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Chapter 7
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Chapter 7: First Date






/Hey Xander, it's Forrest./


"H..Hey!  Forrest.'s it going?"


/Great.  I was wondering if you're busy tonight?/


"Um, t...tonight?  Um, no, I'm not.  Busy, that is."


/Cool.  Do you wanna go see a movie or something?/


"Or...or something?  Um, movie!  Movie would be great."


/Great.  Hows about I pick you up at 6?  We'll go get pizza first/


"Um... (Bloody hell Whelp?  What's got you so worked up?)  Um, actually why don't I meet you there?  Okay, six, see you , bye. "  *Click*


Spike stalked up to where Xander was practically huddled over the phone, blushing bright red.  "I said, what's got you so worked up?"


"Oh, hey Spike, um, nothing."


"Pfft.  S'not nothing.  You're red as a tomato and you reek of nerves."


"I don't reek of anything!  Stupid Vampire guy, shows how much you know."


Spike eyed his friend warily then decided to use his best 'please tell me, you know you want to' voice.  "Xaaaander?  What's going on?"


Sighing, Xander wandered over and flopped onto the couch.  "You remember Riley's friend, Forrest?"


Sitting down next to the brunette, Spike nodded.


"Well, he just called.  He wants me to go to a movie with him tonight."


"S'that all?  You're all worked up over hanging out with some guy?  He's one of those Army gits, so of course I hate him, but you two seemed to hit it off at the party last week."


Xander blushed again, "No, you don't understand.  He asked me out, to dinner and a movie.  Like a date.  He's gay too."


Spike's eyes widened in understanding.  "Oh, so it's that kind of hanging out?  Well, so what?  You've been on plenty of dates before."


Xander shook his head, unable to look Spike in the eye.  "It's my first date with a guy.  He mumbled.  Telling everyone and saying it's just a theory is one thing.  Actually going out on a date is entirely different."


"Right."  Spike nodded to himself and seemed to come to a decision.  "We may be friends and all that crap, but I'm not the one to help you with this."  So saying, Spike stood up and walked over to the phone.  Before Xander could ask what he was doing, the Vampire had dialed a number and was speaking into the phone.  "Hey Red.  You better drop your afternoon stuff and come on over.  No, its just this Whelp of yours.  He has a date with some bloke and now he's going all strange and nervous."  Spike had to hold the phone away from his ear as Willow shrieked something.  "Right.  See you soon."  Spike hung up the phone and came back over to flop down onto the sofa.  "So, Red will be over soon, she'll get you sorted out.  Passions is coming on.  If you must fidget, do it somewhere else."


"Gee Spike, look at you all concerned and fatherly.  That last bit almost sounded like Giles." 


Spike snorted.


Xander scooted over so he was leaning against the Vampire and rested his head on his friend's shoulder.  "Thanks."


Spike grumbled but allowed the brief contact. 


Smiling now, Xander headed into his room.  He had a date to plan for.


Willow showed up an hour later and calmly took everything into her very capable hands.  After receiving an hour-long lecture on first date do's and dont's, including some tips for being 'out' in public, Xander was shoved into the bathroom to shower while Willow picked out his outfit. 


With half an hour till his date Xander was prepped, primped, and ready to go.  He got halfway to the front door and froze. 


"Xander, what is it?"


"I'm sorry Wills, I just don't know if I can do this."


"Xander!  Of course you can.  Just go be yourself!"


How could Xander explain to his best friend, who had long ago embraced her life style decision, that walking out that door would, for all intents and purposes, set things in stone.  No longer just a thing to joke about with his friends and fantasize about on lonely nights, going on this date would place him indisputably in the category of 'alternative lifestyle'.  Taking that final step was possibly too much for him to bear.


A loud sigh came from the living room.  "Bleedin 'ell, I thought it might come to this."  Spike stalked over to where they were standing.  "You may want to leave the room Red, this may be too much for you."  Spike stood right in front of Xander, practically nose to nose, or nose to chin, the boy was still taller than him, damn it.  The Vampire grabbed Xander by the shoulders and gave him a good shake.  "Look boy, none of this 'I'm not good enough' crap.  You are a good person.  You're funny, smart, loyal, and the best friend I have.  In fact the only friend I'll admit to having.  Anyone would be lucky to have you.  If that bloke doesn't like you than piss on 'im.  His loss.  An' if anyone gives you any crap about your poofter lifestyle I'll rip their throats out."  Spike pulled Xander to him for a brief hug.  "Now go, before Red tells everyone I've gone soft, and I lose what little rep I have in this town."  With that, Spike shoved Xander out the door.  Turning, he scowled at a widely grinning Willow.  "Not one word, Red."


The witch mimed twisting a key over her lips and skipped out of the apartment.  Spike settled back onto the couch with a sigh of relief.  "Thank the bloody gods, thought I'd never get any peace around here."




The walk to the pizza place was a blur.  Walking into the restaurant was difficult, and as he walked up to greet the other man, Xander was shaking with nerves.  But once Xander and Forrest were seated and eating, they fell quickly back into their previous conversation of fighting stories and funniest demon moments.  Dinner passed quickly and they made their way to the theater.  A brief argument ensued over how to pay for things, with them finally settling on Forrest buying the tickets and Xander paying for popcorn and sodas.  Xander had a brief moment of mind-blowing embarrassment when he opened his wallet and found that Willow had slipped a condom into it, but luckily Forrest was still buying the tickets and didn't see his brief flush.  The movie was funny and had enough action to be interesting, though Xander lost the plot halfway through when Forrest reached over and held his hand. The rest of the evening passed in a blur, and then Forrest was walking Xander home, still holding hands, the two men smiling shyly at each other as they walked. 


Much to soon for Xander, they approached his front door.  "So, uh, I had a good time."


Forrest smiled, "Me too.  Can I call you again?"


Xander grinned, "I'd like that."


Suddenly Forrest was leaning in closer.  Xander didn't have time to think before warm lips were ghosting over his.  The kiss was brief and Forrest pulled back quickly.  He gave Xander's hand a final squeeze before releasing it.  "I'll see you soon, okay?"


Xander nodded, "Okay."


Forrest waved and headed out into the night.  Dazed, Xander fumbled with his door key and wandered into the apartment.  He barely glanced at Spike's note, saying the Vampire had gone out because he fancied a 'spot of violence'.  Wandering into his room, Xander stripped absentmindedly and collapsed into bed.  He drifted off to sleep, a happy smile on his face.  This time in his dreams, pale, cool flesh and blue eyes were replaced by laughing brown eyes and warm lips and hands.



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