




"There's, um, there's something I need to talk to you about."


Spike set the salve aside and Xander wiggled around a bit till he could look Spike in the eyes.  "Okay.  What?"


Spike fidgeted, eyes looking everywhere but at Xander, hands worrying the blanket. 


Xander was starting to worry now. "Spike?  What is it?  You can tell me."


Finally Spike sighed and cursed softly under his breath.  "Look, I don't know how to say this, so I guess this'll have to do.  When that demon went after you, I...I've never been so scared in my life, or unlife, or whatever.  Anyway, I guess I didn't realize how much I'd gotten used to this," Spike waved his hand vaguely, encompassing the apartment.  "How much I've gotten used to us."  Finally Spike met his eyes, and Xander could see an echo of the pain and fear Spike had felt.  He ignored the heavy feeling in his stomach as well as the need to ask a thousand questions, and instead reached over and clasped Spike's hand.  Spike stared down at their entwined hands and continued.  "I know I can't be everything you need.  But...I care about you and I want to protect you.  I can give you that much at least."  Spike grinned sheepishly at the shocked looking boy, "Maybe some day I can give you more.  But for now, if you'll have me, I...Id like to claim you."


Xanders world was reeling.  Spike cares about me?  Spike wants to claim me?  " want to c...claim me?"


Spike nodded.


Xander couldn't make any more words come, so he simply stared.  He knew he was making Spike wait, but his world was slowly reordering itself around him, and he wanted time to experience it.  Xander felt like all his dreams were coming true.  Well, almost all.  But we can work through that later, he already said maybe anyway.  Xander was planning on saying yes.  The word was bouncing around inside his head, just waiting for him to part his lips so it could burst out.  But then Spike got tired of waiting, and leaned over.  Xander's heart stopped.  Spike leaned in and kissed him.  Softly, just the lightest brush of lips, but Spike kissed him.  It only lasted a moment, then the Vampire pulled away and whispered gently against Xander's cheek, "Please, Xan?  I can't lose you, I won't." 


Xander's body melted.  He flowed into opened arms, curled up against a cool chest, buried his head in Spike's neck, and began chanting softly, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."


Spike curled his cool body around his human's, HIS human's!, and began stroking a hand through chocolate locks, holding on as tightly as he dared considering the boys condition.  "Mine."  He growled softly. 


Xander shivered, but not from fear.  They lay like that for a while, but eventually Xander voiced the question foremost on his mind, "Spike?"






Spike sat up a little and looked down at the fragile human in bed next to him.  "In the afternoon, if you're willing.  You're still pretty weak, but the blood exchange will help you heal a little faster."


Xander's hand rose and lightly trailed down the side of Spike's neck, causing the Vampire to shudder.  "Why not now?"


Spike recovered and rolled his eyes, "'Cuz that bloody Watcher of yours doesn't trust me not to drain you.  He wants to be here, make sure you're safe."


Xander froze and stared up at the Vampire incredulously, "Giles knows?  The others know?  Spike, you're not doing this because they told you too, are you?"  Xander's voice broke on the last word, but he didn't care.  The thought that the others had put Spike up to this was too painful.


Spike shook his head vehemently.  "No!  No, luv, they had nothing to do with it.  I decided to ask earlier tonight, when we were in the tub.  You were unconscious, and I was thinking over what had happened, and I realized that the second the demon had gone for you, that my first thought was that it had touched something of mine and had to die.  You see, in my head I'd already claimed you.  My demon considered you claimed territory before my heart ever did, it only remained for me to ask you.  After you were cleaned up and in bed, Buffy suggested the idea.  She must've seen in on my face or something.  She suggested it as a way to help protect you, and the others agreed with her.  As far as they're concerned, this is a formal arrangement between friends.  But you and I know different, don't we pet?"  Spike stroked a cool hand down Xander's face, and pulled the boy closer. 


Xander moaned and leaned into the caress, letting his eyes drift close.  Spike curled up around his body and continued to gently stroke his face and hair as Xander gave into his body's demands and began to drift off to sleep.  Xander was almost asleep when he noticed something, he felt Spike shift against him and realized that despite the words of love and the tender caresses, not to mention the kiss, Spike wasn't showing any signs of arousal.  Tenderness and love yes, and didn't that thought send shivers down his spine?, but no arousal.  Xander sighed softly to himself, What kind of freaky arrangement are you getting yourself into Harris?  But Spike's hands were holding him and stroking his hair, and Xander felt Spike lay a gentle kiss on the top of his head, and suddenly all that mattered was Spike.  Xander let himself go and drifted off into a place where he was held and loved and protected, and there was no pain.




Xander continued to doze throughout the night and into the next afternoon, Spike waking him every three hours to reapply the salve and to bring Xander food and water.  Finally, Xander woke up and actually felt like he was truly awake for the first time since his injury.  He looked blearily around the room, realized he was alone, then listened and heard the voices floating in from the living room.  Two male voices, quietly arguing, and he guessed that Giles was here.  Xander tried to sit up, but the movement pulled the tight skin on his back and he gasped in pain. Spike must have heard him, because seconds later the Vampire came flying into the bedroom, "What is it pet?  What's wrong?"


Giles came in on Spike's heels, "Are you okay Xander?"


Xander smiled weakly at the men.  "I'm fine, guys.  I just tried to sit up too fast."


Spike gently pulled Xander into a sitting position, propping him up with lots of pillows.  "There you go pet.  I'm gonna go get you something to eat.  Rupert wants to talk to you."


Spike scowled at the Watcher but left the room.  Giles pulled up a chair next to the bed and immediately began cleaning his glasses. 


Xander sighed, "Okay Giles, talk."


Giles put back on his glasses and coughed nervously.  "Well, Xander, it's just that I'm not sure that this...claiming is such a good idea."




Giles looked taken aback, "Excuse me?"


"You say you don't think its a good idea, I can respect that.  You've been around longer and know more about Vampires than I do, so I'd like to know what, exactly your reasons are."


Giles nodded, "That seems reasonable.  Firstly, Spike is a soulless demon, and despite the chip and despite how helpful he seems to have been to us, he remains evil at heart, I honestly don't trust that he doesn't have some plan to use you against Buffy.  Secondly, while some research has been done on human-Vampire bondings, there is really no evidence of what being tied to a demon would do to your soul.  Thirdly, this claiming, even if it went no further than the initial blood exchange, would tie you to Spike for the rest of your lifetime.  Do you really want that sort of thing, Xander?  If you decide, sometime down the road to part ways with Spike, he would always be able to find you, always be able to manipulate you.  You must see that this is a ludicrous solution.  Surely with more combat training you would be just as safe."


Xander sat for several minutes and mulled over the Watcher's argument.  It was a very good argument, unfortunately for Giles, Xander's heart had never listened to reason.  "Giles, I really appreciate your concern for my immortal soul, but I hardly think that living on the hell mouth has left it pure and untarnished.  Also, I have to say, maybe it's just because I'm younger and more naive than you, but after living with Spike these past months, I think of him as a friend.  And furthermore I trust him."  Xander looked Giles straight in the eyes.  "I trust him, Giles."


At Giles' slightly disbelieving look, Xander motioned Giles closer.  Giles leaned in and Xander leaned forward, until his lips were almost brushing the older man's ear. He spoke quietly, barely breathing the words, mindful of Vampiric hearing.  "I love him, Giles.  I'm in love with him.  Please don't interfere with this."




Spike stomped quietly around the kitchen, furious at the Watcher for trying to talk Xander out of it and scared witless that Xander would listen to reason and refuse the claim.  He finally calmed down and started fixing Xander some soup, listening to the conversation in the bedroom with half an ear.  He growled softly as he heard Giles' reasoning, admitting grudgingly that they were all good arguments, especially the one about the boy's soul.  A feeling of warmth spread through him when he heard Xander say that he considered Spike a friend, that he trusted the Vampire.  There were several moments of silence, then he heard the Watcher gasp loudly and choke off a reply.  Deciding enough was enough, he grabbed the bowl of soup and hurried back into the bedroom.  "So, you two finish your little chat?"


Xander nodded at the blonde, "Yup, all chatted out."


Giles looked grim, and didn't say anything.  Spike wondered what in the hell the boy had said or done to put that look on the Watcher's face.  He'd have to find out, later.  He shrugged it off for now and placed a tray with soup and juice on the bed in front of Xander.  "Got to get some food in you, whelp.  Eat up."


Xander grumbled but obeyed, while Spike flitted about the room, straightening things, picking up clothes and basically just trying to not look nervous.  Giles sat silently, seemingly lost in thought, but occasionally shooting Xander speculative glances.  Finally Xander finished and waved to Spike, who by now was pacing nervously.  "All finished.  Happy, nurse?"


Spike slipped into gameface and stuck his tongue out at the boy, something he knew made Xander laugh.  This time was no different.  He took the tray from the laughing boy and returned it to the kitchen.  Out of sight of the Watcher and Xander, Spike stopped and took several deep breaths, attempting to calm himself down.  He was incredibly nervous.  He had never claimed anyone before, and it was very important to him to claim the boy as his own, to do it right.  Having to do so in front of the Watcher just made his nerves worse.  Sighing, Spike returned to the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed.  "Right, well, we better get on with it."


Giles looked sour, but Spike only had eyes for Xander, who shot a happy smile his way.  Spike arranged himself on the bed so he was sitting against the headboard, and pulled Xander back to lean against his chest.  Spike stroked a hand softly through the brunette's hair and laid a soft kiss on the boy's neck.  "Ready pet?"


Xander nodded and leaned back against Spike, tilting his neck to the side to offer the Vampire better access.  In reality, the mark could be given with little fanfare, but Spike knew that the Watcher in Rupert was expecting some big showy ritual.  Spike decided that to keep Giles happy he would have to say something official sounding.  Gently holding Xander's head to the side, Spike slipped back into gameface and intoned in his best 'Master Voice', "I William the Bloody, Childe of Drusilla, Childe of Angelus, Master of the Clan of Aurelius, claim you, Alexander LaVelle Harris as Consort."  Spike lowered his head and gently slipped his teeth into the thick muscle where neck and shoulder met.  Xander's blood exploded in his mouth, a riot of flavors and emotions, imprinting Xander's essence in his mind.  The boy tasted like sunshine and life, sweetness with a spicy undertone that Spike knew he would now crave.  He swallowed a few mouthfuls, then raised his head and tore into his wrist, holding it to Xander's mouth and urging the boy to drink.


Xander listened, slightly amused, as Spike intoned the formal sounding words.  He knew they were for show, for Giles.  The book he and Buffy had read hadn't mentioned any declarations of any kind, just the biting, and sex, but Xander was pretty sure the sex part wasn't going to happen.  Then, suddenly Spike's teeth were at his throat, and he had a brief moment of 'vampire, teeth, bad' before forcing himself to relax.  Then Spike bit, and all Xander knew was the sharp, bright pain of Spike's fangs slicing through his skin and the sound of his blood rushing through his veins, rising to Spike's siren call.  The pull of Spike drinking from him overwhelmed his already overloaded senses.  Electricity was thrumming through his body and he was instantly hard.  He moaned softly and tried to lean back harder against Spike's cool chest.  Suddenly Spike's wrist was at his mouth and, following instinct, he drank.  Spike's blood was rich and spicy and dark as it flowed over his tongue.  Xander sucked greedily at the wound, whimpering softly.  He had never expected anything like this, and he wanted, needed more.  Too soon, Spike tore his wrist away and all Xander could do was try to remember to breathe as the powerful blood zinged through his system.


Xander's breath was coming in small gasps and Spike knew that the boy was painfully aroused, luckily, since Spike's blood was fresh in his system, he was also very susceptible to Spike's will.  "Sleep Xander.  Go to sleep now."  Spike used his Master voice and within seconds Xander's heart rate and breathing had calmed and the boy drifted into a deep sleep.  Spike was hard himself and hoped that the boxers and loose jeans he was wearing would be enough to hide his arousal from the Watcher.  As far as Giles was concerned, the claiming was completed.  Spike knew better.  Mates were claimed with blood and sex, and until he took Xander, the need would be an ever-present drive in the back of his mind..  Unfortunately, taking Xander that way was exactly what Spike wasn't sure he could do.  Until he did, though, the bond would be half completed at best, regardless of how much blood they exchanged, and while most demons and fledges couldn't tell the difference, other Masters could. 


But Giles and the rest of the gang didn't need to know that.  Licking any stray drops of blood from his lips, Spike eased Xander back onto the bed and scooted over to the edge.  He turned to look at Giles, who was silent and looking decidedly pale.  "Everything okay, Watcher?"


Giles nodded, then seemed to shake himself out of whatever space he'd been in.  "I thought that you wouldn't be able to control Xander.  How is it you were able to put him to sleep like that?"


Spike rolled his eyes.  "Because the blood was fresh in his system and he's weak so he's more susceptible to my suggestion.  If he weren't injured, and if I had given it a few minutes, I wouldn't have been able to force him to do anything.  Once he's at full strength again that won't happen.  But Vamp blood is powerful stuff and I figured he'd be better asleep while it works on him."


The two men walked out into the living room.  "Will your blood have any effect on his healing process?"


Spike shrugged.  "Yeah, probably.  The first dose will probably help get the last of the nerve toxin out of his system, a second exchange in a couple of days should help the burns more."


Giles nodded.  "Very well.  I'll leave you then.  I'm sure the girls will be by tomorrow to check on Xander."


"I expected as much."  Spike breathed a silent thank you as Giles finally left.  He poked his head in the room to see that Xander was still sleeping peacefully and then headed to the bathroom.  He needed a cold shower. 


Unfortunately, ten minutes in a freezing cold shower wasn't enough to counteract the fresh blood flowing through his veins.  The demon was raging to claim his mate through sex as well as blood, so Spike turned the water up to hot and leaned back against the wall, giving in to the demon's demands the best he could.  Slicking his hands with soap, Spike's left hand began playing with his nipples, teasing them into hard peaks as his right slid lower to grasp his weeping erection.  As he stroked his aching flesh, Spike tried to imagine past lovers, soft and curvy with large breasts and wet cunts waiting to envelope him; but his mind kept coming back to the brunette sleeping in the next room.  He finally gave up and began picturing Xander in the shower with him, Xander's warm, work callused hand stroking him, Xander leaning over to suck and nip lightly on his nipples.  Spike moaned as the fantasy took over, thrusting his hips and ramming his cock into the slick tunnel his hand formed.  In his mind, Xander was standing there, stroking him and looking into his eyes, chocolate eyes full of love, trust and passion.  It was the look in Xander's eyes that finally pushed him over the edge.  Twisting a nipple sharply, Spike bucked up one final time and came hard, hissing Xander's name as he shot over his hand and the shower wall. 

As soon as his shaking legs could hold him again, Spike rinsed off and climbed out of the shower.  He stared into the mirror, not really noticing the empty room that was reflected back at him.  "I've got to figure this out."



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