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Blood Borne: Six
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Part Six: Prophecy

Xander gingerly eased through the door, careful not to bump the large, wrapped objects in his arms against anything.  He set one down in the living room, now thankfully box free, and then made his way up to the bedroom to set his other burden down.  In the weeks since Spike had been given the go ahead from the doctor to patrol, the Vampire had been out almost every night, kicking demon ass.  Still Spike was coming home full of energy and horny as hell.  Xander didn't think he'd had as much exercise in his life as he'd had in the past weeks.  Spike was starting to complain that Xander wasn't lasting as long as he should be.  Xander patted his pocket and did his best evil smirk (as patented by the Big Bad).  He had finally come up with a way to wear his insatiable lover out.  Or so he hoped.

Xander had just gotten everything arranged when Spike arrived home, banging through the door, singing loudly.  "Oi, Pet!  Get your sweet ass down here!" 

Smirking, Xander made his way downstairs.  "Hey Sweetie, was patrol good tonight?"

"You bet!" Spike tossed his duster on a chair and wrapped his arms around the brunette.  "The Slayer and I took out a couple of fyarl demons.  Bloody buggers didn't stand a chance!"

Xander kissed his excited lover and allowed for a few minutes of groping before pulling away and leading Spike into the living room.  "What's going on, luv?"

Xander gestured towards the large, wrapped object sitting in the living room.  "I have a present for you.  Two actually.  This is the first.  I made it, have been making it I mean, at work, during down time..."

Xander trailed off, he knew he was babbling, but couldn't help it.  The other present he knew Spike would like, but this one was a gamble. 

Spike just stared at the babbling brunette standing before him for a few minutes before slowly walking over and unwrapping the object.  "A rocking chair?"

Xander shrugged.  "We needed one for when the baby comes.  I...I thought it would be nice."

"And you made it?  All by yourself?"

Xander nodded, "Yeah.  Decorative carving and all."

Spike ran his hand over the curved back, sensitive fingers reading the intricate carvings like Braille.  Finally, the blonde turned to his nervous lover and embraced him.  "Thank you luv, it's beautiful.  I love it."

A relieved grin flashed across Xander's face before his kissed his Vampire thoroughly.  "I'm glad you like it.  I love you."

Eventually Spike let his human up for air and eyed him thoughtfully.  "Did you say you have two pressies for me?"

Laughing Xander led the blonde up the stairs towards their bedroom.  "Yup, and I think you're really gonna like this next one."

Xander led the way into the bedroom and did a taa-daa style flourish with his arms towards the thing hanging in the corner. 

Spike eyed the hammock/chair thingy for a minute then turned to his slightly bouncing lover.  "Luv, it's great, but what is it?"

Xander looked amused.  "You mean youve been around for a century and a half, shagged demons of all shapes, sizes and genders, and you don't know what a sex sling is?"

Spike snorted, "Sex sling?  Now I know you're making things up, but, if it involves shagging, then I'm all for it.  How's it work?"

Xander quirked an eyebrow, "I'll show you."

Xander wished he could slither down Spike's hard body, making the undressing bit a little more fun, but Spike's belly was coming close to basketball proportions and having to gingerly avoid Spike's stomach would not be sexy.  So Xander settled for dropping down to his knees and removing Spike's boots and socks, then sliding Spike's pants off and giving the pale erection a lick or two before standing up and removing Spike's shirt.  Kissing Spike gently, Xander walked the Vampire backwards over to the chair.  Xander sat Spike down in the chair, making sure his mate was arranged comfortably, then knelt between Spike's spread legs.  Xander slowly kissed along the inside of Spike's thighs before licking up the swollen length of Spike's cock.  He twirled his tongue around the tip, licking away the precum, before swallowing Spike down to the hilt. 

Spike moaned and arched up into Xander's hot mouth, trying to get deeper. 

Xander lifted Spike's feet up off the floor and rested them on top of his thighs, then, relaxing his mouth and throat, gave the chair a gentle push.  Slowly, softly the chair swung back and forward and Xander let the motion of the chair guide Spike's cock in and out of his mouth. 

"Oh, bloody hell. That's good."

Xander would have smiled if he could, Spike obviously liked the chair.  He'd like it even more later.

Spike got the idea and used the leverage of his feet on Xander's thighs to set the pace.  Xander just relaxed and lost himself in the sensation of Spike fucking his mouth.  When Spike began to increase the pace and pant slightly, Xander reached beneath the chair, where he had set his stash of goodies.  Quickly he uncapped the lube and slicked up a couple of fingers.  The loose weave of the rope forming the chair gave Xander perfect access to his lover's ass, and Xander used the motion of the swinging chair to impale Spike with a slick finger.  Spike howled and bucked up into his human's hot, wet mouth and came, shooting down Xander's throat.  Xander swallowed happily and continued preparing Spike's ass as he licked the pale cock clean.  When Xander was satisfied that Spike was prepared for entrance and that every last bit of him had been licked clean, he sat back with a smile.  Spike was staring at him with an astounded look plastered across his face.  "Luv, this chair is bloody brilliant!" 

Xander stood up and began to undress.  "Yeah, it is.  And that isn't all we can do with it."

Spike began to harden again as Xander slowly stripped.  "Th..there's more?"

"Yup.  I'm getting just a little tired of you complaining lately that we aren't having enough sex.  So I came up with a way to tire you out."

That statement was met with a derisive snort, "Bloody 'ell Xan, fighting and fucking every night for the past couple o' weeks hasn't tired me out yet.  I'm telling ya, this child of ours is bloody insatiable."

Xander dropped his boxers to the floor with a grimace.  "Spike, please don't ever mention our child and sex in the same sentence again, okay?"

The Vampire laughed unapologetically. 

Xander ignored the laugh and bent to pick up the last two tricks up off the floor.  "Come on, stand up."

Spike looked at him questioningly, "But I thought we were gonna use the chair some more?"

"We are.  Just a different position this time."

Obediently, Spike stood up and waited for Xander to tell him what to do next.  Xander tried to hide his smile, when would he ever get a chance at an obedient Spike again?

Xander settled himself in the chair, being sure to sit way back, giving Spike plenty of lap to balance on.  Xander patted his lap and Spike sat down on his knees.  This next bit was awkward, but Xander managed to reach around and lift Spike's legs into the stirrups they had yet to use.

"What're these for?"
"They're stirrups, Spike.  For your feet."
"Stirrups?  What are you, a bleedin horse?"

"No, silly, but you do get to ride me."


Smiling, Xander leaned back and opened the jar of salve the Witches had given him.  It was to desensitize his cock, so he wouldn't cum so soon.  Granted, talking to Willow and Tara in the first place had been embarrassing as hell, but hopefully the results would be worth it. 

Successfully lubed, Xander lifted Spike gently and slid the Vampire down onto his waiting cock.  Spike hissed and arched against Xander, getting used to the penetration.  While the blonde was momentarily occupied, Xander reached around and snapped the cock ring around the base of Spike's cock. 


"Calm down, Blondie.  It's all part of the game.  You'll get to cum again.  Don't worry."

Spike settled down again, resting against Xander's chest, and slowly Xander began to rock them back and forth.  The gentle motion allowed a slight thrusting, just enough to keep them on edge but not enough to put them over that edge.  Xander groaned softly at the sensation, and began kissing and nipping along Spike's back and shoulders, while every once in a while stroking Spike's cock.

They rocked like that for an hour, soft groans mingling with the creaks of the chair.  Eventually even that gentle motion had them both covered in sweat and panting.  Spike was writhing on top of Xander, a litany of soft, breathy pleas falling from his cool lips.  Xander spared a thought to remember to thank the Witches for the salve, he had cum twice already without shooting his load; deep, bone shaking orgasms that would have had him on his knees if he wasn't already sitting.  He knew that the same was also true for Spike; he had felt the Vampire shaking and heard the soft cries of his lover's passion. 

Spike was begging now, a desperate babble of "please" and "oh, god, Xander", filling his ears.  Xander felt the salve beginning to wear off, could feel the pressure building in his aching cock, and began to speed things up accordingly.  Planting his feet firmly on the floor, Xander quickened the rocking while he reached around and began fisting Spike's cock in earnest.  Spike grasped Xander's thighs tightly, digging his nails in and drawing blood.

"Oh gods, luv.  Please!!  Now!!"

Xander pulled Spike back against his chest and sunk his teeth into his mate's pale shoulder, licking up the blood that welled to the surface.  At the same time, and Xander could never figure out later how he had been this coordinated, he unsnapped the cock ring and gave Spike's purpled cock a few hard strokes.  Spike arched back and screamed Xander's name, as his cock pumped stream after stream of cum over Xander's hand and the floor. 

Xander gave Spike a few seconds to recover then slid a hand down to Spike's waist, pulling the blonde back hard against him in quick, sharp thrusts.  It was enough, Xander's world suddenly exploded around him.  He was vaguely aware of screaming Spike's name, but all he could do was bury his head against Spike's back and let the orgasm shake him as his world went gray. 

It was with monumental effort that Xander resisted passing out right there in the chair.  Spike hadn't resisted so hard.  Xander gingerly shifted Spike around so he was easier to carry, then levered them both out of the chair, carrying his unconscious mate.  Xander laid them both down on the bed and pulled the covers up, sparing a moment to perform a mental victory dance and give Spike a quick kiss, "Ha! I told you I could wear you out!" before succumbing to the desperate urge to sleep.


In the middle of some of the most restful sleep Xander had gotten in weeks, the phone call they had been waiting six months for finally came. 

Xander blearily reached over and grabbed the loudly ringing phone off its base.  "Mmrph.  H...hello?"

"Xander?  I'm terribly sorry to wake you.  It's Giles."

"Yeah, G-man, I can tell.  Seems I've memorized what your voice sounds like in the almost decade we,ve known each other."

"Yes.  Well.  Anyway, I have some, hopefully, exciting news.  Wesley and I have been working on translating an ancient prophesy, and it looks like it pertains to your and Spike's situation.  Wesley is on his way up from L.A.  If you two could meet us at the shop in an hour or so, it would be most appreciated."

"Yeah Giles, we'll be there.  Thanks."

Spike rolled over and eyed his lover as Xander hung up the phone.  "What was that about?"

"Sorry Vamp of mine, no more beauty sleep for us.  Looks like they finally found the prophecy."


The bleary eyed couple stumbled into the Magic Box an hour later, with Spike complaining bitterly about the time.  "It's four in the bloody morning!  Couldn't they have let us sleep and called us in a couple of hours?  It's not like I have to worry about the sun anymore."

Xander drug his complaining mate over to the table and helped an unwieldy Spike lower himself down into the chair, then gratefully accepted a mug of coffee from a sleepy Willow.  Soon they were all gathered around the table: Buffy, Willow, Tara, Xander and Spike.  Buffy had left Dawn home because she had school in the morning.  Finally, just when Xander was starting to get nervous, Wesley and Giles came out of the back office and set a pile of books and an old scroll on the table, both men were smiling. 

"Oi!  Watchers, what's the news?"

The others didn't give any indication that they noticed, but Xander could hear the tremors of fear in his lover's voice.  Reaching over he grasped Spike's hand in comfort as Wesley began to speak.

"Mr. Giles and I have been searching every prophecy we could find since learning of Spike's pregnancy.  I admit that when I first learned of the event, it seemed to remind me of something I had read, but it wasn't until recently that Mr. Giles remembered..."

"Yes, Wesley, thank you."  Giles interrupted the younger ex-watcher with a grimace.  "What Wesley is trying to say is that I remembered a legend from school that was popular among young Watchers.  It spoke of a companion to the Slayer, like a Watcher, but immortal and able to fight alongside the Slayer, an equal in strength.  Many young Watchers claimed the prophecy spoke of an end to the Watchers Council.  Needless to say it wasn't popular among the council.  It wasn't until my last visit to England that I learned that there really is such a prophecy."  Giles patted the scroll in front of him.

Xander eyed the smiling ex-watchers, "So what exactly does the prophecy say?"

Giles looked chagrined, "Oh, well, yes.  It translates roughly:

And on the mouth of hell, opposites shall meet, and from this meeting a child

Child of dark and Child of light, Child of day and Child of night,

Borne of blood and undying love, the companion of the chosen one.

There's a bit of superfulous poetry and garble, but it comes down to this...And the child and the chosen one shall fight, side by side, to vanquish all evil and close the mouth of hell forever."

The room was silent.  Wesley was the first to speak.  "So, you can see why the council hid this particular prophecy.  It seems, if your child is the child of the prophesy, and the chosen one the Slayer, of course, that the birth could herald the end of not only the evil of the hell mouth, but of the entire Slayer/Watcher society."

Buffy stood up and began pacing.  "So let me get this straight, this baby is supposed to be a new kind of Watcher?  To be my companion?"

Giles stood and strode over to his Slayer, grasping her arms gently.  "Yes Buffy, this child could be an immortal, super-powered Watcher.  But it could be the companion to any Slayer."

No one voiced the silent suggestion that she could very well not be around to see the child grow old enough to assume the duty.

Finally, Spike snapped out of his openmouthed shock.  "Bloody hell, you mean to tell me that my child, me, William the Bloody, Scourge of Europe, slayer of Slayers, my child is supposed to be the prophesized companion of the Slayer?"

Xander laughed, though in truth he was scared as hell, "Well, you can never say that fate doesn't have a sense of humor."

Spike growled at his mate and Xander instantly dropped the humor defense, instead going to stand behind his mate, resting his hands on Spike's shoulders and squeezing reassuringly. 

"Giles, are you sure?  Is this prophecy really about us and our child?"

Giles took of his glasses and began rubbing the lenses.  "I really couldn't say for sure, but all the signs point to yes."

Willow turned sympathetic eyes on her best friend.  "Xand, I know it's a lot to take in, but it really does seem like this prophecy is about you and Spike.  On the mouth of hell, the hell mouth; opposites shall meet, well obviously you and Spike are complete opposites," and here Willow blushed, "Well, except for your gender, but, you know.  Anyway, child of light and child of dark, day and night obviously that could be talking about a human and a vampire, the whole undying love part, what with you both being pretty much immortal.  Not to mention that there has to be some reason you got Spike pregnant."

Xander had to smile at that.  He walked around the table and gave Willow a hug.  Suddenly there was a loud crash behind him.  Spinning, he saw that Spike had stood up too fast and knocked his chair over.  Xander didn't like the expression on his lovers face.  "Spike?  What..."

Spike shook his head and stepped away from them.  "No, this is ridiculous.  I'm a demon, damn it!  I can't give birth to some great defender of good!  Besides, no matter what, I'm not going to allow the fates, gods, or anyone else to just lay out some predetermined fate and expect any child of mine to fall in line and give up their life for the greater good!  You can take your fucking prophecy and shove it!" 

With that the shaking Vampire turned and fled into the predawn light.

Shocked silence followed Spike's impassioned speech.  Suddenly Willow gasped, "Xander, we have to go after him!  It's almost dawn, he could get hurt!"

Xander shook his head and tightened his hold on his friend, he understood Spike better than any of them, and thought he knew what this was about.  "It's okay, Wills.  Spike's wearing the gem so sunlight won't hurt him.  I'll go after him, I think he just needs a little while to cool off."

Tara stepped up and patted Xander on the arm, "Do you need a locator spell?"

Xander shook his head, "No, thanks though.  I can find him, don't worry."

Still disconcerted, everyone managed to calm down and take a seat at the table again.

"So Giles," Xander shot a wiry grin at the Watcher, "What else does this prophecy say about my kid?"


Spike was sitting atop his old crypt, watching the sunrise, something he'd been doing since Angel gave him the gem and he never tired of it.  It was more a tingling in the back of his mind than Vampiric senses that warned him of his mate's approach.  "So," he began without turning around, "What else did the Watcher's have to say about the fate of our child?"
Xander sat down next to Spike, in touching distance but not quite touching yet.  "Oh, you know, the usual.  Fate of the world rests in your hands, good versus evil, all that sort of stuff."
Spike snorted, "What, no apocalypse?"

"Nope.  Not this time.  But if this prophecy is true, then there will be an awful lot of bad guys out there that won't want to see the baby born, let alone live till adulthood."

The Vampire shuddered.  "Don't you think I know that?  Hell, every demon this side of the hell mouth will be gunning for the child the second word of the prophecy gets out."

Gripping Spike's hand firmly, Xander tried to put all his passion and conviction into his next words.  "Word won't get out Spike.  No one and nothing is going to hurt our child.  Not only does it have us to protect it, but the Slayer herself and two powerful Witches.  Willow and Tara are already brainstorming protection spells and wards to help keep the baby safe until it can defend itself."
A soft snort, "Witchy godmothers are one thing, but what happens when the Watchers Council finds out that this prophecy they tried so hard to hide is coming true?"

Xander shook his head, "It won't happen.  Wesley and Giles have already sworn secrecy.  Besides, neither of them have any loyalty towards the council, and both would rather see the council go down than our child get hurt."

Spike sighed and leaned against Xander, resting his head on the warm shoulder.  "I just don't like the idea that our child's life is determined before it even starts."

Xander kissed the top of Spike's head and held him close, "I know love, I know."

They sat watching the sunrise for several minutes before Xander voiced his main concern.  "Do you really hate being one of the good guys that much?  Do you ever wish you had never gotten chipped?  Never started working with us?"

Slowly, Spike sat up and turned tumultuous eyes to meet his lover's.  "No love, for all the bad, all the pain the chip brought me, it gave me you, and that's the best gift of all.  I could never regret getting to be with you."

Spike leaned over and gently brushed his lips against Xander's.  "But, even with the chip and now the soul, the demon is still there.  It's still in me, and sometimes, sometimes all the touchy-feely, white knight stuff is a little hard to take."

Xander chuckled and kissed Spike softly.  "I'm sorry sweetheart, what with the soul, and you being so sweet and all, we sometimes forget your evil roots."

Spike harrumphed and pretended to be offended, "M' not sweet."

Xander licked his way from Spike's collarbone to ear and nibbled suggestively, "I dunno, you taste pretty sweet to me."

Groaning, Spike captured Xander's lips with his own.  When the kiss broke, Spike eyed his lover seriously.  "Don't you ever doubt again that I'm not glad that things ended up the way they did.  I wouldn't trade you for the world.  You've always accepted the demon in me as well as the soul, and I'm grateful for that.  Now though, even stronger in me than the soul or the demon, is you.  You're in my heart Xan, and you matter more to me than anything." 

They kissed again, softly.

"So," Spike eyed his lover amusedly, "What do you wanna do about this prophecy thing?"

Xander sighed, "Take it one day at a time sweetheart, just like we always do."

He stood up and offered Spike his hand, "C'mon Blondie, let's go home."


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