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Blood Borne: Four
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Part Four: Baby Showers

The trip home was fast and made in complete silence.  The silence continued as they shuffled slowly into their apartment.  Finally, when the door was safely shut and locked, Xander turned to Spike, "So, uh..."

Spike just shook his head and moved into Xander's arms.  They closed about him and the Vampire sighed happily, finally starting to relax.  They stood that way for several minutes before Spike withdrew gently and began walking towards the bedroom, pulling Xander behind him. 

"Um, Spike?  What..."

Spike glanced over his shoulder at his mate, "Please Xan.  I just, need to be held, okay?"

Xander nodded, "I can do that."

Spike kicked off the slippers and lay down on the bed.  Xander pulled off his shoes and jeans before joining his lover and pulling the covers up over them.  Spike rolled over, settling himself up against Xander's chest.  Finally, feeling safe and secure for the first time all day, Spike felt he could talk.

"Xan?  What is this?  I mean, is the doctor bint right?  Am I?  Are we gonna have a..."

Xander stroked strong fingers through his lover's blonde locks and sighed.  "As scary as it is, I believe her.  It's just the how that gets me.  That and the whole having a baby thing.  Okay, actually everything about this scares me.  What idiot god chose us as parents?  Plus, you know, is it gonna be human?  Vampire?  Demon?  Good or Evil? The list of things to be scared of is endless."

Spike shuddered in his lover's arms.  "If this is some evil prophesy, if our child is evil, or gonna wreck havoc on the world or whatnot, I'll stake myself."

Spike felt Xander's arms tighten around him suddenly in a crushing grip.  He raised his eyes and met brown eyes dark with turbulent emotions.  "No."  Xander's voice was rough with fear, "You won't get hurt. Neither will our child.  Nothing that comes from us could be bad, and I won't lose you, no matter what."

Trembling with the force behind those words, Spike leaned up and gently kissed his mate, trying to put his love and trust into the kiss.  Spike tried to keep the kiss soft and gentle, but Xander crushed their mouths together, fear making the kiss desperate.  Their tongues intertwined, Xander mapping out every inch of his mouth, as if to reassure the human that his lover was still there, still real.  Spike understood the need for reassurance; it was exactly what he needed too.  Spike wound his arms around his lover's chest, hands running up and down the strong back, slipping under the tee shirt to caress warm skin.  When Xander came up for air he seemed to start to pull back, but Spike held on tight, begging softly.  "Please, Xan.  Need this, need you.  Need to know this is real."

Xander nodded mutely and quickly broke out of Spike's grasp, ignoring the Vampire's whimpers and stripped, removing Spike's clothing as well before settling back down on the bed and rolling Spike over so they were laying on their sides, facing each other.  Xander pulled Spike back into his arms and Spike went willingly, wrapping his arms around his lover and twining their legs together as well.  Their kisses became more frantic and touches more needy, both trying to desperately push away all the fear and confusion of the day. 

Spike let himself become immersed in the sensations of touching and kissing his lover, his Xander.  Warm hands stroked and kneaded his cool flesh, leaving a warm tingle wherever they touched.  A hot mouth was slowly working its way down the column of his throat, pausing to suck and nibble on that spot that always got him hot. 

Spike gasped and threw a leg over Xander's waist, pulling his lover as close as possible.  He thrust his aching cock into the soft, warm flesh of his lover's stomach, groaning at the sensations.  One of Xander's hands drifted down to grasp Spike's ass and pulled the Vampire even closer.  Xander recaptured Spikes mouth and they kissed desperately as they thrust against each other.  Suddenly, Xander tore his mouth away and gasped out, "Please Spike, need you, need to be inside you."

Spike groaned.  "Yes, luv, please, need to feel you."

That was all the encouragement Xander needed.  He rolled over just enough to grab the tube of lube off the bedside table and quickly slicked up his fingers.  He resumed his plundering of Spike's mouth as he began to prepare his lover. 
Spike moaned and whimpered in need as the first slick finger entered him.  Another quickly followed it, the two slick digits crooking forward to stroke his prostate.  Sensations exploded through his body, Spike moaned into the kiss and murmured what he hoped were words of encouragement as two fingers became three.

Finally Xander drew his hand away and quickly slicked up his cock.  Spike held still as Xander moved down his body slightly and positioned himself at the Vampire's prepared entrance.  Xander looked up and caught Spike's eye, the blonde nodded and Xander slowly pushed forward and up, sliding into Spike's tight, cool channel.  Once he was fully inside, Xander pulled Spike back against his chest and kissed the Vampire hungrily before finally starting up slow, shallow thrusts. 

Spike whimpered into the kiss and thrust back, arching in an attempt to get more of his lover's hot cock inside.  Hands roamed freely, touching every inch of flesh possible, tongues frantically twined and Xander kept up a steady pace, driving himself into Spike as the two men tried to taste and feel as much of each other as they could, as they tried to prove to themselves that everything was okay. 

Spike sucked his way down Xander's neck, and the brunette bared his throat in a wordless entreaty.  Spike eagerly morphed into gameface and bit, sucking down a mouthful of passion-laced blood.  The bite drove Xander over the edge, with a soft cry he began to thrust faster, crushing Spike to him and trapping the Vampire's cock between their stomachs.  Spike withdrew his fangs as he felt his mates orgasm near.  He grabbed onto Xander's shoulders and began to thrust back.  As Spike's orgasm hit him he arched up into the warm body of his mate, shaking and crying out as his release was torn from him.  Vaguely he felt Xander shudder and cum, heard the human's cries of completion, but he was too far-gone to react. 

Eventually Xander pulled out and rolled onto his back, pulling Spike against him and tucking the Vampire into his side.  If Xander noticed that Spike's post-orgasm shakes turned into silent sobs, he didn't say anything, just held his love closer.  If Spike noticed Xander's breathing hitch or heard the human's quiet sobs, the only sign was the almost automatic stroking of his mate's chest.  Eventually both stilled as the lovers cried themselves to sleep.


~~~Six weeks later~~~


Spike stood in front of the full-length mirror, eyeing it as if he were actually reflected in it.  The Vampire turned left and right, examining his un-reflection.  Finally curiosity got the better of Xander and he gave in, walking up and standing behind his lover.  Now Xander was reflected in the mirror, but nope, still no Spike.

"Um, Spike?  Sweetie?  What are you doing?"

Spike frowned at the mirror, then looked down at his stomach. "Am I getting fat?"

Alarm bells sounded in Xander's head.  With Anya, this was always where things had gone very wrong very fast.  "Um, no.  Not at all.  Why do you ask?"

Spike scowled at the mirror, "My jeans are getting too tight.  I can't button them."

Xander sighed in relief. "Blondie?  Dr. Graves told us this would happen.  We'll go to the store tomorrow."

Spike turned and glared at the brunette.  "So you're saying I'm fat then?"

Xander sputtered, "Spike!"

"Well, you said you were gonna buy me new clothes.  If I need new clothes, then that means I've grown out of my old ones, which means I'm fat!"

Xander groaned and collapsed on the bed.  "Spike, luv.  You are not fat!  You are pregnant.  If you're pissed off at having to get new clothes now, just wait till it looks like you swallowed a beach ball!"

Spike paled and turned big, sad eyes on Xander.  "Will you still love me when I'm fat?"

Xander very firmly quelled all desire to throttle his pregnant husband, he did have to put up with this for nine whole months, and if he couldn't deal with an only slightly emotional Spike now... Instead Xander stood up and took Spike into his arms.  "Spike, I will always love you, no matter what.  And you're not fat."

Spike nodded and snuggled into Xander's arms.  They stood that way for several minutes, then Spike's brain backtracked and he looked suspiciously up at his lover, "Why tomorrow?"


"Why are we going to the store tomorrow?  Why not tonight?"

Xander shrugged, "Willow made me promise that we'd both be home tonight."

Spike looked interested, "Why?  Did they find a prophecy or something?  What's going on?"

"I don't know, sweetheart.  She wouldn't tell me.  I'm sure it's nothing bad, Will just said we were to both be home at eight tonight, on pain of death."

A worried frown passed over Spike's face, "Maybe they found something.  Maybe it's really bad and they want to break the news to us gently.  Maybe..."

Xander stopped the worried babbling before it could go any further.  After six weeks they still didn't know what was going on other than what Dr. Graves could tell them.  Spike was pregnant, it was progressing like a normal human pregnancy, and so far everyone involved was healthy.  But as to the whys and hows, they still had no clue.  Xander sighed and willed his brain to stop before he became as neurotic as Spike, and they both just curled up under the covers and didn't come out for nine months, or was it seven months now... 

Shaking his head at his own musings, Xander leaned down and kissed Spike softly, "I have to go to work, are you gonna be okay?"

Spike looked annoyed, something Xander actually considered a good sign lately.  It was better than scared, or tearful, or raving psychotic...

Spike growled softly, "I'll be fine, moron.  I'm just gonna go back to bed and sleep till you get home."

Xander produced his best eye roll.  "Or you could clean the apartment, since we have company coming?"

Spike scoffed, "What?  Me clean, in my delicate state?  I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy, remember?"

Xander laughed and kissed the lips pouting conveniently in his direction.  "In Vampire terms I think that means no lifting cars and things, not no lifting vacuum cleaners or dish washing detergent."

Spike managed a put upon sigh.  "Well, you'll just have to ask the doctor that won't you?  And since we don't see her for another week, I'll just be going back to bed now, thank you very much."

Xander stifled a laugh and tucked his lover back under the covers.  "I love you, blondie.  I'll see you tonight, okay?"

Spike kissed him back and turned over, already drifting off.  If Dr. Graves hadn't told them what to expect these past few weeks, Xander would have been concerned about how much Spike was sleeping.  Well, he'd also be more concerned if he didn't know that the blonde Vampire would be up in a few hours watching Passions.  Chuckling softly to himself, Xander left for work.


At 8:00pm on the nose there was a knock at the door.  Xander answered it, only to have several trays of food shoved into his arms.  Willow graced his confused expression with an only slightly evil smile as she began directing traffic with the ease of an army general.  Xander was told to set the food up on the dining room table, and the rest of the Scooby gang began tracking in and out, setting up more food and pilling stacks of brightly wrapped presents on the coffee table in front of where a shocked looking Spike sat.  Once his task was complete, Xander wandered over to the couch and sat next to his mate, watching the proceedings bemusedly.  Within no time at all, food and drinks were set up, presents were stacked neatly ready for opening, and streamers and balloons were scattered about the living room.  Soon the entire Scooby gang was sitting around the room, smiling at the two shocked looking men, so, to their astonishment, were Angel, Cordy and Wesley.

Xander took in the scene in front of him and wondered if he should be afraid or excited.  Spike beat him to the question already forming on his lips. 

"Just what the bloody hell is going on here Red?"

Willow smiled, "Can't you tell Spike?  It's your baby shower!"

Spike clutched protectively at his slightly rounded stomach.  "Baby shower?"

Buffy rolled her eyes at the Vampire, "Spike!  A baby shower is a party, for you.  Where we give you and Xander presents."

Spike began to relax slightly, "Presents?"

Dawn nodded enthusiastically, "Yup!  Presents for you and the baby."

Spike uncurled from his protective position and reached for the pile of presents, "Well why didn't you say so?  Hand 'em over."

Willow smacked the Vampire's hand and ignored the resulting pout.  "Hang on Mr. Greedy, there's an order to the events of the evening."

Spike gapped at her, "But you said it was my party!"

Willow gave the Vampire her best 'but don't you love me?' face.  "Food, then games, then cake, then presents, then movies."

Spike protested, but not for long, and Xander was relieved to see that he wasn't the only one who that face worked on.

Suddenly, Xander remembered something he'd heard once, "Wait a minute?  Isn't a baby shower for girls only?"

Giles gave a long-suffering sigh, ignoring the girls giggles.  "I believe that that is the custom, Xander.  However, it seems that the girls have decided since both parents are men, that this is to be an all-inclusive baby shower."

Spike eyed the L.A. crew suspiciously, "What are you lot doing here, peaches?  Don't you have hopeless gits to save?"

Angel looked about to snap a retort when Cordy's haughty voice beat him to it.  "Really, Spike!  That is Angel's grandchild you're carrying!  We couldn't very well stay away."

Angel managed to pale at that and Cordy continued on.  "Or is it his great grandchild?"

Any retort Spike could make was cut short by a plate of food being shoved into his hands by a sheepishly smiling Tara.  Spike's mouth immediately snapped shut as he eyed the food.  "Oi!  What's with the slimy green stuff?"

Willow turned around from where she had been filling plates for people.  "What?  Spike, those are vegetables.  You know, the healthy stuff you're supposed to be eating?" 

Seeing the Vampire's disgusted look, Willow turned her best glare on Xander.  "Xander Harris!  What have you been feeding you're pregnant husband?"

He knew he was in for it, but Xander still tried to bluff his way out. "Um, food?"

Willow glared at him but turned a sweet, innocent smile to the blonde, who was poking the pile of steamed vegetables with a fork and wearing a dubious expression. 

"Spike, sweetie, what did you eat for dinner last night?"

"Hmmm?"  Spike was distracted by the foreign vegetable matter and so wasn't aware of the trap he was falling in to.  "Oh, um, pizza, I think."

"I see," Willow's sickly sweet tone was causing Xander to think thoughts of happy things, like death and dismemberment. "And what did you eat the day before?"

Spike turned to eye the red head, only now realizing the danger he was in.  "Um, Chinese food?  I think there were vegetables in that.  There were definitely noodles..."  The Vampire meekly trailed off. 

Willow turned a stormy expression back to Xander.  "Xander Harris!  I cannot believe you!  This is your child's health we're talking about!  Don't make me come over here and start cooking for you two, because trust me, you definitely won't like it!" 

As Willow berated her best friend since childhood, the rest of the party guests went about dishing themselves up plates and chatting about the party decorations and piles of presents.

Finally the Witch let her friend go back to the party, with a stern, "We'll talk later."  Xander gratefully accepted the plate handed to him and slunk back to the couch, surreptitiously placing Spike between him and Willow. 

After food was consumed, and several rounds of silly games were played, most of which Xander couldn't see the point of, including an embarrassing moment when Buffy produced a dry erase board and bets were placed as to the time and date of the birth and the gender of the child, the cake was finally served and the gang settled around to watch them open presents.  Xander eyed the pile of presents in front of them and suddenly felt extremely grateful for his friends and family, " guys didn't have to..."

Willow clucked at him, "Nonsense, of course we did.  Not only are you both family, you're also the first to produce offspring!  We had to celebrate."

Spike looked knowingly to where Willow and Tara were holding hands, "Bet we won't be the last though, eh ducks?"

Tara blushed bright red and Willow stammered a bit.  "Well, I...I mean, we are still young and..."

The room broke out into laughter.  Spike chuckled and smiled fondly at the Witches.  "Relax red, you two'll make great moms someday."

Willow smiled hugely at the Vampire and pressed a present into his hands, "Here, open this one first."

Spike eagerly ripped into the package and pulled out, "Pajama pants?"
Dawn laughed, "They're yoga pants!  They're nice and soft and comfy and have a draw string waist, so you can wear them when you start to get big."

Spike fingered the three pairs of soft, dark cotton pants and smiled a pained smile at the teen, "Thanks bit."

Dawn beamed.

Xander accepted the package Willow handed to him.  "Thanks Wills."

He opened the package to find, "A cookbook?"  Xander turned the book over and read the title, "Eating for two."

Willow smiled a slightly more evil smile than earlier. "It's a cookbook for pregnancy.  So now you can take care of Spike correctly."

Xander wasn't sure what his reply would have been, it was cut short by Spike's exclamation of horror.  "Oh bloody hell!"

Xander turned and eyed the book sitting in his mate's lap.  "What to expect when you're expecting?"

Tara nodded, "It's a really great book, very informative.  Willow and I read it and the cookbook already and highlighted all the really important stuff."

Xander took both books and set them aside, "Um, thanks, I think."

The rest of the presents were a mixed bag as far as the men were concerned.  They ranged from practical: bottles, cloth diapers, something called a burp rag, and other assorted baby paraphernalia, not to mention a dozen baby outfits in different colors, from Cordy, of course.  To silly: baby toys, a baby holder that either of the men could wear like a backpack, a cushion that Spike was supposed to sit on to support his back, and the stack of tweed diapers from a smirking Giles, which had sent them all into hysterics.  To emotional: when Buffy and Dawn rolled in a baby crib that had belonged to both of the girls.  "Mom kept it in the attic.  I'm sure I won't be needing it, and Dawn had better not need it for ten years at least."  Buffy explained, trying to joke her way past the tears in her eyes.  Tear filled hugs had been exchanged all around after that.

Finally, Angel stepped forward and handed Spike a small box, the type that rings were kept in.  Spike stared at his grandsire and pointed to the matching gold and silver bands on his and Xander's left hands, "This better not be a proposal peaches, I'm already taken."

Angel scowled, "Just open the box, William."

Slowly, Spike did, only to drop the box with a soft gasp.  Xander scooped the box up, looked inside, and then stared questioningly at the older Vampire.  "How did you get this?"

Buffy bounced impatiently in her seat.  "What!  What is it?"

Xander clutched the box in one hand and held onto his lover with the other, "It's the Gem of Amara."

Gasps filled the room.  Giles sent an apologetic glance at the men on the couch then turned to Angel, "Regardless of Spikes condition, do you really think that it's wise for anyone to have that ring?"

Spike growled softly but quieted when Angel motioned for the younger Vampire to calm down.  "Giles, I understand your concern.  But think about it.  Regardless of any prophecies, Spike and Xander's child will be special.  There's very little lore about it, but what there is claims that the child of a human and Vampire will be very powerful.  The child will probably have Vampiric speed and strength, without the allergies to sunlight and holy objects.  But this is the hellmouth, and regardless of any special abilities, their child will still be that, a child.  They will both have to protect the child, at all times.  I won't have it on my conscious if the child is hurt because it was attacked during the day and Spike couldn't be there to help."

Giles nodded, "Very good point Angel.  Thank you."

Spike locked gazes with the other Vampire, "Thank you, Sire."

Angel smiled, "You're welcome, William."

With shaky fingers, Xander removed the ring from its box and slid it onto Spike's right hand.  Then he kissed his lover softly.

The group remained silent, most still in awe of the gesture, when after several minutes Giles cleared his throat.  "Um, Angel's gift brings up a good point.  Xander, Spike, you're child will be special, and you both must be able to protect it.  This then brings up the question of Spike's chip."

Most of the room looked shocked. 

Willow nodded.  "Giles is right.  With everything that's happened over the last couple of years, with Spike getting his soul, then he and Xander getting together, numerous apocalypses, we kind of forgot to work on removing it."

Angel coughed uncomfortably and carefully didn't look at Giles, or at the couch, where two men were blushing and furiously trying to not look anyone else in the eye. Giles sat down with a thump and furiously began cleaning his glasses, "Xander, Spike, would you care to explain what is going on here?"

Xander sighed and shot Willow an apologetic glance.  He was about to bring up a painful subject that they had pointedly avoided talking about.

"Well, remember when Spike and I first decided to do the mating bond thing and we weren't talking to you guys much?"

Giles rolled his eyes, "I believe what you mean to say Xander, is if we remember when we told you that you were insane to bond with a Vampire and your soul was in danger, and in reaction you and Spike left town for three months?"

Xander looked abashed, "Yeah, that."

Spike rubbed Xander's back and murmured encouragement, he was over it, but he knew that the fight and following estrangement had been hard on the friends and they didn't like to bring up such a painful period in their lives.

Xander took a deep breath and continued, "Well, anyway, we went to L.A. to see Angel.  We, um, we wanted his blessings, and there was a ceremony and stuff..."

Giles interrupted, going into Watcher mode, "Really?  A Bonding ceremony?  What does it involve?  I haven't read any references to it."

Xander blushed furiously and pointedly ignored Spike's smirk.  "Um, yeah, a ceremony, its uh..."
Angel came to the human's rescue, before Xander could burst into flame from embarrassment.

"I'd be happy to fill you in sometimes, Giles, but for now lets just say it's private."

Giles nodded and Angel tried to ignore Buffy's speculative expression.  He continued, "As I was saying, while I approved of the mating, I was concerned about Xander's safety.  Granted, the bonding gave him certain benefits: increased speed and strength, enhanced senses, and the like, but this is the hellmouth, and being the Mate of a Master Vampire would leave him likely to be a target.  I wanted to make sure that my Childe and his Mate had every chance possible, so I had the chip removed."

Gasps echoed about the room for the second time that night.  Xander clutched Spike's hand tightly and gave his mate a shaky smile.  They knew that this information would have to come out eventually, but neither was sure of their friends reactions.

Surprisingly, it was Buffy who broke the silence, "Well, I think thats great!  Now we don't have to worry about them being able to protect each other and the baby.  That means I can concentrate on the normal hellmouthy stuff."

Dawn seconded her sister, bouncing over and kissing Spike soundly.  "Congratulations!  I'm glad youre a whole Vampire again." 

Spike pulled the teen into his lap and began tickling her mercilessly, "Actually, little bit, I was thinking I feel quite hollow, maybe a snack will help."  Spike shimmered into gameface and pretended to consider where would be the best place to bite the giggling and squirming teen.  Dawn laughed delightedly and tried to tickle back. 

Buffy rolled her eyes at her sister and the Vampire wrestling on the couch and went to help herself to another piece of cake. 

Xander extracted himself out from under a squirming Dawn and went over to Willow.  "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, Wills.  Are we okay?"

Willow thumped him fondly over the head then pulled her best friend into a hug.  "Of course we are, moron.  Do you think I'd like it if either you or Spike had been hurt because it was a bunch of humans who attacked you, instead of demons?" 

The two friends hugged, then turned back to the living room, covered with wrapping paper and other assorted debris.  "Thanks Wills, this is great."

Willow kissed him on the cheek. "You're welcome, you parental guy you."

The redhead eyed the apartment questioningly.  "Have you thought about where you're gonna put all this stuff?"

Xander shrugged, "Not really.  I suppose I should talk to the apartment manager about getting switched to a two bedroom, or something.  This place was getting kinda small anyway."

Giles heard the last comment and excused himself from where he had been talking with Angel and Wesley.  "Um, Xander, I wondered if I could speak with you for a minute?"

Xander nodded, "Sure G-man, what's up?" 

Giles smiled at the resurrection of his long ago nickname.  "Actually, I wanted to discuss your last comment with you.  It seems to me that a child would be much happier growing up in a real home, with a yard and dog and all those very American things, not trapped in a small apartment."

Xander frowned, "You're right, I mean, I haven't really thought about it, but yeah.  It's just, I mean, the promotion I got last month has helped, I just don't think we could afford a house.  It's not like Spike has a regular paycheck or anything."

Giles rolled his eyes and placed a hand on Xander's shoulder.  "Xander, listen very carefully because I'll only say this once.  My family is very well off, and now that I'm back in favor with the Watchers council, their stipend is very generous, and the Magic Shop is doing quite well."

Xander nodded, not quite sure he was understanding what the Watcher was saying. 

Giles favored him with another eye roll. "Oh for heavens sake Xander, here.  And I wont take no for an answer."

Xander accepted the pile of papers thrust into his hands.  He could tell that they were legal documents, but what caught his eye was the picture, of a small, two story house with a nice, big yard, a sold sign on its front, and the pair of keys resting next to it.  The shocked brunette turned wide eyes on the man he had come to think of as his father.  Giles smiled at his shock and softly murmured, "Congratulations Son, I'm quite proud of you."

Xander thrust the papers into Willow's hands and threw his arms around the Watcher's neck, surprising them both by kissing Giles soundly on the lips.  He then buried his face in Giles shoulder, chanting, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," over and over again.

Giles patted Xander's back and laughed softly.  "Your welcome, Xander."

Xander's exclamation of joy followed by his kissing of the Watcher had shocked the room into silence.  Spike pried himself away from Dawn and Tara, who had been trying to show him how cloth diapers worked, and stalked over to the two embracing men.  "Oi!  Watcher!  What do you think you're doing with my man?"

Xander tore himself away from Giles and grabbed Spike around the waist, hoisting his lover in the air and spinning him around in circles.  "A house, a house, Giles bought us a house!"

Spike laughed at his mate's enthusiasm and examined the papers that were handed to him as he was set down.  A bouncing Xander looked over his shoulder as the Vampire looked at the papers.  "Hell Watcher, I'm tempted to snog you too.  What brought this on?"

Giles smiled and laid a hand on Spike's shoulder, "You are both family, and family takes care of each other."

Surprised at himself, Spike blinked back tears, and was grateful with Willow took the papers from him and turned to show the rest of the group, who were all crowding around to see the pictures.

No longer the center of attention, Spike pulled his mate into his arms.  Xander understood the emotions in his mate's eyes.  "Yes Spike, they love us.  We're family, remember.  That means you too, silly Vampire." 

Spike nuzzled Xander's neck, breathing in the scent of his mate, he sighed contentedly.  "Hmmm. Family.  That sounds nice."

Xander kissed the top of Spike's head and hugged him tighter.  "Yeah.  That sounds very nice."


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