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Blood Borne
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Blood Borne

Series: BTVS

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: No they are not mine. This is absolutely not for profit, just fun.

Claimer: Characters that are created by me are owned by me.

Warnings: MPreg; Drama; Slash.

Summary: Spike and Xander have a baby.  Based on a challenge from Sparky.

Challenge: Spike and Xander are in a committed relationship and Xander is immortal (like Highlander or not, as long as he and Spike can be together forever). Then, Spike gets pregnant somehow (prophesy, Xander is just really fertile, I don't know). Has to have a happy ending.

Blood Borne: One

Blood Borne: Two

Blood Borne: Three

Blood Borne: Four

Blood Borne: Five

Blood Borne: Six

Blood Borne: Seven

Blood Borne: Eight

Blood Borne: Nine

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