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Chapter 2
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Chapter 2: Spikes Dilemma

Spike pounded his fists into the demon in front of him, reveling in the satisfying smack of flesh and crunching of bone.  For the last month, the gang had been tormenting him relentlessly about his supposed feelings for the Harris boy, and he was on his last nerve.  The truth was, he liked the Whelp, just not in the snuggle bunny sort of way.  The few weeks hed spent living in the boys basement had formed a fledgling friendship between them, and now he couldn't even joke with the whelp or suggest a game of pool without one of the girls giggling that he was making a pass at the brunette. 

As for the reason Spike avoided any mention of his supposed exploits with other men... SNAP, with a satisfying crunch Spike broke the demons neck, his enjoyment of the moment overshadowed by the dark path his thoughts had almost wandered down.  Nope, not going there, not ever again. 

Spike shuddered to himself, then turned to see what the rest of the Scooby gang were up too.  Xander was just finishing off the last of what looked like quite a fight, judging from the number of bodies piled in front of him.  Buffy was teasing and tormenting a group of demons, while simultaneously kicking the shit out of them, and Spike almost felt sorry for them, but he'd been on the receiving end of the Slayers bizarre sense of humor one too many times this past month to feel too sorry.  Red and her girl were standing in a circle, Giles watching over them, chanting.  Spike wandered closer to the fray, absentmindedly grabbing a fleeing demon and passing it back to the Slayer, as he watched the Witches work.  He watched as a giant fireball began to form in front of them, and noticed that the Slayer and the Whelp had herded the rest of the demons into a group, making a nice fat target.  Spike chuckled to himself amused at the fate awaiting the clueless bunch of slime, when suddenly he realized where in the graveyard they were. 


"Oh bollocks." 


He tried to yell out a warning, but it was too late.  The magic fireball sped towards its victims, the Slayer and the boy leaped out of the way, and Spike watched helplessly as the pack of demons, and his crypt they were standing in front of, went up in flames. 


"Oh Spike, I'm so sorry." 


"Yeah, we're sorry Spike, we...we just didn't realize."


Spike shrugged off the Witche's heartfelt apologies, they had been doing it for the last hour, mostly tearfully too, which normally would have caused the blond to immediately forgive them, but he was still smarting from a month of teasing and so was stringing out the apologies for as long as possible.  Mostly he was too busy picking through the charred, sodden remains of his former home. 


Xander picked up what was once probably a magazine and tossed it aside in disgust.  "The problem with magic fire is that it doesnt know that stone snot supposed to burn." 


"Yes, well, be that as it may, the sun will be up in an hour, and we had best figure out what Spike is going to do till he can find a new place to live."  The Watcher's tone clearly said he was hoping that the Vampire would not decide to stay with him.


Tara quietly murmured, "We destroyed his home, I suppose he could stay with us." 


Spike perked up at that, "Really?  In the girl's dorm?  Can I watch you do spells?" 


Tara blushed and stammered, but Willow didn't give into the Vampires wheedling tone.  "No way Spike, as sorry as I am that we destroyed your crypt, staying in our dorm is not an option." 


Spike tried to appear crestfallen and pouted.


Xander wandered over to the group, handing Spike a few soggy but un-burnt tee shirts and a couple of c.d.s he'd found.  "Don't worry guys, Xan-man to the rescue.  Blondie stayed with me before, I'm used to him, he can stay with me this time." 


Buffy opened her mouth, an evil glint in her eye, but to Spike's surprise Xander interrupted her.  "Shut it Buff.  No more teasing.  Gods knows I've enjoyed tormenting Spike just as much as you all have, but we just destroyed the guy's house. He deserves a break.  This is the official start of the no teasing Spike moratorium."  Xander turned to look at Spike, who was doing a good impression of a stranded fish.  "What?  Like I want to listen to you bitch for the next week?  No thanks." 


The group began walking back towards the town but Spike was still staring at Xander like he'd grown a second head.  Xander grinned and grabbed Spike by the elbow, pulling him along.   "Come on roomy, lets get home, I smell like charred demon and you're not much better.  Home, shower, food, bed, then tomorrow we'll try to find you a nice new dank crypt."




Spike paced the small confines of the basement restlessly, switching an unlighted cigarette from hand to hand.  Just what did the whelp mean by bringing him here?  And what was with the sticking up for him in front of the gang?  I think I've made it bloody clear that I'm not interested in him, what the hell game is he playing?  Spike heard the shower shut off and threw himself down on the couch trying to look casual and not at all wigged out, as a dripping Xander, wearing boxers and an undershirt, emerged from the steamy bathroom, toweling his hair dry.  "Your turn!" the brunette sing-songed. 

Spike grumbled to himself and stomped towards the bathroom; he froze when a hand suddenly grasped his arm." What?"


 Xander smiled and thrust a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt into Spikes arms, "Just thought youd need something to wear, after.  Your clothes are kinda slime covered." 


Spike glanced down at himself, finally noticing his beslimed state.  "Yeah, well, thanks mate."


 Xander smiled and released the vampire, who brushed past him and into the bathroom, hurriedly shutting the door behind him.


Xander pulled out the couch bed and made it up, then tossed his clothes into the washing machine.  He heard the shower running and knocked on the door. 


"What?" came the snarky reply. 


Xander nudged the door open and stuck his head in the door, "Gimme your clothes, I'm gonna start a load of laundry." 


Spikes wet head shot out from behind the shower curtain and glared at Xander, "Just what the bloody hell do you think you're doing in here!" 


Xander laughed at the glowering vampire, "I'm just grabbing your clothes, you do want them washed don't you?" 


Spike grumbled and disappeared back behind the shower curtain, "Just don't go peekin', you big pouf." 


Xander laughed and grabbed the pile of clothes, "Like I'd look at your skinny ass.  I like real men, thanks." 


Xander laughed at the injured "Hey!" that followed him as the bathroom door slammed shut. 


Xander was munching his way through a TV dinner and idly watching the boob tube when Spike stomped out of the bathroom.  "There's a mug of blood in the microwave." 


Spike grunted and detoured to the kitchenette, grabbing the mug and blowing on it.  They sat in silence, watching the early morning programs.  Finally Xander sighed and turned off the T.V.,


"Well, that's it for me, time for good little boys and bad little Vampires to be in bed." 


Spike looked up from the chair he was slouched in, "M'not getting into bed with you." 


Xander sighed and rolled his eyes.  "It was an expression, paranoid much?" 


Spike just grumbled and wouldn't meet Xanders eyes. 


Xander sent up a prayer to whatever deity dealt with the stubborn undead, and turned a serious face to his reluctant roommate.  "Look, Spike, seriously, we have to talk."  Spike turned to look at him.  "Spike, I know that we've been teasing you a lot lately, but seriously, calm down.  I'm not going to make a pass at you.  I won't try to seduce you.  We're friends, that's it.  I'm just offering my friend a place to stay while he's homeless." 


Spike still looked suspicious, but started to relax.  "I'm your friend?"


Xander scoffed, "Of course we're friends, why'd you think we weren't?"


Spike rolled his eyes, but seemed much more at ease.  "Right then, well, give me a blanket Whelp, its on your head if I freeze to death while I sleep." 


Laughing Xander tossed a blanket to the Vampire and settled himself down.  "Night Spike."


"Night Whelp."



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