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Blood Borne: One
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Part 1: Warning Signs.

Spike woke up slowly, stretching sore muscles and sighing happily.  He was alone in bed but didn't mind, he could hear his lover out in the kitchen, whistling softly.  The Vampire rolled over and snuggled back into the still warm covers, inhaling deeply his mate's scent. The familiarity of the morning warmed Spikes dead heart.  Up until two months ago, he had lived in a constant state of fear, though he had hidden it well.  His lover's mortality had loomed over their already troubled relationship, and every time they patrolled, every time the human was injured, Spike was barely able to contain his fear.  Even a year into their relationship, with a well-established consort bond as protection, the Vampire had still feared for his love's life.  Now, though, that was all fixed.  No longer Vampire and consort, they were Vampire and Immortal Consort, and suddenly Spike could breath without fear of his love being taken from him.  Well, okay, not breath exactly, but...


"Spike!  Breakfast!"  Xander's voice floated in from kitchen.  Spike smiled and levered himself out of bed.


"Whoa!"  As Spike stood up the room began to spin, and he sat back down with a thump.  "Huh?  That's odd." 


Spike ignored the fact that he was talking to himself, just another bad habit picked up from Xander, and instead concentrated on the strange things his body was suddenly doing.  That's weird.  I'm not hurt.  No concussion.  So why'd the room spin?  Spike reviewed the past two days, looking for signs of possible injury.  Lets see, Friday night, patrolling then sex; Saturday, sex; Saturday night, a little torture (of the good kind), followed by more sex; Sunday, cuddling and sex.  Hmm, maybe I let the whelp take too much blood last night.  Even though Xander's immortality made the protection of the consort bond unnecessary, they still shared blood during sex, for the closeness it brought them.  Spike stood up more slowly this time.  The room wobbled slightly but he remained standing, so Spike just shrugged it off and headed, slowly, out to the kitchen. 


Xander was at the stove, flipping pancakes.  Spike snuck up behind him and slid his arms around the brunettes waist.  "Mornin luv." He whispered, placing a kiss on Xander's shoulder. 


Xander chuckled and patted Spike's hand.  "Good morning yourself, sleepy.  Hungry?" 


Spike growled teasingly and gnawed on Xander's shoulder with blunt teeth.  "Hungry enough to eat a human." 


Xander shuddered and spun around, pulling Spike into a fierce embrace.  "Didn't you do enough of that this weekend?"


Spike stared up into warm brown eyes, "It's never enough", he answered honestly. 


Those wonderful eyes softened and Spike found himself pulled into a passionate kiss.  When they finally came up for air Xander whispered fiercely against his cheek, "Love you."


"Love you too."


Xander sighed happily and gently shoved Spike away.  "Go on, sit down.  You'll make me burn breakfast."  Suddenly the brunette stopped and stared at his mate, "Are you all right?  You look paler than normal, if that's even possible."


Spike shrugged, not worrying, so not wanting to worry his lover.  "It's nothing, probably let you take too much blood last night, s'all." 


Xander herded Spike over to the table, then set about fixing a mug of blood. 

"Well, luckily that's easy to fix." 


The microwave pinged and Xander brought his lover the steaming mug, then went back to the stove.  Spike took the mug eagerly, but before he could drink, something stopped him.  He was still staring at the mug suspiciously minutes later when Xander brought over two heaping plates of pancakes. 


Xander eyed the blond, "Spike, Blondie, what's wrong?"


Spike pushed the mug towards Xander, "I think its gone off."


Xander stared at the mug.  "Couldn't have.  We just picked it up two days ago."  The human took the mug and sniffed it.  "Smells normal to me.  Are you sure?"


Spike took the mug back and sniffed it again.  "Dunno, just smells funny to me."  He took a tentative sip, shrugged, "Tastes okay, I guess." 


Xander rolled his eyes at the Vampire, "Tell you what.  On the off-chance we got a bad batch of pigs blood, I'll stop by Willy's and pick you up some human on the way home from work today."


Spike tried to make grateful eyes at his mate from behind the mound of pancakes he was devouring, then stopped suddenly, fork halfway to his mouth.  "Whad'ya mean work?"


Xander laughed.  "What do you think I mean?  Work. You know, that thing I do when the sun is up that pays for your blood and our sex toys? Its Monday, on Mondays I go to work." 


Spike eyed the clock, 10:30 am.  "But, aren't you late or something?"


Xander shook his head.  "Nah.  They're pouring concrete this morning, so I don't have to be there till noon.  Besides, this way I got to make us breakfast.  I figured it was a good way to end our weekend."


They shared a sappy smile.  It had been a wonderful weekend.  It was the two-month anniversary of Xander becoming immortal and they had celebrated by locking themselves in the apartment for the weekend, unplugging the phone and loosing themselves in each other.  Xander wrenched himself away from his lover's eyes and turned back to his food.  Spike yawned hugely and Xander glanced back up at him with a smile, "Tired still?"


"Well, you wore me out this weekend."


Xander snorted, "That has to be a first, usually it's me that's begging for extra sleep."


Spike looked at his mate with wide eyes, "What, can't I get tired for once?  The undead need their sleep too."


Breakfast went on as normal, and Xander finally left for work.  Spike headed immediately back to bed and crawled under the covers.  The truth was he was more tired than normal, but he chalked it up to the exertion of the weekend.  He did spare one final thought to worry as he slid back into sleep; Vampires can't get sick, can they?


Saturday morning rolled back around to find Spike lying in bed moaning for an entirely different reason than last Saturday.  He pulled the covers over his eyes and tried to ignore the rolling in his stomach.  He didn't know what was wrong with him but he was starting to get worried.  Further more, Xander was starting to comment on the dark circles under his eyes and extra pale skin.  Tuesday Spike had gotten out of bed to find the room spinning again; on Wednesday he'd been blessed with spinning and nausea.  Thursday the nausea had been so bad hed been afraid to stand up, it had taken him an hour to get out of bed.  Friday Spike had woken up and run straight for the bathroom, throwing up the remains of whatever was in his stomach.  If he hadn't felt so bad he would have laughed.  Spike hadn't thrown up since he'd been turned.  It was definitely a strange experience, and not one he was ready to repeat.  Unfortunately, it looked like his body had other plans, because the more conscious the Vampire became, the more sure he was that he had better get to the bathroom fast.  Finally he couldn't stand it anymore.  Spike launched himself from the bed and ran to the bathroom, skidded to a stop on his knees in front of the toilet and began retching. 

His quick exit from the bedroom must have woken Xander, because a few seconds later his mate came stumbling into the bathroom, rubbing his eyes.  "Spike, what's going on?  Why'd you run?"  Xander finally woke up enough to take in the scene in front of him.  "Spike!  Oh my god, Spike!  Are you okay?" 


Xander fell to his knees behind the retching Vampire and began rubbing his back and making soothing noises.  When it seemed that Spike had finished, Xander grabbed a wet washcloth and began cleaning his lover off, whispering soothing nonsense.  Spike trembled under the touch and Xander pulled the blond against his chest.  "Spike, sweetheart, what's going on?  Please tell me."


Spike managed to rasp out, "Water." 


Xander leaned up and filled the glass they kept next to the sink, handing it to the shaking man in his arms.  Spike drank gratefully.  "I don't know what's wrong, really.  Beginning of the week I woke up dizzy, and it's just gotten worse.  Threw up for the first time yesterday.  I'm exhausted, but sleeping all the time, I can barely eat." 


The vampire trailed off and Xander stroked his blond hair soothingly.  "Why didn't you tell me?"


"Didn't want you to worry?"


Xander's arms tightened protectively around his lover, "Well, I'm worried now."

The brunette picked his trembling lover up and headed back to the bedroom.  He tucked Spike back under the covers then sat down next to him, grabbing the phone.  Xander dialed the number from heart and sat, more patiently than he felt, stroking the blond hair of his mate while he waited for someone to pick up.  Finally someone did. "Giles?  Yeah it's me.  Look, can I ask you something weird?  Uh huh, no not like last time.  Listen, its important.  Can Vampires get sick?  Like flus and stuff.  Shit.  All right then, can you get whoever you need to help over there?  We'll be there soon.  Yeah, thanks, bye."


Spike had barely registered the conversation, he must have been fading in and out, because the next thing Spike knew, he was being gently dressed in a pair of Xander's sweats and slippers slipped on to his feet.  The woozy vampire eyed the pink bunny rabbits that had taken up residence on his feet.  "Get em off." 


Xander ignored him. "Don't want them seeing me in bunny slippers."


The brunette rolled his eyes, "I'm not taking the time to lace you into those boots, and you don't have any other shoes."


Spike watched Xander dress hurriedly.  He tried to stand up, but suddenly Xander was there, grabbing his arm and forcing him back onto the bed.  "No.  No way are you walking anywhere.  You're sick; I'm taking care of you.  Now don't move again unless I tell you to."


Spike waggled his eyebrows at that statement, but his heart wasn't in it.  Truth was he felt too exhausted to even tease Xander about sex, which actually worried him.  He was never, not in the mood to tease Xander about sex.  It worried him enough that he didn't protest when Xander finally wrapped him in a blanket, scooped him up, and hurried out to their car. 


Xander had draped a heavy blanket around Spike, including his head and feet, and the Vampire was bundled out to the car regardless of the sun.  Once Spike was belted into the seat, Xander drove as fast as he dared to Giles'.  Not too fast, getting pulled over was not what he wanted.  Sorry officer, if my partner comes out from under the blanket he'll catch on fire.  Yeah, that'd go over well. 


Xander glanced at Spike's still form worriedly.  Just when everything was finally working out, this happened.  Xander silently cursed whatever fate or demon had decided to fuck with them yet again.  Gods, why can't we ever get a fucking break?  When we first got together, it was all I could do to keep Buffy from staking Spike.  Then the consort bond happened and the gang didn't talk to us for like, months, after that, all so worried I was being manipulated or turned or something.  We finally all make nice, then Spike starts freaking out every time I patrolled.  The over protective episodes anytime I got hurt almost broke us up.  Finally, finally we don't have to worry about it anymore, I can't die and Spike cant turn me, just when it seems we get happily ever after and this happens.  Hell, I don't even know what this is, but there is no way it's not serious.  Xander glanced reached over and grasped Spike's shoulder, squeezing reassuringly, "Don't worry Spike, it'll be okay."  Xander just hoped that it would be.



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