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Blood Borne: Five
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Part Five: Moving.

Spike glanced up suddenly from where he was crouched over a box, the book he was packing slipping from his hand.  Vampiric senses stretched to there fullest, he scanned the apartment, searching for the source of the disturbance that had been teasing the edges of his senses all day.  Growling and still unable to locate the source of the tiny sounds, Spike paced the perimeter of the apartment for what must have been the fifteenth time all afternoon.  "Bloody 'ell!  What the fuck is it?"  Spike paced back and forth and swore at the top of his voice, not caring if the neighbors complained, they'd be moved out by the end of the weekend anyway.  "I must be going crazy!  Hearing things now, I am.  Stupid pregnancy, making me lose my mind..." 

The rant trailed off as realization suddenly swept over Spike.  Instead of training his senses outward, searching for the sounds, he trained his senses inward, listening intently.  A gasp escaped Spike's throat as he finally heard it, a small, soft thud-thud.  Clasping his hands to his softly mounded stomach, Spike slid bonelessly to the floor, tuning out the rest of the world and focusing in on the sound of his child's heartbeat.


Xander fumbled with the keys, cursing loudly, and almost dropped the armload of cardboard boxes before he finally got the front door open.  Once inside the apartment he thankfully let the empty boxes tumble to the floor before hanging his jacket up and tucking his keys away.  "Spike!  Have you finished packing yet?  The gang will be here in an hour or so to start moving stuff and we've barely packed anything..."

Xander turned around and trailed off after seeing the silent apartment.  Where was Spike? 

"Um, Spike?" 

Worried, Xander began to search through their tiny living room, checking behind the couch and the pile of boxes stacked haphazardly around the furniture.  No Spike. 

"Oh shit."

Scared now, Xander headed back to the bedroom and almost tripped over Spike, sitting quietly in the hallway, clutching his stomach, a strange look on his face.

Xander crouched down next to the silent Vampire, reaching out a shaking hand to touch Spike's arm.  "Spike?  Spike, what's wrong?  Talk to me."

Spike just shook his head.

Almost frantic, Xander scooped up his mate and gently moved them to the couch, sitting down and clutching Spike to him.  "What's wrong?  Spike, please tell me.  Has something bad happened?"

Again Spike shook his head, then moved his mouth.  Even with better-than-human hearing Xander had to lean into his mate to catch what the Vampire was saying. 

"...a heartbeat.  The baby has a heartbeat.  I can hear it."

Confused and flushed with adrenaline, it took several minutes before Xander understood what Spike was saying.  "Really?  You can hear a heartbeat?"

Spike nodded.  Gently, Xander moved Spike back so the Vampire was reclining on the couch.  Xander lay down and placed his ear on the mound of Spike's stomach, resting his head gently, trying not to place too much weight on his mate.  Closing his eyes, Xander took a few deep breaths and stilled himself, training all his focus on simply listening.  For several seconds he didn't hear anything, then, faintly, a soft thump-thump drifted to his ears.  Xander gasped, excitement coursing through him, he wanted to jump up and down, shout, call Willow immediately, but he didn't dare lose the sound.  The two men lay on the couch, immobile, lost in the sound of their child's heart.


Giles led four griping women up the stairs to Xander and Spike's apartment.  Ignoring the complaints of forced physical labor, and the insinuation that it was his entire fault for buying the men the house in the first place, he mumbled softly to himself.  "By all the gods, I hope that I survive this weekend in one piece." 

Slayer hearing caught his sarcastic remark, "Of course you'll survive Giles," Buffy smiled sweetly at him, "We won't kill you until after you help us move them."

Rolling his eyes, Giles pushed the door open and stepped inside, followed closely by the women.  They all froze in shock at the scene that was presented to them.  In the years of Spike and Xander's relationship, all of them had interrupted sex at one time or another, to the point where none of them where fazed by it now.  This scene however, was entirely new.  Spike lay on the couch, hands resting on Xander's head, which lay on Spike's stomach.  Both men had their eyes closed and focused expressions on their faces. 

Willow was the first to break the shocked silence.  "Um, guys?  What's going on?  Is everything alright?" 

Xander lifted his head up and smiled a huge, goofy grin.  "The baby has a heartbeat.  We can hear it."

Various cries of joy and relief greeted his statement.  Dawn however, looked confused.  "Uh, why?  I mean, yay, good for you, but why is everyone so happy about it?"

Spikes ice blue eyes, bright with unshed tears, focused on the group.  "Because nibblet, it means the little one's human.  It means it has a soul."

Spike's smile of relief and joy left no doubts in anyone's mind what a relief this was to the couple, the Vampire especially. 





"Sweetie?  I'm home!"  Xander shoved the door closed with his hip and maneuvered his way through the boxes still lining the living room, heading towards the kitchen.  They'd been moved into their new house, their new house!!! Xander tried to wipe the dopey grin off his face, for a month now and they still hadn't unpacked all the boxes yet, except for the baby's room.  That had been accomplished the first week, with much help from the overly design-minded Aunts.  Xander set the grocery bags down on the kitchen counter and scanned the front room.  "Spike?"  There was no sign of the Vampire.

Vaguely worried, Xander wandered upstairs, heading to their bedroom, "Um, Spike, this isn't funny..."  A soft growl was all the warning he had before a snarling, naked Vampire pounced on him.  Xander shrieked in a very unmanly way as he was tumbled to the floor.  "Spike!  Um, whoa, hold on!"

Spike looked up from where he was licking Xander's stomach, "Hmm?"

After unsuccessfully trying to untangle himself from Spike, Xander just gave up and flopped back onto the floor.  "So, how was your day?  Do anything interesting, like unpack boxes maybe?  And what, exactly. is this all about?"

Spike rolled his eyes and returned to his task of unbuttoning Xander's shirt.  "Fine, no and stop asking me to, and I dunno, just horny." 

Xander tried to process the responses, then gave up and helped Spike's cause by kicking off his shoes and undoing his belt.  Xander sat up enough to allow Spike to push his shirt off of him and was surprised to find himself shivering as cold air hit his skin.  "Spike, sweetie?  Why is it so cold in here?"

Spike looked at his mate like he was an idiot, "It's not cold, it's hot in here!  That's why I turned the air conditioners on."

"The air conditioners!?  Spike, it's April!  It's like, barely 70 degrees outside."

The Vampire just shrugged as he continued to strip Xander.  "Well it's bloody hot inside, init?"

Any reply Xander would have made was lost in a gasp as Spike yanked Xander's boxers off and deep throated his semi-erect cock.  "Oooh, god.  Don't stop."

Spike chuckled, the vibrations doing interesting things to the fellatio process, and continued sucking.  Just when Xander was moaning and grasping the carpet, preparing for release, Spike released his mate's cock with a wet slurp and climbed up to straddle Xander's chest.  The brunette glared at his mate accusingly.  "Why'd you stop?"

Smirking, Spike just knelt up and positioned Xander's cock at his entrance.  "To do this."

So saying, Spike sat down, impaling himself on Xander's cock in one quick motion. 

The breath was torn from Xander's throat and it was several minutes before he could speak again.  Xander glared up at Spike, when something dawned on him.  "You were already lubed up and naked, just waiting for me to get home, weren't you?"

Spike managed to look sheepish.  "Well, yeah.  Told you I was horny."  Then he began to move.

Xander resigned himself to being breathless and surrendered to his lover. 

Spike rode him hard, rising up and slamming down in long, hard movements. 

Xander's hands were gripping his lovers hip's in a painful grasp, his mouth was hanging open, gasping as Spike's movements drove his hard cock deeper into the Vampire's warm, slick channel.  Briefly Xander wondered why Spike felt warm, but the thought was swept away as the blonde riding him changed positions and began a series of quick short thrusts that wiped out Xander's ability to think. 

Spike's head was thrown back, his eyes squeezed shut in concentration.  Sweat gleamed on his pale skin and his hands gripped Xander's shoulders in a crushing grip.  Spike was speaking, but it took several minutes for the words to penetrate Xander's lust fogged brain. 

"Oh gods, so good.  Please Xan, please.  Touch me.  Please..."

Xander let his right hand release its death grip on Spike's hip and move around to grasp the Vampire's leaking cock.  Spike moaned as his lover began to fist him in time to the frantic thrusts.  Spike began a sharp rocking motion, grinding Xander's cock deep into him, and Xander felt his orgasm suddenly looming. 

Xander began to stroke Spike faster, with the hard, short strokes he knew his mate loved, and with his other hand drew one of Spike's wrists near his mouth.  Xander licked along the sensitive skin of his lover's wrist then bit down, hard.  Lost in the taste of his lover's blood as it flooded his mouth, he barely heard Spike screaming his name.  He did feel the warm cum as it splattered over his chest.  And he had enough presence of mind to release Spike's wrist as his orgasm slammed into him and the world went gray as what felt like every last drop of cum was ripped from him.


Xander came back to himself to find that he was laying spread eagle on the floor with Spike curled up at his side, blonde head resting on his shoulder.  Idly he licked the last of the Vampire's blood from his lips and stroked the blonde hair gently.  "So, have some extra energy to work off, did we?"

Spike snorted, "Do you blame me?  I've barely been out of the house in weeks!  I had to do something if I was gonna sit through another night of failed cooking attempts and must see TV."

Xander ignored the jab at his cooking.  In all honesty his attempts to recreate the recipes from Tara and Willows cookbook hadn't been all that successful.  And with the whole gang feeling protective of the Vampire, Spike hadn't been patrolling in months.  "Well, luckily for you, that's not what we're doing tonight."

Spike sat up and bounced a little with curiosity.  "It's not?  What're we doing, then?"

Xander smiled and levered himself up into a sitting position.  "Well, first we're gonna shower.  Then we have a doctors appointment.  After that, if we get the okay from Dr. Graves, we're meeting Buffy and the gang for patrol."

Spike began to bounce harder.  "Really?  We're actually going patrolling?  Can I kill things?"

Xander held back a laugh, barely.  "Yes, you can actually kill things.  Some unknown wannabe big bad has been recruiting and there's a huge nest of fledges to take out.  Even five months pregnant you can easily take out half the nest by yourself.  With us helping Buffy slay, the Witches can do some spell to find out who's been doing all the recruiting.  Besides, I feel kinda bad that you've been so cooped up lately."

Spike jumped up and yanked Xander up after him.  "Well, come on then, get a move on.  We've got places to go and things to kill."

Laughing, Xander followed his mate down the hall to the shower.




Spike lay on the table, trying not to squirm as the doctor poked and prodded at his stomach.  Dr. Graves smiled happily to herself as she listened with a stethoscope and made some notes in a chart.  "Well gentlemen, I must say, everything seems to be going swimmingly.  Both mother and child seem very healthy."

Spike snorted at the mother reference, but let it slide. 


"Yes Xander?"

"Um, I just, I've noticed something weird about Spike lately."

The doctor turned her full attention to Xander. "What is it?"

"Its just that Spike feels warmer.'

Spike arched an eyebrow at that. "I feel warmer?"

Xander shrugged.  "It's the only way I can describe it.  But you can't deny that somethings different, you had the air conditioners running at full blast in April."

It was Spikes turn to shrug, "I felt hot."

"Exactly."  Xander smiled.

Dr. Graves laughed.  "Well, I've never treated a pregnant Vampire before, but in human pregnancies, as well as several other species, the mother's internal body temperature goes up during the pregnancy.  I see no reason to doubt that this would happen to Spike as well."

Xander looked confused, "But couldn't being warmer hurt Spike somehow?  I mean, he is a walking corpse after all."

"Oi!  You're the one that sleeps with this walking corpse!"

Xander patted Spike's hand but otherwise ignored his mate's outburst. 

The doctor smiled at the obvious worry the immortal man showed for his mate's well being.  "I'll take his temperature, but I seriously doubt it will affect him adversely."

Dr. Graves found a thermometer and stuck it under Spike's tongue.  After checking it she nodded to herself and made a few more notes.  "Spike, the reason you feel so hot is because your body temperature has risen at least 10 degrees.  You aren't quite at a human body temperature, but you are close.  It will probably be uncomfortable for you on occasion, but your body temperature should return to normal once the baby is born."

Spike rolled his eyes, "Everything about this is uncomfortable.  How much longer do we have doctor?"

Dr. Graves smiled reassuringly at the Vampire.  "Just four more months, then it will all be over."

Spike groaned and flung his arm over his eyes.  "Four months, I'll never bloody make it."

The doctor laughed at the Vampires melodrama, "Look on the bright side, the second trimester is often accompanied by a sharp rise in libido.  You should enjoy it while you can."

Xander suddenly felt very suspicious, "What do you mean, enjoy it while we can?" 

"Well, for the last month or two, sex will be the furthest thing from Spike's mind." 

Spike snorted incredulously, "Impossible."

Dr. Graves continued, "And then the first couple of months with a new baby, you'll both be lucky to eat regular meals and sleep more than a couple hours a night, let alone think about having sex."

Xander paled at the doctor's words.  "Oh, yeah, new baby.  Sometimes I forget about that part of it.  But, but we'll be okay, right?"

The doctor patted Xander reassuringly on the shoulder, "You'll be fine Xander.  It will be overwhelming at first, but before you know it, being a parent will be second nature."

Spike broke through the fog of uncertainty clouding Xander's brain.  "So, doc.  Do you think I can go kill things now?  What with me being so healthy and all."

Dr. Graves nodded and closed her chart.  "Certainly.  As long as you're careful, there's no reason you can't exert yourself a little more.  If that's all the questions for now, I'll see you gentleman in a month."

They thanked the doctor and made their way to meet up with the gang for patrol, Spike bouncing all the way.


The fight was fast and vicious.  Buffy and Xander took out several fledges each early on, while Spike was still trying to find his balance and figure out how to move with the extra weight and girth.  As soon as the Vampire found his balance, all Buffy and Xander had to do was sit back and catch any that tried to run, as Spike took out months of frustration on the hapless fledges.  Willow and Tara completed their spell just as Spike was dusting the final stragglers.  Buffy and Xander made their way over to where the Witches were set up. 

"So, anything?" Buffy called out, casually reaching out and grabbing a fledge Spike missed, staking it without losing stride. 

Willow and Tara shook their heads, disappointed looks on their faces.  "No, nothing.  Whoever it is, they've got some serious shielding spells going on."   

Buffy shrugged, "Well, whoever or whatever it is, they haven't done much except create some fledges.  We'll figure it out eventually.  Then I'll slay them."

Spike sauntered over, brushing dust from his leather duster.  "How'd the mojo go, Red?  We find out who the big bad is?"

Willow shook her head and angrily began packing up their supplies.  Tara answered for her annoyed girlfriend.  "No luck.  They have too many shielding spells in place.  We'll have to try again later."

Spike shrugged.  "You two'll figure it out, you always do.  Now if you don't mind, the Whelp and I have business of our own to attend to.  See ya."  Spike grabbed Xander's arm and practically drug the brunette out of the cemetery. 

Xander didn't protest, just allowed himself to be drug along home.  After years together, he was very familiar with a post-fight Spike.  Fighting made Spike horny.  Of course everything made Spike horny, but that was one of the perks of being mated to the blonde. 

They reached the house and Spike hurried them through the door, tossing their coats aside and pushing Xander into the living room.  Xander allowed himself to be led into the room and positioned behind the couch.  Guessing the game, Xander toed off his shoes, spread his legs as wide as he could and grabbed onto the back of the couch for support. 

Spike smirked when he saw his mate assume the position.  Xander had read his mood perfectly.  Humming a Sex Pistols tune under his breath, Spike got out his switchblade and began cutting Xander's clothing away.  As the knife gently slid between fabric and skin, Xander's breath quickened.  A few quick slices later and Xander's shirt was no more.  Teasingly, Spike slid the knife lightly down Xander's back, raising a red welt but not cutting.  Xander moaned and tried to arch towards the blade.  Spike placed his other hand flat on his mate's broad, warm back in warning.  "Shhh, pet.  Easy now."  Whimpering, Xander subsided. 

Spike was practically bouncing on his heels now, it had been so long since they had done this!  The Vampire eyed his mate's pants speculatively.  Satisfied that they were an old pair that could be sacrificed, Spike began slowly, teasingly cutting Xander's pants off.  By the time he was naked, Xander was a panting, moaning mass of need.  Spike tossed the knife aside and knelt down behind his lover, grasping the firm ass cheeks in his hands and spreading them. 

Xander almost collapsed when Spike began rimming him.  Chuckling, Spike worked his tongue deep into Xander's ass, relishing the taste of his lover.  Xander bucked and moaned, and Spike grabbed on tighter, sure that he would be leaving bruises but not caring.  Bruises were just part of the game.  As Spike flicked his tongue in and out of Xander's ass, the brunette began begging.  "Please, oh gods Spike, please fuck me."

"Well, pet, since you asked so nicely..."  Spike released Xander and stood up, unzipping his fly and pulling his aching cock out.  Without being asked, Xander broke the pose enough to lean down and fish the tube of lube out from under the couch cushion.  He handed it back to Spike and resumed the spread-leg position he had been holding this whole time.  Quickly Spike slicked up his cock and slid home.  Xander moaned, low and deep as Spike thrust into him, bucking his hips back a little to encourage his lover deeper.  Spike began a slow, steady rhythm, keeping firm hold of Xanders hips, not letting the brunette lean forward to gain friction by rubbing against the couch.  It was his call if and when Xander came tonight.  Spike licked and sucked his way down the back of Xander's neck and across the humans shoulders, stopping every so often to nibble on all his favorite spots. 

It was a long ride and both men were covered with sweat and barely keeping upright on shaking legs when Spike finally decided to end it.  Snaking one hand around, Spike grabbed hold of Xander's cock and began fisting it.  Xander began a quiet litany of "pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease."  Spike quickened his thrusts, angling to hit Xander's sweet spot.  Leaning forward, annoyed at finding his stomach getting in the way a little, Spike shifted to gameface and sunk his fangs into Xander's neck, eagerly slurping up the blood that welled to the surface.  Xander screamed and came, arching back into Spike's embrace, hips bucking as cum was ripped from his body.  The taste of his mate's blood, thick with love and lust, and the feeling of Xander's inner walls rippling and clenching around his cock, pushed Spike over the edge.  He removed his fangs just as his orgasm slammed into him.  Spike howled and thrust as deep as he could into Xander as the human's inner walls milked him dry. 

The two stood leaning against the couch for several minutes, panting as they recovered from the moment.  Xander was the first to move, stepping forward so that Spike's now limp cock slipped out of his body.  The brunette turned and wrapped his arm around Spike's shoulders, maneuvering them towards the stairs and bed, shedding Spike's clothes as they went. 

As they fell bonelessly into bed, Xander gathered Spike against his chest and murmured softly into blonde hair.  "Did you have a good day, beloved?" 

"Mmmm, yeah.  Thanks for taking me on patrol."

"No problem.  Now that the doc has given her okay, you can go out whenever you want.  Just promise me you'll be careful."

Blue eyes glanced up and met warm brown ones, "Of course.  'M not an idiot."

Xander grinned sheepishly.  "I know, I just don't want anything to happen to you, to either of you."  The last was said with a hand placed protectively over Spike's mounded stomach.

Instead of answering, Spike just kissed his lover gently.  With a soft sigh, they settled down to sleep, both drifting off to the quiet but strong beat of their child's heart.


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