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Here are some of my favorite web comix.  Check 'em out.

Something Positive, a great web comix with a squishy kitty!

Boy Meets Boy, best damn gay comic ever! K. Sandra finished it, SOB!, but go and read the archives.

The Devils Panties, complete silliness!

Queen of Wands: fun comic with beautiful art.

Here are my favorite Slash Links:

Kayla writes the best Spike/Xander Slash. Check her out.

Kay's Asylum Journal, great Slash, awsome pairings.

Fiction Resource: If you're new to slash, this is a good hub, tons of series, lots of good suggestions.

Hidden Desires Midnight Kisses Archive: lots of authors, but not all the links always work.

The Fiction of James Walkswithwind.

Mad Poetess: Hillarious and sexy fiction.

Jameschick's Fiction: Some amazing stories from a creative writer.

Wordsmith's slash: her 'Reconstruction' series rocks!


At BadRudeMan, Randy Sex Kitten will rock your world!

Scarecrow Horses: Tabaqui writes awsome Spander!

Here are some Polyamory Links:

alt.polyamory: a basic, answer all your questions website. Don't know what Poly is? Check here.

Loving More: the quintesential Polyamorous magazine and website.